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Selected Facebook Notes on "Muddenahalli Saga" by Mr. V.R. Ganti

Last updated on 23rd September 2015
Given below are links to selected Facebook Notes by Mr. V.R. Ganti of Singapore on the "Muddenahalli Saga". I have also provided extracts (but not full content, typically) from the notes on this blog post. Mr. Ganti has approved me putting up extracts from his FB notes (about MDH) on this FREE blog of mine.

Please note that readers who want to view the full Notes of Mr V.R. Ganti (and see some names which have been snipped from the extracts included below in this blog post) can click on the Facebook link next to the title (in bold) of the Facebook Notes listed below.

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From: VR Ganti []
Sent: Saturday, April 11, 2015 4:14 PM
To: Veereswar Rao Ganti
Subject: Message from [name-snipped], SSSIHL Alumnus, [---snip---], Bangalore


I received this message as a Text Message just 10 mins ago.


Sairam Brothers

This mail is my personal opinion on the happenings at Muddenahalli.

It is nothing but treachery and deceit. Hunger for money and power. Swamy has told time and again that He interacts with everyone one-on-one and He does not require any media to communicate with His devotees. I very clearly remember Swamy using the word "vyabhichara bhakthi" for such characters. There are many pseudo-spiritualists who are extremely deceitful and  are exploiting the gullibilities  of innocent devotees and young students. Muddenahalli gets its popularity because of some well known names. There are many such people who are using Swamy's name to satisfy their own ulterior motives.  I had known Mr. BNM since my very childhood (almost 40years).  I feel ashamed that I ever known him and interacted with him.  I also (like many more) know Madhusudhan Naidu well. I  threw him out of Brindavan Medical Camp as he was collecting money in the name of the camp and was swallowing the same. It is unfortunate that many of our illustrious alumni are in the forefront of this deceit. It is pathetic to see that they have forgotten all that they learnt in the Divine Physical Presence of Swamy.  It is time that they keep away from playing any role in Sri Sathya Sai Students. They, infact, are the Judas of the present age, but with more sophistication. It is high time that student body condemn this blasphemy in single voice. We have no face with devotees when they look straight and ask " is this what swami expected from His students?"  Let us disown and outcast anyone who is belittling our swami. Let us say loudly"

Brothers,  better late than never.   Recent happenings with Samarpan program in Brindavan is a clear indication of things to come. If they do not wake up, then they may be in for some rude shock as it happened in Bangalore. And all the dirt created by few will get rubbed on to all of us. I request the Steering Committee to come out with clear guidelines for all the alumni and initiate action to clean-up the confusion created by those who are pro-muddenahalli. Let them categorically decide which side they want to be. Not be like cat on the walls. Keep one leg here and another there. Let us not stoop and show to the world how opportunistic we are.

Let us be children of mother sai and not go to " psudo light bodies"


[Deliberately omitted title of post],, June 22nd 2015


Sai Devotees, whether they support Mhalli or otherwise, belong to only one Family.  This is the 1st and foremost assumption and statement I would like to make.

There can only be 2 categories of devotees within this family, those who support Muddenhalli and its activities and others. This second category “others” is quite a large number and in this mail the focus is only on this group. In this others category, there are people who don’t want to make any statement condemning Muddenhalli Group and its activities openly,  though they keep murmuring here and there. Apparently they are scared (I am sorry if anyone feels that this is a harsh word) to voice their views / feelings and this note is being aimed at bring some hard core facts.

The 1st thought that comes to my mind is the dictum from SWAMI – “WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE”.  Without exception, all of us believe that Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is – walking before us, He is always by our side and Behind every action of ours and so on.  So then the question is why fear and not voice our views when it is necessary?

Before I proceed to summarize what could be the possible reasons (and whether those reasons are justifiable) for the Sai Devotees to keep silent, let us dwell on whether it is the right time and is it necessary for one to voice his/her views on Muddenehalli Saga.

a)      Light body concept, understandably started even before Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba left the physical body (it is a big surprise to many I suppose) and so this story is going on for close to 5 years now and is the time not ripe to question the genuineness?

b)      Light body concept was made public in April 2014 at Kodai and has been active since then; so is it not time to expose this non-SAI activity?

c)       While,  earlier Sri Madhusudan Naidu was translating whatever Lightbody was supposed to be saying (I cannot accept that it was SWAMI), now Sri BNNM translates into English whatever Sri Madhusudan Naidu says in Telugu.  Earlier they were saying that it was Sukshma Baba’s discourses and do we now say that Madhu’s discourses???  What a ridiculous way of going about the whole thing.  One more ridiculous step. So, is it not right time to expose this wicked game?

d)      There are so many other reasons why action is necessary right now and so let us not further debate on this.

During the 9 months period I have been working on this Muddenehalli Drama, I have had discussions with numerous people and I am therefore narrating what others feel

a)      The 1st  Group I would like to talk about is Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust and Prashanthi Council (please note that I had discussions with each Trustee and also the Chairman of Prashanthi Council).  The inaction by these bodies and the resultant effect on public in general, is a very serious matter and therefore, will be covered in another mail. It is just natural that everyone would have expected that the leaders at these organizations would have lead by example to obviate the confusion that is persisting – [---snip---] Further in spite of bringing hard core facts in front of them, their inaction is just not comprehensible.  Biggest damage they are doing by inaction is sending wrong signals in the entire organization.

b)      Majority of the devotees say that they are neutral in so far as Muddenhalli Saga is concerned.  In my opinion (after considerable amount of thinking and consideration), there is nothing called neutral.  In other words, either one supports Muddenhalli Group and its activities or does no support.  There cannot be anything neutral about it. The fact is that they are sacred to take a position and they call it being neutral.  The reason for being scared are twofold and they are

Sacred of backing wrong side.  The question that may be lingering in their minds may be – Is SWAMI really talking through a medium?  This category of people forget for a moment that Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is Truth Incarnate and whatever He said on so many occasions that He  has direct contact with His devotees is something which is ABSOLUTE TRUTH and it cannot be challenged based on what a couple of mortals like Sri BNNM and Sri Madhu are claiming. We should realize that this is probably a ploy by Bhagwan Himself "to separate the wheat from the chaff". It has been mentioned so many times that hang to Bhagwan at all times, whether good or bad, and you will always be happy. So my sincere view is that no one if he wants to be called as a SAI Devotee should waste time further but come out openly and condemn Muddenhalli Group and its activities.

Scared of losing faith of leaders who are close friends.  This is one another major reason which is making those in this category not to openly condemn Muddenhalli Group.  In other words, this category knows that the supporters of Muddenhalli Group and its activities are wrong, but yet they don’t dare to condemn these leaders because of their attachment to them.  I am aware of some people who just follow and attend all Sat Sanghs organized by Mhalli group although they don’t entirely agree with the approach of Muddenehalli perse, but only because they would like to go with the  leaders (due to longtime association and attachment) no matter whichever path these leaders pursue. So the leaders of the centres or groups are using their charisma to make their fellow devotees as well as the youth to participate in various activities of Muddenhalli Group. Can this be called duress or coercion?  In this category the devotees don’t have their individual opinion but just follow the leaders of the centres or groups.  The fear here is of losing friends who have been together for quite long time. Therefore, these devotees don’t follow Bhagawan and His teachings but follow the leaders just because of their attachment to the leaders. What a pity.

c)       Many devotees, especially, students and ex-students, take a view that SWAMI will handle this situation in His own time and therefore do not express openly their unhappiness with the turn of events at Muddenehalli. If you carefully analyze, this category is clearly against Mhalli but are waiting for SWAMI to initiate action.   Little they realize that the action is to be initiated by Human and GOD will then dispose of.  Unfortunately, these students and ex-students don’t realize that their fellow students themselves are instrumental for the mess that has been created and is being pursued as well. There is no doubt whatsoever that Bhagawan is the director and nothing happens in this world without His consent.  Having said this we humans have to put in effort and how can we forget the saying that “GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES”.  There is no debate that we humans have to put in effort first and that becomes the 1st step and then leave the results of our efforts to Bhagawan who takes 99 steps and finish the game.  Bhagwan said many times that “Follow the Master, Face Devil, Fight till the end and then Finish the game”  What did Bhagwan mean when he said this?  We need to put in our effort.  So it is my view that it is time for the students and ex-students to participate in this approach of TRUTH AND DHARMA to arrest non-SAI activities undertaken by Muddenehalli Group.  They may not kindly ignore the fact that the impact could be tremendous, if they come into the fray.

d)      The devotees who are with the organization, meaning centre (sammithi as it is called in India) presidents, coordinators of various wings such as Spiritual, Seva, SSE and so on are so reluctant to open their mouths and express their views openly.  While I am not aware of any prohibitory orders given by PRASHANTHi COUNCIL OR SSSCT asking these leaders to keep quiet, these leaders are religiously following the example set by their respective Head Quarters.  It is my view that the leaders of various centres (or Sammithis as it is known in India), should start canvassing against Muddenehalli openly and condemn their activities. They could consider holding Sat Sanghs.

e)      There are a few people who say that it is individual opinion for anyone to go anywhere.  True indeed, anyone can worship anyone else and no one can stop and condemn that.  This group should be very clear that if they want to support Muddenehalli Group and its activities, they may do so, but they may not dare do it in SAI’s name because they are flouting SAIs teachings. Why not this group advise their leaders at Muddenhalli not to use SAI’s name at all?  Also why do they play a double role.


Let us not fear as our SAI is with us.  Let us work on this approach of TRUTH & DHARMA and bring awareness amongst all devotees world over of non-SAI activities of Muddenhalli Group.  Let us assure ourselves that we are not cowards and we love our BHAGAWAN. Let us unite and talk in one voice. Let us express our gratitude to Bhagawan by doing this service to HIM and move on this path of TRUTH & DHARMA.

Economy Vs Extravagance,, dated July 8th 2015

[No extracts]

Madhusudan Naidu - Turns into MADHU BABA,, dated July 9th 2015

MADHUSUDHAN NAIDU turns into MADHU BABA – He is trying hard to imitate and mimic BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA.  The question is will he succeed?  Can anyone dare duplicate GOD?  Is Madhu trying to do all these by himself or is he being forced to do this?  Are there many more involved in this Game plan?  Who are all there in the game of this kind – being the 1st in the history of spirituality – at least I am not aware of.  These are the questions that come to my mind when I see the pictures indicated below.

A few of the devotees in my distribution list have been asking from time to time the pictures of Sri Madhusudhan Naidu, the chosen communicator as is being claimed by Mhalli Group.  So when I saw the pictures indicated below, I was immediately reminded of the requests from fellow Sai Devotees and then I also thought of like writing a note on Sri Madhusudhan Naidu as well.


One fellow Sai Devotee advised that there is yet another case of a mortal imitating God, though not in this Kaliyuga, but in Dwaprara Yuga. He is King Paundraka who imitated Krishna, and even challenged Krishna, whom Krishna eventually beheaded. Here's a more detailed description of it from ISKCON,  While you are strongly advised to read the entire article, the relevant portion of the description is is as under:

“Surrounded by many other foolish persons, this rascal Paundraka had actually concluded that he was Vasudeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This kind of conclusion is certainly childish. When children are playing, they sometimes create a king amongst themselves, and the child who is selected thinks that he is the king. Similarly, many foolish persons, due to ignorance, select another fool as God, and then the rascal considers himself God, as if God could be created by childish play or by the votes of men.”

Note: the words “foolish”, “rascal” and “childish” used in the above are not mine,  but this paragraph is picked up from the internet and the url is given above.

While Bhagawan Krishna used his Sudarshan Chakra to eliminate Paundraka, our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Love Personified and one who promoted Non-Voilence, I believe, will perform yet another miracle. SWAMI performed through out the time He was in His physical body so many miracles and the greatest of miracles being transorming humans. And so for Him to transform the Mhalli activists will be child’s play and the entire world will will be gazing at it for a very long time.

In my personal opinion, having said the above, it is the duty of every Sai Devotee to put in as much an effort to facilitate (1ST STEP) in correcting the situation and leave the ultimate decision making AND JUDGEMENT TO BE PRONOUNCED (99 STEPS) to BHAGWAN.

Genesis of Mhalli Saga - PART 1,, dated July 10th 2015

With the permission of BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA, I am now proposing to reveal such information which will make everyone raise their eyebrows.  I sincerely feel that all the SAI Devotees are entitled to this information and I shall reveal the same in many parts.  The 1st part is being published today in FB and also being sent by email to those in my distribution list.

To many Sai Devotees, students,  office bearers and their immediate family members who had unlimited access and repeated physical proximity and innumerable interviews, the sudden departure of Swami from His physical frame created a high degree of vacuum, frustration and depression.  While all of them were helpless and had no clue as to what should be done next,  Madhusudhan Naidu (hereinafter called M) along with a few more students was also present along with various others in Sai Kulwant Hall and was in tears and constantly praying to SWAMI.

It is understood from reliable sources (at least two sources) that M started revealing to a couple of Trustees and VIPs that SWAMI is communicating with him.  Ostensibly SWAMI told M that He will resurrect and complete His mission and so on.  At that point in time everyone discounted M and yet were looking for a miracle to happen. I also understand that elaborate arrangements (Ambulance, Stretcher, Towel, Glass of Drinking water) were in place for providing first-aid and relief to SWAMI if He did resurrect.

I would like to thank that fellow Sai Devotee who gave me the Facebook screen shot of M dated 25-04-2011 (see below) which says it all (of course, M has now deactivated his facebook account). Hence, no one can debate on the authenticity of what is being stated in this note.

While the above was happening, Darshan to public was not interrupted and most of the devotees (including Trustees, VIPs, Sr. Devotees, etc ) were totally ignorant of what plans M had in his mind. Frustration continued in the mind of most of the devotees and yet M continued in his attempts to get SWAMI back into action.  At one stage I understand that M attempted (either by himself or with the help of his close friends who were present next to him) to unscrew the casket in which HIS Divine Body was placed.  That is when – according to one source – M was thrown out of the Ashram.  The other source says that M politely walked out crying and saying that SWAMI cheated him because He did not resurrect.  Eventually Mahasamdhi rituals continued and I was told that M was wandering here and there aimlessly.

However, M continued to maintain that SWAMI was talking to him and give him instructions as to what to do next and where to go next and so on.

Part 1 comes to and end here and I have no questions at this stage the next part should be released next week when many questions come up.  If any of you have any questions, I could include them in the next part. Hoping to hear from you.

PS.  If anyone of you have more precise details, please advise me so that I can advise others as well.

Genesis of Mhalli Saga - Part 2,, dated July 11th 2015

M was,  just like any other youth, before he turned into Madhu Baba, was a ‘tech and net’ savvy young man, active in social media especially facebook. In Part 1, the screen shot of M’s page was indciated for your reference. While he deactivatd his facebook account, the linkedin account is still active and you could see his profile out there in LinktedIn. . M has not updated the LinkedIn profie with his present assignment and hence it continues to state that he is still offering wealth management solutions – earlier he did work with HDFC Bank haivng joined in Dec 2003. M did study MBA at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning which must have finished in Apr / May 2003.  So from June 2003 to Dec 2003, according to one of his classmates, M was one of the "waiting" boys after his education in Sai University -  "waiting" boys are the ones who have finished their education and waiting for Swami's directions to move (further) in life.  While "waiting" M even volunteered to work in Radio Sai studios. According to his classmate, M who is a gold (medallist) from Sai University, is very good in drama (very much evident now) and script writing (I believe that while Sri. BNNM and [name-snipped] are the main script writers for MDH Saga, contributions from M are no less). I believe that M hails from a village in  Andhra Odhisha border where [---snip---] knowledge is imparted and practiced. His room mates and hostel mates surely remember how M used to ask all of them to be silent, while he allegedly invited spirits to talk to in the middle of the night.

After a while, apparently Swami asked M to go and look out for a job and that is when M joined HDFC bank in Dec 2003. It is reliably learnt, even at that point in time M  didn't stop his hobby of speaking with spirits. It is also believed that in his apartment in Bangalore there was a dedicated room to practice [---snip---] and many [---snip---] used to pay a visit to his apartment.  His stint with HDFC bank continued for 5 years 8 months and in July 2009 he exited from HDFC Bank.  There are divergent views for his exit from HDFC Bank and I think, let us not get into that at this stage but focus on M’s activities in and around Puttaparthi.

So come August 2009, M had set up the Honest (Advisory), a firm which is into providng Wealth Management Solutions. Let us again focus on what M was doing in and around Puttaparthi.  It is understood from highly reliable sources that M negotiated a deal for acquiring about 100 acres of land in a place called Chennekotha Palli, 30 kms from Puttaparthi for setting up a Super Speciality Hospital - copy BHAGAWAN.  Being na├»ve and also not so much in control of the events at Rayalaseema area of Andhra Pradesh (remember M is from Andhra Odhisha border) he blundered. He went and signed an agreement for (acquiring) the land and also paid around Rs. 12 lacs.  Poor M did not realize that this land is Govt (assigned) land for weaker sections of the society and so any agreement to sell or buy this piece of land is  Void Ab Initio, meaning legally not tenable or illegal. That is when problems started for M.  Chennekotha Palli is one area which is famous for factionism and people there are notorious for their aggressive behaviour. Due to the litigation that persisted M literally went into hiding as the farmers were on the look out for him. That is when (around late 2009 / early 2010) M approached some well known and influential people in Puttaparthi for recovering the money paid by him for the land deal mentioned above.  Here again, let us focus only on M and not on the related matters.

In the meantime, M continued with his [---snip---] knowledge and his dialogue with spirits and from being a hobby it was becoming almost his profession. It was a shock to me when I was told that M was claiming to speak to Swami's subtle body even while Swami was very much around in flesh and blood. It is also understood from a highly placed source, M approached some very very Sr members in SAI Fraternity both in Puttaparthi and White field campuses with this so called light body of SRI SATHYA SAI BABA. (Obviously) no one took (cognizance) of what M was claiming or in fact pleading.  Also it is learnt that a complaint with SWAMI was also lodged by someone who is now closely (associated) with M - needs confirmation but it is impossible to obtain now.

So, it is not that M is claiming now to be talking to subtle / light body of SAI BABA in 2014 or 2015, but from way back in 2010 (itself).  Strange indeed; what does one understand and what conclusions one could draw from this?

Genesis of Mhalli Saga - Part 3,, dated July 15th 2015

Post Mahasamdhi Days

M continued with efforts to master the [---snip---] skills he had acquired and was moving from pillar to post to work out the strategy as to how to make people believe that SWAMI is communicaitng with him.  I understand from a very reliable source, who is in fact very close to Mhalli Group that M was becoming restless and was wandering aimlessly between Puttaparthi, Whitefield and Bangalore basically to convince people that SWAMI is indeed talking to M.

I believe M went from one Senior Devotee to another (including officials) to prove to them that SWAMI was (communicating) with him.  I was told by one reliable source that M indeed approached couple of Trustees and (explained) to them the entire phenomena but they probably were not convinced. Today if we ask those Trustees to confirm, it is very unlikely they would come forward and confirm in the affirmative because they have not taken appropriate action in the matter.  I was told that M did not give up his trials with the hope that his game plan would find success somehow or other and so continued his efforts to prove that SWAMI was indeed talking to him.  What I was told is rather very amazing and just not (believable) at all – The subtle / light body never tells M the entire story at one time and in one shot. The ENERGY or SPIRIT (M calls that energy as SWAMI), I believe, was telling M only step by step after each step has been taken or done by M.  On one occasion it was like the following:

Pack your bag four days stay – Now go to the bus stand – Go to Hyderabad but don’t take this bus as it will be delayed – take the next bus – at Hyd now take an Auto and go to such and such place – press the bell – and then M finds one gentleman (name not to be revealed) – M then was told to ask a particular question and M does that and then that person is amazed – that person is hooked.

Yet another case – Go to North India canteen – pack 15 or 18 Gulab Jamuns – Now go to Bus stand – take a bus to Bangalore – get down at a particular road – go to that house – knock the door – the person who opens the door and that person is already known M – he was given the Gulab Jamuns and that person was amazed because., I am told that,  only SWAMI knows that he takes Gulab Jamuns from North Indian Canteen – and he is hooked.

Is this just enough for anyone to believe that SWAMI is talking. There could be 101 reasons for M and / or that energy to know those stories.  Can we call it all childish and has no real stuff for one to believe that SWAMI was talking? To my mind it all appears crazy.

That was the modus (operandi) of M and eventually he was able to convince  Sri BNNM using the same tactics.  It is rather surprising that none of the people (by that time more than a dozen people got hooked I understand) asked themselves one simple question – “why will SWAMI communicate so secretly only with M?”, (especially) when some of them were already aware that M was having hobby of "talking to spirits". Ignoring SWAMI's teachings and (believing) in M, these (Senior) Devotees raised doubts in the minds of the rest of the SAI DEVOTEES, about Faith & Beleif in SWAMI (Himself).

Just recently I was confirmed by a Singapore devotee by an email that he and his other friends form Singapore who support M Group were aware of this subtle / light body and the chosen communicator in M as far back as in 2011 itself.  It is rather surprising to me that these people sitting miles away just believed in this concept and were (probably) hooked into this game because of Sri BNNM’s influence on them. Also why did not any of these devotees, who are considered as ardent devotees by so many in Singapore,  think for a while as to how can SWAMI go back on His words that He will have direct contact with His devotees?  Amazing is it not?

So the question is – just because one is able to recall certain happenings in people’s lives either by oneself or (through) a spirit/energy,  does one or that spirit / energy become the (Almighty) or BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA?  An astrologer or palmist before he predicts your future, generally recalls some past events in your life and thus gain your confidence.  So does this astrologer become GOD just because he recalled past events which many may not know at all? I don’t know whether this comparison is apt and suitable for the present situation, but surely helps one to wear a thinking cap and reason out (appropriately).  In this context, it may be useful for one to look into the book titled “The 4th Dimension” by Dato Jegadesan, which I understand details this very concept and the summary as given to me by Bro Jega is as under:

"I (interviewed) Chinese and Indian mediums in trance. African witch doctors  and Western mediums in Australia and New Zealand. The essence is these are disembodied spirits wanting to help mankind. They take over bodies of selected people whose bodies act as a channel. Once they take over they have extraordinary powers and use the names of Deities the people worship so they will accept them. That is best summary I can offer."

BNNM - the main force behind the success of Muddenehalli

It is believed that the growth of M Group was in (geometric) progression, primarily because of involvement of people like Sri BNNM. As mentioned by me earlier in someother context, there are quite a number of people who like to follow the leaders of the type of Sri BNNM blindly without verifying the fact for themselves.  And so the question is – “IS SRI BNNM TAKING ADVANTAGE OF HIS POSITION AND POPULARITY IN SAI (FRATERNITY) TO SETTLE SCORES?”  You will get the answers to this question in part 4.

Who can go to & Follow Mhalli - Devotees may; but not office bearers & leaders in the Org,, July 17th 2015

The confusion that is prevailing in SAI FRATERNITY is now in public domain and almost all SAI Devotees are aware of Mhalli Saga; may be the degree of awareness varies from devotee to devotee. The drama being played by Mhalli Group, in its full  vigor, is now in many countries and  the frequency of what they call “Sat Sanghs (hereinafter called SS), has increased tremendously.

In this note, an attempt is being made to analyze as to what stand can a devotee take and what restrictions are placed on the leaders in the organization they are in; also what role are some of the Sai Devotees playing to resolve (or to be precise to facilitate to resolve) the issue on hand.

It is now a well know fact that the main story of Mhalli drama started in April 2014, when SS was organized at Kodaikanal, although the preparations including the rehearsals, I understand, had commenced immediately after Mahasamadhi of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba (and some believe that it might have started even before).  To my understanding, till recently, no one had publicly condemned the actions of Mhalli group, though a few of them might have been privately discussing or arguing the rights and wrongs of the matter.  It is my belief (I wish I was wrong) that I was the 1st person to publicly condemn the actions of Mhalli Group via an email dated 08-10-2014; believe me, I had to muster so much of courage to pen my thoughts as (it is the centre which I visit regularly for over 20 years)I go to the centre which is full of active supporters of Mhalli Group and its activities. Initially many people started appreciating my approach, though privately and secretly, now many devotees openly appreciate and supplement my efforts.  However, I would like to mention here that a particular devotee (from Singapore) (cast) an allegation against me that my approach is and has been “negative and Non-SAI”. With total  dismay, I sought the opinion of all in my distribution list, to decide whether to continue in my approach or not and no one supported that allegation and so I move on.  Even now I keep thinking as to what made him come to this conclusion and I am yet to get an answer.

I decided to call my approach in this matter as “THE APPROACH OF TRUTH & DHARMA”, to bring to the knowledge of Sai Devotees what is happening in Mhalli.   While initially there were about 100 devotees in my distribution list, now the list contains well over a thousand.  I was advised, about couple of months ago, to participate actively by posting my views/ comments  in Facebook so that the awareness becomes much wider and faster.

Since then to date there has been so much of momentum to this “APPROACH OF TRUTH & DHARMA” in as much there are numerous comments posted on Facebook and so many mails are floating around in Sai Circles.  There are so many of the Sai Devotees who are not in favor of Mhalli Group and its activities who like to be anonymous for reasons best known to them. There are a few who are taking the position of “Cat on the Wall”, probably waiting for the story to be developed fully and till then they call themselves as being “neutral”. I must admit that there are a few who are also commenting in favor of Mhalli Group and its activities.

There are a few devotees who are voicing their anguish and their opinion openly, loudly and clearly from countries like USA, France, Canada, UK, Mauritius, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Argentina, India, Singapore and many more.

During these discussions, debates, circulating opinions via emails or  posting of comments on facebook, what transcribed with reference to the role of SAI Devotees, is as under:

1)    Sai Devotee who is not holding any position in any Sai Organization is probably (not to be construed as being encouraged) free to go wherever he wishes and no one can object to the same.  So there cannot be any restriction that can be imposed on them not to go to Mhalli at all.  Probably these devotees also can contribute/donate or part with their entire wealth  to any religious / spiritual organization including the Trusts through which Mhalli Group operates and obviously no one can say anything.

2)    However, it was felt very strongly that  leaders in any of the organizations under SRI SATHYA SAI banner (be it Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Prashanthi Council, State / District level office in India, Zonal / country , state officials, centre Presidents, committee members of any offices)  cannot or should not visit Mhalli supported ashrams or SS or meetings.  This conclusion was drawn based on BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA’s discourse on November 21, 1970, where in SWAMI categorically commanded that no office bearer should hold allegiance to other organizations. The relevant paragraph from the Divine Discourse is as under:

"It is also laid down strictly that those who are in our Organisation should not have any connection with other Organisations of spiritual or religious character. Of course, so far as service is concerned, members should help and serve all, without distinction. Every one in distress deserves help. But no member of the Samithi should have any connection with other such institutions or societies. For example, there may be a Sai Samaaj (Sai society) in your locality. "Sai is Sathya Sai; Sathya Sai is Sai." I have declared often and you know it and have realised its truth. Why then, you may ask, is the Sai Samaaj distinct from the Sathya Sai Samaaj? Well, this body with the name Sathya Sai, has full authority over all institutions established under this Name. For the Sai Samaaj, there is no Body with that Name to hold and exercise authority and so, if funds are collected, used or misused, this Body has no control over the Sai Samaajs in a tangible manner. So, it is best to keep the two distinct and allow those Societies to go their own way. There are a number of other institutions also started and run by Swamis of various types. If we have any who associates with these, I ask the District and State President to remove them immediately. Though people can revere and worship whomsoever they like, we should not have in the Organisation men with dual loyalties. Only those with faith and devotion to this Name and Form can carry out its objectives with zest and enthusiasm."

The comment from one of the devotees is as under:

“To prevent any misunderstanding of the above: Swami's words are crystal clear and DIRECT TO THE POINT: If you want to be in Sai organization office-bearer/employee position, DON'T go to or believe in MDH. Further, if you deeply believe in MDH subtle body but are holding an office-bearer/employee position in Sai orgn./institution, please quit from that position and HAPPILY, with a clean conscience, associate with MDH. You will earn respect even from official Sai orgn. people that you are being very ethical about your work and your belief.”

And here's the post where extensive discussion took place on the role of office bearers.

Situations not covered in any discussions are:

In my opinion there are 3 situations that are very relevant and of practical importance to the present situation:

a)     Drawing inspiration and guidance from the command of SWAMI, mentioned above, what restrictions one may suggest to impose on the leaders who were in the organization in the past (more particularly in the recent past) who are influencing others to go to and believe in Mhalli?  It is understood that this is very important aspect which needs to be addressed.

b)    Looking at long term impact, the Bal Vikas / SSE Guru’s role in promoting Mhalli activities and influencing little children’s’ minds is one more aspect which needs to be addressed.

c)     There are situations where the parents are strong advocates of Mhalli Group and its activities and the children are studying in the schools in Parthi or Sai University. So what actions are suggested in such cases?  If one calls these as cases of hypocrisy, is one wrong?


In my opinion, being born as a Human and being a SAI DEVOTEE is a virtue by itself and is SWAMI’s gift.  Further, with the discretionary power bestowed on us, we can decide ourselves as to what SWAMI would like us to do in a situation of this kind, especially after clearly indicating His command cited above.  Hence, we SAI devotees do not require any policing to be done on us or on our activities & actions and we should, based on SWAMI’s command cited above and other declarations in respect of – Direct Contact, Soliciting of Funds, etc – decide and take action as is appropriate. Further, if I say let us use BUDHI (intellect) more than Heart, will you agree?
PS.  It escaped my attention that Prof G Venkataraman Sir, had condemned Mhalli activities a few months earlier (and I had circulated the same to all devotees in my distribution list) to my 1st mail dated 08-10-2014 and the reference of the same is as under:

Here is a Radio Sai article by Prof. G. Venkataraman, one of the well known leaders of PTP ashram system, openly critical of Muddenahalli claims, TO FOLLOW SWAMI’S WISH OR NOT? THAT IS THE QUESTION!,, posted on July 9th 2014. Please note that it is a transcript of his talks on Radio Sai which had been broadcast some days earlier.  I APOLOGIZE for the earlier comment in this regard.

Genesis of Mhalli Saga - Part 4,, dated July 21st 2015

In Part 4, the focus is on Sri BN Narasimha Murthy (hereinafter called ‘BNNM’).

BNNM is the kingpin in Mhalli saga and is perhaps the longest serving veteran in Swami's mission. I think he was nearly four and a half decades in Swami's physical form mission, connected mainly with Bhagawan’s  educational mission. BNNM is a widely respected man the world over;  was , and is, very close to Swami and also very well acquainted with Swami's teachings. He is, I think,  only one notch below Sri Kasturi in his stature in the Sai fraternity. BNNM is HUGELY respected and revered by the student and alumni community of Sai university - some people may even be ready to give their lives for him. BNNM, was more or less, unopposed King at Brindavan campus (and in Prashanthi Nilayam, I believe, there was severe competition from the peers to attain that status) and seems to have been crucial in choosing students for Swami duty while he was the Warden of Brindavan campus

Many were not so comfortable with Brindavan campus teachers especially BNNM who  was heavy weight in Grama Seva or Sports, as BNNM’s approach was sort of authoritarian or be strict disciplinarian sannyasi kind, I understand. In contrast, I am told that, many were very comfortable with Prof. Anil Kumar Kamaraju as he was friendly to almost anybody who approached him. The rivalry between BNNM  and Prof Anil Kumar Kamaraju was legendary even before Mahasamadhi with the line that BNNM, I reliably learnt,  had forced AK to be removed from Brindavan campus (where he was principal, I believe).

My personal view is that BNNM is one of those wise men who contributed to SAI MISSION, in general, enormously and his contributions, in particular to Education Wing  has been huge and I sincerely respect him from bottom of my heart for the same.  However, I feel so bad and sad that he chose to pursue a path which does not befit a man of his stature at all – may be it is due to some reasons as may discussed later in this note.

Coming back to our main story, you are already aware that M (Madhusudan Naidu)  had met many senior persons both in Prashanthi Nilayam and Brindavan and convinced a few key persons, including BNNM,  that SWAMI was indeed talking to M.  However, I am told that BNNM could not dare bring M into limelight then, probably as the entire drama’s story, screenplay and dialogue was not ready.  That was the time (sometime end 2011 / early 2012), I believe, word started getting around that BNNM is getting dream instructions from Swami and now when we look back and correlate M getting instructions from light / subtle body with BNNM getting dream instructions, it is probably making some sense to all of us.  But the question why did BNNM swayed towards M in getting into Mhalli drama so seriously? Many doubt that BNNM really believed that M was able to see and hear SWAMI; but there are some other very strong reasons for BNNM to get into this game and this will be revealed later in this note.

Most of us are aware that Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (SSSIHL), a very important body, plays a very crucial role in SAI MISSION and in fact SWAMI had many times called His Students as His Property. Therefore, it is obvious that the staff at SSSIHL, especially student-staff, plays a dominant role in the affairs of Prashanthi Nilayam and they are a force to be reckoned with, after Mahasamadhi days. Ironically this body of student staff started believing in BNNM's Swami dream instructions  (M was not being talked about publicly then at all).  The changes that were brought about in SSSIHL suited BNNM as the new leaders, I believe,  in SSSIHL were more or less Chailas or Sishyas or Followers of BNNM. Further, this change made life so easy for BNNM to go with whatever plan he was making at that time. The question again here, why was BNNM garnering so much support from one and all and was it solely because of his plans to get into Mhalli game would become easier?

I learnt from very reliable sources that BNNM was power crazy kind-of person. Somebody told me that Swami would confide in BNNM about the issues He faced with some top persons in Parthi & SSSCT. Initially, it sounded ridiculous to me as well,  but later when I started recalling what my friend (for around 55 years and who was with SWAMI for 2 years - SWAMI used to refer to him as Lawyer Garu) used to tell me about his experience in Parthi, I felt it could be true. Hence,  in that sense BNNM would have lots of inner info/dirt on some of the top leaders mainly in SSSCT and hence these people will be scared to take on BNNM. However having information is something and implementing Mhalli game plan is something different and there has to be very strong reasons for BNNM to go with the Mhalli Drama, is it not?

It is interesting to note how BNNM came to SAI fold and you may like to go to the following url: .  You will realize that Madiyala Narayan Bhat was BNNM’s original guru and later came in SRI SATHYA SAI BABA. BNNM being celibate and from the celibate Madiyala Narayan Bhat institutions of Alike & Muddenahalli, may have had some sort of contempt for Puttaparthi setup as it was more of a "worldly" setup dominated by family people (married people usually with kids). If I say that this may be the FATAL spiritual flaw in BNNM's mindset, will I be wrong? I understand from very reliable sources that in 2009/2010 or around, BNNM was involved in some Tyagajeevi sort of meeting/talks (to promote people to dedicate life to Swami's mission as Tyagajeevis) when Brindavan people came to Prashanthi Nilayam. It is strongly felt that BNNM may have felt then itself the need to promote Madiyala Narayana Bhat type of philosophy of celibate life dedicated to Swami's mission.  Interestingly,  In 2010 at a meeting with student-staff & others in Bhajan Hall of Prashanthi Nilayam when BNNM was present, I understand that Swami asked student-staff & others, whether they had any questions. BNNM responded on their behalf saying that they did not have any questions. It is understood from very reliable source that Swami then told BNNM, "Noru Musko" (Shut your mouth). People around were shocked that Swami used such strong words with BNNM in front of student-staff in 2010! Regarding how this drama went ahead and how SWAMI handled the same is another matter and I can let people know about it on hearing from them individually.  But the point to be noted here is that SWAMI did not approve BNNM’s way of handling things relating to this matter and it may be relevant in Mhalli context now.

Sometime in October 2011 a very important meeting took place at Muddenhalli and a few important people from Puttaparthi also attended the same.  While I have already been advised (by very authentic source) complete details of the said meeting such as the people who attended the meeting and what transpired in that meeting, I think it is better if BNNM or the people who attended the meeting come out in the open with the details. It would be good and SWAMI will surely appreciate the same. Apparently, BNNM was sidelined in this meeting and he was very unhappy, I was told. In this meeting quite a number of  serious matters were revealed and discussed. This was the meeting and the happenings in this meeting made BNNM do what he has done so far and probably what he will do in the days to come. I am told that this was the meeting in  which BNNM had revealed the high level plans to counter SSSCT without revealing the details.  This was the meeting which lasted for about 90 minutes or so and Sri Indulal Shah was present for sure in this meeting. This was the meeting where BNNM announced that Sri Indulal Shah was on his side and this was the meeting in which BNNM challenged SSSCT but never detailed as to how he was going to execute his plans.  BNNM also revealed in this meeting the fact that inauguration of the 1st school would be held in November 2011.

Can one term BNNM’s action as REVENGE?  Is BNNM not causing disunity in SAI FRATERNITY?

Did BNNM felt let down and did his zest for power (make) him come out with this Mhalli Game? Can BNNM ask himself, one basic question – WILL SWAMI APPROVE WHAT HE IS DOING?  What made BNNM forget his association with SWAMI for well over 4 decades and take up the route of selfishness. Will one be wrong if one concludes that EGO played heavy role?  Can BNNM come out in the open and divulge complete details of the meeting held in Oct 2011 and what transpired there in?


GENESIS OF MHALLI SAGA - PART 5,, dated Aug. 4th 2015

Part 5 continues to dwell on BNNM – Modus (Operandi) for getting into Lok Seva Trust and expansion by way of setting up other trusts.

Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust (SSSLST) at Muddenahalli in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka State was established as far back as in 1973 and the two campuses are at Alike in Dakshina Kannada district and Muddenahalli in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka State. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was the only Trustee of the said Trust, I believe.  Further, it is understood that Bhagawan directed sometime in 2008 that an amendment be brought out to the Trust Deed of SSSLST such that after SWAMI leaving the physical body, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Puttaparthi ( SSSCT) shall appoint up to a maximum of 5 Trustees. Accordingly the necessary secretarial work for giving effect to the said amendment was completed in 2008 itself.

Accordingly, after Mahasamadhi, sometime in May 2011 SSSCT appointed [names-snipped] as Trustees of SSSLST.  Around that time,  May/ June 2011, BNNM went to Muddenhalli from Brindavan campus without informing anyone.  It may be noted that BNNM was still the warden of Brindavan Campus .  It was surprising to many as to what made BNNM suddenly shift to Mhalli and many were wondering as to what was his intention and what plans he had in his mind.  Can one term this as BNNM running away from Brindavan campus at Whitefield, Bangalore?  In hindsight one can probably say that BNNM did not run away but went to Mhalli with a very big plan.

It may recalled that in Part 4, it was clearly mentioned that BNNM had considerable influence at various levels in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. Sri Sashidhar Prasad, the Vice Chancellor is one such person who was very close to BNNM. So for whatever reason, the then Vice Chancellor, Sri Sashidhar Prasad under whose jurisdiction Mhalli campus also falls,  regularized BNNM’s position in Mhalli campus of Sri Sathya Sai University. Thus, BNNM became the warden of Sathya Sai University, Mhalli campus.

After settling down in Mhalli, BNNM started working on executing his plan, I believe and BNNM set his eyes on becoming a Trustee of SSSLST.  Accordingly, he approached individually Trustees of SSSCT,  [names-snipped] and pleaded for getting appointed as Trustee of SSSLST. I was also told that BNNM did not mind waiting for hours to meet the said trustees as he was bent upon accomplishing his objective. Eventually, he was appointed as Trustee of SSSLST by SSSCT and the total strength of Trustees became 4 – [names-snipped] and Sri BNNM.

Then after a couple of months, sometime in August 2011, [name-snipped] (who is also a Thiyagajeevi , was one of the Management Committee members of Alike Educational Institution and an ardent devotees of SWAMI) felt left out in the power equation though he was senior to BNNM. Obviously he could not stomach the fact that BNNM is already a Trustee and so he and expressed his dissatisfaction to the Trustees of SSSCT. Probably SSSCT was forced to concede to the request of [name-snipped] and was appointed as Trustee of SSSLST.  So now there are 5 Trustees in SSSLST, the maximum number allowed as per the Trust Deed. Little anybody doubted the intentions of BNNM at that point in time – domination of Thiyagajeevis in SSSLST.  Please refer to Part 4 regarding SWAMI’s view on celibates life dedicated to His mission.

Most of us know that by this time, BNNM was encountering (according to him) SWAMI quite frequently. Lot of instructions were being given by SWAMI, I understand and BNNM continued to impress one and all about SWAMI giving him directions.  On one such occasion, I believe, on the eve of Guru Poornima or early morning of Guru Poornima, BNNM had an encounter with SWAMI and SWAMI directed him to distribute pant lengths to all students in Mhalli campus. BNNM was wondering how to follow the instructions (ostensibly of SWAMI) and was worried and then in the morning of Guru (Purnima) day [name-snipped], an ardent devotee from Bangalore called to inform BNNM that he is coming with the pant lengths.  Very amazing indeed, is it  not?  To my mind this appears to be a big story as surely our beloved Bhagawan, full of compassion, will not ignore his children at Puttaparthi campus or Brindavan campus and only take care of Mhalli campus.  If I were to be the script writer, I would have, probably said that SWAMI directed BNNM to give pant lengths to all students including those in Brindavan  and Puttaparthi  and make arrangements accordingly. Thus, the story would have looked more plausible.

In any case, let us continue with what happened thereafter. BNNM continued with implementation of his plans – setting up of Educational Institutions.  To accomplish this, in August 2011, SARASWATHI Education Trust was formed – though BNNM could very well have used SSSLST itself, which had the blessings of Bhagawan. However he chose to setup totally a new Trust with the help of others, probably because he did not want to have any sort of interference from SSSCT at all.  Sri Sathya Sai Saraswathi Education Trust (SSSET) which started in August 2011, is an initiative of the alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Institutions (run by Bhagawan) that have been serving the humanity since 1969 through its two campuses at Alike (Dakshin Kannada District) and Muddenahalli (Chikballapur District) in Karnataka.  It is interesting to note that BNNM again using his old tricks of dependence on Students / Student Staff / Alumni.  Since formation of SSSET, BNNM has been working 24 X 7 for promoting  and developing the activities of SSSET, though BNNM continues to be the Trustee of Lok Seva Trust. The question is whether there is any conflict of interest and if yes, what is to be done about it?

The most important thing to be noted is that BNNM and his associates carried out an amendment to the TRUST DEED of SSSLST (Sri Sathya Sai Lok Seva Trust) (in) September 2012 which has been highly detrimental to the interest of SSSCT  in particular and has affected the entire SAI Fraternity in General. This is the amendment which has been challenged by SSSCT in the court in Chikkaballapur. Therefore, it may not be pertinent for me to reveal any further details.  However, I am told that the way the amendment was carried out and the amendment was registered with the Sub-Registrar of Chikkaballapur leaves much to be desired and was totally UN-SAI.  I would only urge every Sai Devotee who is supporting the cause of Mhalli Group and its activities to find out the TRUTH if they can or write to me at and I shall surely clarify in detail. Thereafter, they could decide whether to continue to support Mhalli Group and its activities or not.  In my considered opinion, just by following Mhalli Group based on what BNNM says (misguiding, in my opinion) or believing in the chosen communicator blindly ignoring the declarations of Bhagawan may not be the correct approach.

Extracts taken from BNNM's own book - He is now doing exactly the opposite,, dated Aug. 5th 2015

From Divya Kripasraya ....

The Magnificent Mansion of Prema Yoga (page no. 185)

“It is your problem; you have to tell Him yourself. You know that Swami does not like any intermediaries between Him and His devotee. He has a special personal equation with every one of His devotees!” I (BNNM) said.
[Ravi: Swami's words to a Mr. Krishna Murthy who was a spiritual aspirant who served Swami as headmaster of the school in Muddenahalli but wanted to give that up and go to Himalayas to do penance:]
“Swami is here and you want to go there! You have gained the boon to serve Swami as a result of many lives of penance. Don’t squander this opportunity and repent later. Discharge the duties entrusted to you with devotion and dedication. You will attain everything; let there be no doubt!”

Swami’s voice reflected motherly concern and masterly wisdom.

What a good account of DIRECT COMMUNICATION WITH AND BY SWAMI from none other than SRI BN NARASIMHAMURTHY GARU.  And after Mahasamadhi he totally changed.  Why is the question?  Each one of us can draw our own conclusions, I suppose.


[No extracts]


[Ravi: After fair amount of consideration, from the perspective of helping in post-Mahasamadhi Sathya Sai mission, I decided to include below, most of the content of Mr. V.R. Ganti's note. The language used by Mr. Ganti is, at times, very aggressive. However, I believe his motives to be good. If you are put off by very aggressive language, but which seems to be very truthful, I suggest you skip reading the contents below (or Mr. Ganti's Facebook Note).]

We have seen and understood as to how BNNM could trap, if I can call it so, Sri Indulal Shah and his family into Mhalli Group.  I must say that BNNM is a great strategist and must be a great Bridge player as he knows not only when to play which card but also when to take a finesse as it is called in the game of Bridge. BNNM’s next target was Dr. J. Shashidhara Prasad (JSP), a renowned scientist and an eminent educationist. He served as Vice Chancellor of the University of Mysore from 2003 to 2007 and Vice Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (SSSIHL), Prashanthi Nilayam from 2010 to Nov 2014. While the induction function was held on 10 June, 2010, he started in office from 19 July, 2010, almost 40 days later (the reasons for the delay is explained later in this note).  It is believed that BNNM slowly and steadily kept looking for opportunities to get closer to JSP and one event that took place immediately after Mahasamadhi  (most confidential and hence I would not like to reveal the same at this stage at least), brought both of them together.

It is said  that JSP was bold, fast decision maker, very courageous, systematic and so on.  Further, I understand that due to whatever reason, he could not get along with the Trustees of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT) and therefore always kept a distance from the Trustees of SSSCT in running of the Sai University.  I also understand that in most university events, especially in Annual Sports Function, he did not hesitate to keep the Trustees at a distance from dias [Ravi: dais].  In fact, due to JSP’s outspoken and blunt attitude, the Trustees of SSSCT were never comfortable with him and were wanting to see his back from Sai University, I am told.

One thing is certain - not everything with JSP was alright and he had horrid time in his earlier assignment with Mysore University.  This episode is in public domain and JSP faced a criminal case and if you need more details of the same, you may kindly go to the following link.,  Times of India issue dated June 12th 2010 reveals all.  A criminal case against JSP was to be filed on 3 counts (refer to the Times news report for details) which involved violation of the rules of the Mysore University.  It is reported that the issue had also figured in legislature. The point to be noted is that JSP had questionable stint at Mysore University.

In the meantime, JSP was selected to become the VC of SSSIHL, but confirmation was becoming an issue due to the likely action against JSP  by the Mysore University. It seems that a lot of political power was brought to bear on the matter. It is reliably learnt that some help from Senior Devotees in Sai Organization was also sought  in pleading JSP’s case with top political powers in Karnataka State. Finally, Karnataka Governor who is chancellor of Mysore university put pressure on the new Mysore University VC, Prof. Talwar to drop the idea of making a police complaint. And that is how JSP escaped from police action being taken against him. It is to be noted that if only police action was taken, JSP could very well have been in JAIL counting the bars. This took some time and now it must be clear as to why there was delay of about 40 days in JSP officially taking over the office of VC of SSSIHL.   The induction function was held on 10-06-2010 and actual joining on 19-07-2010 – surely during those 40 days tension must have prevailed not only in JSP’s life but also in SSSIHL.

The matter did not end there – While the next VC of Mysore University, V G Talawar’s was trying to probe and take action against JSP, the Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj lost his cool, ---snip---. Talawar, who received the Governor on his arrival at the Government Guest House, was taken aback by Bhardwaj’s rebuke and acerbic tongue. I quote (for details you can visit - ---snip---,, August 22nd 2010)  “I do not want your welcome. Are you above the Chancellor? You don’t obey the government order. Nonsense. I believed you were a simple person. But you are more than a politician,” the governor told Talawar in the presence of other senior university officials. The humiliation did not end there. Continuing his tirade, Bhardwaj asked the vice-chancellor to “behave.” ---snip---, the governor said: “I will never come to the University of Mysore again. You are setting the students against me. You are insulting me. You come and brief me unnecessarily. I will constitute an inquiry against you and inform the government of your activities. I have been a parliamentarian for the last 30 years. I will tell the prime minister not to give any funds to the university. You are encouraging all nonsense. This way you have destroyed the university.”   Although a visibly shocked Talawar apologized profusely, the governor was in no mood to relent. What apparently ticked off Bhardwaj was Talawar’s recent assurance to Akhil Bharatiya Vidya Parishad (ABVP) activists that he would hold a special session of the syndicate to discuss the issue of criminal action against former Vice-Chancellor JSP.
So that was the story about JSP’s tenure at Mysore University.

While JSP was settling down as VC of SSSIHL, we have already learnt that BNNM, sometime in May / June 2011, went away to Mhalli and planted himself there and his position was regularized by JSP. BNNM, I believe, continued working on his plans and his dreams (ostensibly encounters with SWAMI) were the subject matter of debate and discussions at various places including Parthi, Whitefield and Mhalli.  The dream on July 2011 is worth mentioning here


WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE of BNNM ,Warden Muddenahalli..


I would like to share with you some of the instructions Swami gave me in my dream last Sunday. Swami appeared in my dream in Brahmi Muhoortam last Sunday, July, 10, 2011. He gave me many instructions; some of them are very personal.  I will share with you the ones that are relevant not only to you but to all the devotees around the world.  Bhagavan had said on an earlier occasion-  ‘ I have three forms, one is gross form which confines to the Mandir I physically reside in, second is subtle form in which I pervade the entire ashram area I reside in( those days HE meant the Prashanthi Nilayam area) and  the third is causal form by which I pervade the entire creation.

Bhagavan appeared in His subtle form in my dream and this is what He told me:- “Get the hill-top building ready for my stay before I arrive on this GuruPurnima day (15th July, 2011). On GuruPurnima day I will enter there and stay there permanently. I will go from here to different places and come back. But I will stay here permanently”.

Swami asked for the name that we had decided for the hill-top building. When I said Prashanthi Towers, he was not happy with it. Swami: “Now onwards this mansion shall be called SATHYA SAI ANANDAM”. In Mumbai Mandir is SATHYAM-  in Hyderabad it is SHIVAM -in Chennai it is SUNDARAM and now in Muddenahalli it is ANANDAM.

When I told about this dream to my friend and colleague Sri A R Manjunath, he said what a wonderful title Swami has given for the Biography you intended to write. I have accepted that suggestion.


(For details see facebook

So a new character enters the scene.  He is Sri Manjunath who was in Karnataka Education Ministry as a top bureaucrat. It is very strongly believed that he played a vital role in helping JSP slip out of Mysore University mess that he had fallen into. Obviously, JSP seems to be very grateful to Manjunath. After JSP took over as VC at Sai university he appointed, sometime in late 2010, Manjunath as Director MDH campus of SSSIH and I presume that this appointment had the approval of Bhagawan.

We are all already aware that BNNM shifted to Mhalli sometime in May / June 2011 and his position at Mhalli was regularized by JSP and then Manjunath was already planted at Mhalli. Madhu Baba also becoming a professional in ---snip--- skills and having convinced many about Subtle body. And so by late 2011, the SSSIHL faculty in Mhalli campus were in a HORRIBLE PREDICAMENT, I am told. The VC was pro BNNM/subtle body, BNNM was pro subtle body and the Director Mhalli campus, Manjunath (who by that time became a vital factor in SSSIHL Mhalli campus) was also pro subtle body.. Subsequently, Manjunath parted ways with SSSIHL and joined the Loka Seva Trust/ Saraswathi trust educational setup there.  So the master plan is being executed by BNNM very nicely and his base is become stronger, having both Indulal Shah and now JSP along with Manjunath in place. So Mhalli Group became solid to move further.  At this stage, I believe, subtle body concept was not made public though it was being discussed privately, but surely in detail by the leaders mentioned above.

After Mahasamadhi, BNNM moved very swiftly and was able to succeed beyond his wildest imagination in convincing people about his encounters with SWAMI (which some say are nothing but what subtle body was dictating). Slowly and steadily majority of the student staff, at least the senior staff at Sai university and the alumni were becoming aware of BNNM’s game play.  Nevertheless, these student staff were keeping silent in the matter, and some of them provided active support to BNNM.  The key reason for Sai university teachers and alumni (who will look to Sai university senior teachers, especially student-staff teachers) to NOT CRITICIZE BNNM was JSP’s support to BNNM. I am also told that when the Vice-Chancellor of Sai University, JSP, was COMPLETELY supporting BNNM and when JSP was GOING AGAINST SSSCT (which was the mother organization that had appointed him as Vice-Chancellor, and was paying salaries and meeting all other expenses of the Sai university), the senior student staff could not dare oppose him and criticize but only were watching silently the entire DRAMA..

After Swami's Mahasamadhi, I understand,  due to some unfortunate events (as mentioned earlier they are highly confidential and hence are not being detailed here) in Puttaparthi in the immediate weeks & months following Mahasamadhi, JSP seems to have LOST faith in the SSSCT! That was a big PROBLEM and in my opinion, ideally then he should have QUIT as VC. But instead he became some sort of a double agent HERO, they say. He BETRAYED the SSSCT and instead started taking instructions from BNNM (who would say they are Swami's instructions!). SSSCT people did not believe in these BNNM instructions but JSP was not bothered about SSSCT.

But what about other senior Professors/administrators in SSSIHL? Did all of them start believing in BNNM? Why did they NOT OPPOSE JSP when he started ignoring SSSCT and running SSSIHL as his PERSONAL KINGDOM but with Swami’s devotees money (SSSCT funds, "Bhaktula Sommu" to use Swami's words which Swami would use to remind student-staff about how careful they should be with spending that money) and not his own money.

Well, it is a very sad story! Like some Stalin or Hitler, I am told,  JSP targeted those who opposed him like Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju, and rewarded (with academic position and salary raises) those who supported him or remained neutral. Over a year or so after Swami's Mahasamadhi, all active opposition to JSP running SSSIHL like his OWN KINGDOM, had been either removed from SSSIHL or silenced. The key institution that Kali Yuga Avatar, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, had created for reviving Sathya, Dharma, Shanti & Prema, and which was entrusted to SSSCT, had effectively become JSP Institute of Higher Learning with BNNM becoming the Swami of this institution!!! Very, very tragic and very, very damaging to the Sathya Sai mission – is it not?

This tragedy continued right up to Nov. 2014 when JSP stepped down as SSSIHL VC. After that, now SSSIHL seems to be back under the control of SSSCT.

Is the above account fantasy or exaggeration? Well, ask yourself the following questions:

a)      Did JSP, after stepping down as VC of Sai university, join Mhalli Group?

The answer is Yes and can be easily confirmed with inquiries and perhaps even some Internet search.

b)      Other than the HERO of SSSIHL who resisted BNNM and JSP tooth-and-nail, i.e. Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju, has there been any senior or medium level Sai university academic or administrator who has OPENLY CONDEMNED BNNM FALSE CLAIMS of so-called subtle body?

You may find that there are NONE. Why? Was it not their duty to Swami to ADVISE Sathya Sai devotees on these matters? The Sathya Sai following looks up to Swami students who are now teachers in the Sai university for leadership in such matters. But THERE IS COMPLETE SILENCE from Sai university teachers including former students who became teachers, with some of these former-student-now-teacher becoming Heads of department and holding administrative positions of power like Controller of Examinations and Registrar and Director of Campus. This SILENCE has continued even when one of their own students, MADHU BABA, has started MISLEADING and MISGUIDING thousands of Sai devotees worldwide with his BIZARRE claim that he (and he alone) can see and interact with subtle body of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, and is giving darshan, interviews and discourses in the name of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi!!! Is this SILENT WITNESS behavior of Sai university teachers and administrators, what Bhagavan has taught them? Is this what Bhagavan expects of them? Yes, BNNM may have been the mentor of many former students who are now senior teachers and administrators in the Sai university. But when BNNM seems to have lost his sanity, and is going against Swami's own words, is it not the duty of these former students, to rise in one voice PUBLICLY against the INSANITY of BNNM & MADHU BABA? Of course, it is.

This failure of the Sai university teachers in being SILENT WITNESSES to the Adharma that was, and continues to be, perpetrated by BNNM &MADHU BABA, and their SILENT WITNESS attitude to JSP making Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, effectively as JSP Institute of Higher Learning, will go down in the annals (history) of the Sathya Sai mission, as one of the BIG FAILURES of the Sai university teachers & administrators, most of whom are Swami's students.


Since the time the Light Body concept evolved and so called chosen communicator appeared on the scene publicly from May 2014, lot of comments, counter comments, talks, write ups, videos, etc., featured via emails and also on social media.  The leaders of either side i.e., Muddenahalli (Mhalli)  and Prashanthi Nilayam (PN) did not condemn activities of the other side, though some devotees/supporters of either side were active in criticizing each other. The gap between both the groups kept increasing, the confusion continues to prevail and the impact is becoming real – and there seems to be no signs of any sort of reconciliation and the solution is definitely not in sight.  The disunity in SAI Family is widening and the traditional Sai Devotees (including the leaders) continue to follow the “wait & watch” approach. It is felt that more than the Indian devotees, overseas devotees succumb to the Mhalli Drama, may be because of Mhalli Group’s concentration is on foreigners   - obviously Dollars, Euros, Pounds, etc are more powerful than Indian Rupees.

The main point of difference of opinion between both the sides is “SWAMI in sukshma swaroopa (Light Body)” and being visible and communicating with only one individual i.e., a so called chosen communicator in Madhusudhan Naidu; which is totally against SWAMI's own declarations.  There are however a few more issues which are ancillary and it is believed that they can be resolved if the main issue is thrashed out.  I have, personally, put in enough effort by writing/talking to a few important people including BNNM from Mhalli Group to resolve issue via a meeting across the table.  However, for whatever reason, my efforts did not yield the desired results.

Most of you, by this time, must be aware that my sole aim (and must be the objective of many more as well) is UNITY, UNITY & UNITY within the boundaries of SATHYA & DHARMA.  Hence,  to accomplish this objective, I was hoping that the leaders, especially from Mhalli would come forward to find a path for resolving the issue on hand. No one will disagree with me that a meeting across the table is the beginning for resolving any issue between two groups and Mhalli issue is no exception. While Parthi group is pursuing traditional approach, Mhalli group modified that traditional approach and in the process are flouting a few SAI Teachings.  Further they keep arguing that it is SWAMI in Sukshma Swaroopa who is directing their actions and hence there is no question of violating any of the SAI Teachings. Thus, there is some sort of a stalemate.  It is my personal opinion that Mhalli Group is too eager to carry on with Educational and Healthcare projects entailing large capital outlays. Perhaps, this ambitious approach is making the leaders in Mhalli Group flout a few SAI Teachings.

On the other hand, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT) is now having very big task on hand, the task of matching Mhalli in undertaking service projects apart from funding the existing massive projects that was undertaken when SWAMI was in His physical body.  Probably they created the task for themselves by not being able to handle Mhalli drama appropriately. Further it appears that SSSCT is not clear as to how to move forward as that is evident from the delayed action and/or no action from their side.  SSSCT and PN authorities are now on their toes.  They have now competition – because both have same Master, same Guru, same Bhagawan, Same God but Mhalli Group appears to be taking up so many projects.  At least they are talking about many projects and so SSSCT has to keep pace with Mhalli.  I think that way this is a very healthy competition. So it is testing time for SSSCT.

Irony of the matter is that both the groups adore, follow and worship the same Kaliyuga Avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba yet  both the groups are pursuing different methodologies – Parthi Group the traditional approach and Mhalli Group modified approach.  Both the groups and their supporters no doubt love Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and hence, the hatred per se is not very evident though in a few instances undesirable comments were noticed in social media such as Facebook.  However, timely action taken by certain individuals, did not allow such avoidable comments to precipitate and become a big issue.

There is no doubt that majority of the devotees are desirous of a solution such that the confusion is totally eliminated and peace is brought back.  Also, some of them are ready to compromise their belief, in the overall interest of SAI Fraternity for finding out an amicable solution with the sole aim of making SWAMI happy. Considering that the mortals (leaders in both the groups) are not able to resolve or are not making any worthwhile attempts to resolve this crisis, I am now appealing to SUKSHMA BABA to intervene and show the path for resolving this problem of disunity.  The first and foremost assumption (as I am yet to get convinced) I would like to  humbly make is that SUKSHMA BABA is indeed Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and proceed from there. The following is the detailed appeal.

a)      SUKSHMA BABA may come down to PN and address all the devotees and not just talk with and via the so called chosen communicator;

b)      Mhalli Group leaders to facilitate the visit of SUKSHMA BABA.  Immediately this Mhalli Group leaders may say, like Sathya Sai never went to Shiridi, SUKSHMA BABA may not want to go to PN.  In which case, SUKSHMA BABA should be convinced that in Sathya Sai Vs Shiridi Sai case they were two different Avatars and in this case, it is only one Avatar and hence SUKSHMA BABA should not have any objection;

c)      Further, SUKSHMA BABA should be convinced that he is only being asked to go to his JANMA BHOOMI (birth place) and hence he should not have any objection;

d)   Furthermore, SUKSHMA BABA should be convinced that it is right for him to go over to Prashanthi Nilayam because Mhalli Group broke away from PN and started its activities in Mhalli and so it is but natural that SUKSHAMA BABA come to PN.

By SUKSHMA BABA coming to PN and convincing one and all that he is indeed BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA, all the confusion would disappear and there will be only one SAI ORGANIZATION.  Further, all people like VR Ganti, Ajit Poppat, Anilkumar, SAIBLISS, etc etc will have no other option but to shut up and follow the SUKSHMA BABA or at least will have to stop poking their nose.

BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA – Mata, Pita, Guru, Daivam, Mariyantayu Neeve. In whichever form you are, we the Children of SAI, are desperate and we need your help and guidance as ever and we are appealing to you SWAMI.  Please come and resolve the issue.  Please remove the confusion that is prevailing.  Remove the ignorance from each and every devotee of yours.  We love you SWAMI and we need your grace and compassion.

[Ravi: I shared the above Facebook post on my Facebook status with the following comment:

Will Muddenahalli Sukshma Baba accept appeal of Mr. V.R. Ganti to come to Puttaparthi and convince Puttaparthi devotees that he is indeed Kali Yuga Avatar, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in Sukshma form (subtle body/light body)?

That is, from the Sathya Sai fraternity perspective, the trillion dollar question.

But, to be honest, I think BNNM and so called chosen communicator of Muddenahalli, MB, will come up with some excuse or escape mechanism. They probably will say that Sukshma Baba is saying that those in Puttaparthi who want to be convinced about Sukshma Baba being Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, are welcome to come to Muddenahalli and experience Sukshma Baba themselves by which they will know he is the same Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi. STALEMATE, or to use a software term: DEADLOCK!

I challenge BNNM & MB (along with Sukshma Baba, of course) to come to Puttaparthi and prove their claims to Puttaparthi ashram (Prasanthi Nilayam) leaders like Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju, Prof. G. Venkataraman and Shri K. Chakravarthi. Further, if they do come to Puttaparthi I earnestly request the Puttaparthi leaders I mentioned to meet them, and provide live video of the event on the Internet.]

[Ravi: On the above Facebook Note of Mr. V.R. Ganti I added the above comment, and also a few comments (including comment(s) from other(s)) that are given below:

Vr Ganti wrote: Mervyn HughesSai MafaldaPardha Saradhi UppalaRavi S. Iyer - If I say that SWAMI provides all this information and there is nothing which is confidential as far as SWAMI goes, will I be wrong. Also what is important is the contents and not how that has come about. Further, in this present day which revolves around Information Technology, anything and everything is available to anyone over the internet. So the point is very straight - why did Mhalli ThiyagaJeevis got together and amended the Trust Deed? Is the amendment legal? What is the need for such an amendment? In the 1st place having come under the umbrella of SAI way back in 1978, why have they resorted such non-SAI activities of not following rules. I don't think anyone who in this discussion on FB, is interested in personal gains out of this drama and each of us are trying to understand the issue so that if we can facilitate to resolve the issue. In any case, one will not achieve anything by shooting the messenger.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote: Vr Ganti: Sir, we all have to do our duty to Swami, in whatever capacity we can, with whatever faults we have (I certainly have faults). When information of betrayal of Swami by BNNM & co. is shared, I see it as the duty of those who can spare the time and have the related ability, so long as it does not break any law of the land, to study it and let others know so that the Sathya Sai mission can recover from the betrayal. My words may sound harsh to some. But I have direct experience of how Sai university was HIJACKED by BNNM + Shashidhar Prasad from sometime after Mahasamadhi till Nov. 2014!!! Salaries and expenses paid by SSSCT but VC Shashidhar Prasad ignoring SSSCT and giving more importance to BNNM as he believed that BNNM is getting instructions from Swami!!!

Now, Sai university has been freed from the clutches of Shashidhar Prasad & BNNM as Shashidhar Prasad stepped down as VC in Nov. 2014. But what about the schools of Alike & Muddenahalli? Were these schools started by BNNM and Madhusudhan Naidu? Of course not. They are Shri Madiyala Narayana Bhat founded institutions which very unfortunately, due to its very respected Tyagajeevi leaders like Shri U. Gangadhara Bhat, coming under BNNM FALSE CLAIM of subtle body spell, seem to have gone astray. The students there probably believe everything that BNNM and Madhusudhan Naidu (MN) say as coming from Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!!! What a tragedy!

I think it is our duty to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to rescue such students of Alike and Muddenahalli schools from being brainwashed by BNNM & MN to believe that they are speaking Sri Sathya Sai Baba's words. So there is nothing wrong in sharing such information and commenting on it, unless Indian law asks us to not comment on it. Of course, we must follow Indian law.

I should also add that Indian newspaper media does report on cases filed in various courts including supreme court. As an example here's a recent report, Centre's reply sought on PIL challenging CVC, VC appointment,

However, at times the court pulls up the media for inappropriate reporting. From Karnataka HC asks media not to go overboard in Jayalalithaa wealth case, Feb. 2015,, '"Whatever I read and have been reading - I noticed that many things that have not been said in the courtroom have been reported. This is a very sensitive case and media should not go overboard reporting it," Justice CR Kumaraswamy,...'

Ravi S. Iyer wrote: Responding to Terry Reis Kennedy nested comment (, at outer level as others may also want to have a look at it.

There is a fun aspect to this post and comments (especially brother Pardha Saradhi Uppala's comments) but Mr. Ganti's appeal and my challenge (in my comment) is real. And this is how many such claims have got settled in the history of Indian spiritual and religious movements.

Of course, I am 100 percent sure that if Mr. B.N. Narasimhamurthy and Mr. Madhusudhan Naidu do accept the appeal/challenge and come to Puttaparthi, they will be defeated and their FALSE CLAIM will be exposed to all Sai devotees.

It seems that they have chosen not to respond to this appeal/challenge. That is an indication of them not having the confidence to prove their claims as appealed/challenged. And so that too exposes their FALSE CLAIM, to some extent, IMHO.

Good to know about the lady who changed her mind about MDH cult. Thanks.




I made an appeal to Sukshma Baba (SB) vide my mail dated 13-08-2015 and I quote – “I am now appealing to SUKSHMA BABA to intervene and show the path for resolving this problem of disunity.”  SB did not reply nor give any sort of cue and it is more than 10 days now.

However, our beloeved Baba has today given the cue – when I opened FB, this is what I saw - and I quote

Sri Sathya Sai Baba:
"There is no use is asking a doctor to advise you about the plans for the building you propose to raise, nor is it wise to ask an engineer to assuage the pain. Go to the proper Guru and learn from him the cardinal principles to guide your lives. Take time to understand, internalize and practice - what is your code of conduct, what does it allow, what does it condemn, why should it be followed? You must evolve your own code of conduct (Athma Dharma) centred on the Divine, appropriate to your situation, which is based on the firm belief on the omnipresence and omnipotence of the Divine Self which pervades the entire Universe."

Sorry SWAMI, for approaching SB, to intervene and show the path.  I realized my mistake and hence seeking Your pardon publicly. I knew and it is much clearer now in my mind that there is no body called SB or Lightbody and it is all a drama, as otherwise SB would have come and resolved the issue on hand.



Sri B N Narasimha Murthy (BNNM), the kingpin of Muddenahalli Drama, not only has successfully implemented the concept of “use the facilities built by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, but shift the loyalty to Muddenahalli” but also passed that knowledge and skill to many.  In my note titled “Genesis of Muddenahalli Saga – Part 5, I have clearly brought to the awareness of the SAI Devotees, the methods adopted by BNNM to get into Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust (SSSLST) and then brought his followers and associates into SSSLST after Mahasamadhi.  Let us remember that Bhagavan was the only trustee of SSSLST until Mahasamadhi.  After becoming the Trustee of SSSLST and stabilizing very firmly in Muddenahalli campus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Leaning (SSSIHL), the way BNNM went ahead in establishing Trusts such as Saraswathi Education Trust, etc., leaves much to be desired.  Further, BNNM was spending all his time only establishing and developing various trusts and ignoring totally the Muddenahalli campus of SSSIHL.  Further, BNNM confessed in a meeting held in October 2011 that he wanted to teach a lesson to the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust and therefore, was building his own kingdom in the guise of Sukshma Baba and the chosen communicator and so on.

Taking a cue from the tactics used by BNNM, many others have been using the facilities built by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, continued to support Muddenahalli Group ...


[Ravi: I have given below a comment I made on the above FB post:

This is food for thought for all Muddenahalli group supporters as well as Puttaparthi ashram management. What I have observed as a free service volunteer in the Puttaparthi ashram system from Oct. 2002 to Mar. 2012, is that people get used to free service and take it for granted. In Parthi I think the attitude of many is that Swami is giving them that free facility (and all people involved in providing that service are incidental and unimportant). So a mentality of entitlement to such free services develops in people.

I think Parthi ashram management should become very strict in such matters and let MDH supporters know that while they can visit Parthi ashram as devotees they better not promote or defend Muddenahalli group activities in Parthi ashram. I mean, Parthi ashram is private property and Muddenahalli supporters visiting/staying in the ashram better follow some ethics and rules.

Further, I think Parthi ashram & institutions management should now take BOLD steps. Any employee, doesn't matter if he was a "form boy" in the past, who is seen to be supportive of Muddenahalli group should be advised to join the Muddenahalli group full time. If some former "form boy" students who are MDH supporters think that the Parthi ashram system & institutions are dependent on them and nobody will dare to take action against them, they better think again. With sixth pay commission salaries being paid for regular staff in Parthi ashram institutions, and Parthi ashram having been stabilized over this period of over four years after Mahasamadhi (lot of the credit for this stabilization goes to the trustees of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust and other leaders of the Parthi ashram, in my considered opinion), I am quite sure that even more committed non-Sai-university-student Sai devotees will come forward to take up such positions and serve Swami's mission far better than any such dual loyalty "form boy" students.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote (slightly edited):
[Name-snipped]: I agree sir that the Puttaparthi trust has not informed Sai devotees about Muddenahalli group DIVISIVE THREAT properly and in time. It has been very hesitant to even name Muddenahalli, Narasimhamurthy and Madhusudhan Naidu. They very well knew about Sri Indulal Shah sir, a trustee of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT), being part of Muddenahalli group for at least three years, as Sri Indulal Shah sir was very open about his support for that group. When Shashidhar Prasad stepped down as VC of Sai university on 22nd Nov. 2014 and was on stage on the next day, 23rd Nov. 2014 for Bhagavan birthday celebrations at Muddenahalli thereby clearly telling the Sai devotees world where his loyalty was, there was no mention of it at all by the Central Trust (as far as I know).

While I understand the great challenges SSSCT faced in stabilizing the Puttaparthi ashram system after the trauma of the Mahasamadhi, and have appreciated them for their successful efforts, I have to say that SSSCT has behaved VERY STRANGELY in addressing the Muddenahalli group challenge. If I recall correctly, the first time the names of Sri Indulal Shah and Sri Narasimhamurthy were mentioned in an official public circular of Sai orgn., was in Nov. 2014. By then, Muddenahalli group had grown past their critical size and had acquired lots & lots of supporters even in Puttaparthi!!! I have to say that it seems that SSSCT inaction in responding to Muddenahalli group challenge led by Sri Narasimhamurthy and supported by Sri Indulal Shah, has been the key cause for Muddenahalli group to acquire such a significant following across the world (almost all of whom were Sai devotees already).

I appreciate Mr. Ganti's efforts to highlight this situation (Mr. Ganti seems to have seen its negative effects firsthand in his Sai center in Singapore), and urge for stronger action from SSSCT on this matter.

But I should also state very clearly that I am not in favour of any drastic steps taken by anybody including Mr. Ganti which may destabilize Puttaparthi ashram system. I further am not in favour of intemperate language being used in this regard (not used in this Facebook post & comments but used elsewhere (but not by Mr. Ganti)). I support Mr. Ganti & others questioning the SSSCT on inaction about Muddenahalli group, in this early 21st century era where transparency and accountability is expected of all institutions, including spiritual/charitable institutions. But responding with great anger at SSSCT when their questions are not answered adequately by SSSCT is, IMHO, not an approach that will meet the approval of our Divine Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Let us make collective efforts to request and urge SSSCT to share more information about their actions with Sai devotees at large. Can devotees expect to get some idea of the business that is transacted in each SSSCT meeting? I don't mean all details, but some idea. I think transparency by SSSCT in such matters will go a long way in winning the confidence of Sai devotees that SSSCT is treating the Muddenahalli group DIVISIVE THREAT and SPIRITUAL FRAUD in the HOLY NAME of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, with the utmost seriousness that it deserves.

--- end Ravi S. Iyer comments ---]

V Srinivasan, Naganand & Satyajit Salian - Visit to Singapore - A Great Initiative,, dated Sept. 19th 2015

The visit to Singapore as part of the tour to  East Asian Countries by Sri V Srinivasan and Sri Naganand, the Trustees of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT), Puttaparthi, India accompanied by Sri Satyajit Salian, the personal  caretaker of Sri Sathya Sai Baba when He was in His physical form could easily be considered as milestone in post Mahasamadhi period of Sai Mission.  Apparently this visit by this trio, at least to Singapore as it appeared to me, is to bring to the awareness of Sai Devotees in Singapore about the continuity in Sai Mission under the guidance of Omnipresent Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and the work that is being done by SSSCT.

This trio arrived at Singapore on Friday the 18th  day of September 2015 during the morning hours and were promptly ready to attend the 1st meeting in the afternoon with the office bearers of Singapore Sai Centres (I believe there are about 15 centres and their affiliates totaling to 25). As I am not an office bearer I was not present in the said meeting.  However, I have learnt from reliable sources about the highlights of the talks by the trio.  The main message carried out by them was that Sai Devotees could go anywhere, worship anybody and participate in any activity of any other religious or spiritual organization  (including Muddenhalli) and donate as much money they wish to,  so long as they are not office bearers in the Sai Organization.  In other words, officer bearers of Sai Centres in Singapore and its affiliates are prohibited from joining Mhalli Group and participate in its activities not only in Mhalli but also anywhere else.  This implies that those who are wanting to continue to support Mhalli Group and its activities should forthwith quit their positions in Sai Organziations and cannot continue to be office bearers of any of the Sai Centres.  I would think that this is just not a clarification but some sort of an order for Zone 4 and Singapore authorities to take note for implementation.

It is said that “better late than never” and so this visit becomes very relevant and appropriate in present day context. This trio has been very vocal and have in most unambiguous terms clarified that dual loyalty cannot be accepted at any cost.  In particular Sri V. Srinivasan was absolutely clear and condemned those who have been flouting this guideline. Sri V Srinivasan made out a very detailed presentation on the 19th when the meeting was open to the public (though only around 200 were present) outlining the work that has been done by SSSCT since Mahasamadhi in April 2011. One very important point that was highlighted was - to follow SWAMI’s teaching meticulously including one of the 10 principles enunciated by Bhagawan i.e., follow the law of the land in which one domiciles.  Sri Naganand was equally vocal in his views on Mhalli breakaway faction and was highlighting how Mhalli Group not only mislead, misrepresented and misguided various aspects. He made a mention not only on how Mhalli Group illegally amended the Trust Deed of Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust but also about the construction and ownership of Sai Ananadam, a notable construction at Mhalli campus. At that stage Sri V Srinivasan clarified that the expenditure on construction of Sai Anandam was accounted in the books of accounts of SSSCT which is verifiable.  Although Sri Naganand touched up on the legal case that has been filed in the Chikkabelapur court, he did not dwell on it for long.  In my private conversation with Sri Naganand, he was of the view that the case would come for hearing soon but I humbly disagree with him and in my view this case will take years and years, if not decades for reaching finality.  I think SSSCT has chosen the path of “wait & watch” in this legal action initiated by them, though surely there are other better ways of expediting the matter.  The last speaker on 19th morning was Sri Satyajit and he was most of the time talking of SWAMI’s grace, SWAMI’s leela and how he enjoyed his physical proximity with Bhagawan and so on and highlighted a few points on Vidhya Vahini, the project he has been handling.  He has also made a great revelation which I will cover in a separate note.

In my personal view that this trio’s openness in clarifying about the role of office bearers is excellent thing to happen and  many will surely appreciate the same.  However, as the saying goes, “one can only take the horse to the water but cannot make the horse drink the water”,  - the question is - how will this guideline from apex body of SAI be implemented if the local authorities do not have any inclination to abide by that guideline and direction.  So one can surely say that The Trustees of SSSCT who have visited Singapore (and who are now on their way to Japan) have done what was expected of them.  It is now for others to follow up and take necessary action in the matter.  Surely SWAMI will be happy with the initiative SSSCT has taken up and for setting the ball in motion.

[My comment on the above FB page:
Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Wonderful! The trustees of SSSCT seem to have done their job very well. Now it is upto Zone 4 and Singapore authorities to follow the instructions of the trustees, WITH COURAGE. It is OK if even a lot of people leave and set up a separate Sukshma Baba orgn. That will solve the horrible DUAL LOYALTY and associated CONFLICT OF INTEREST problem. And if any top Singapore office bearers quit and create a new Sukshma Baba orgn. - good again. Let such people invest their energies for service of mankind, without any falsehood, by being part of a separate orgn.
I convey my thanks and gratitude to trustees Sri V. Srinivasan and Sri Naganand for so clearly stating SSSCT stand openly and forcefully. As Mr. Ganti has said, they have done their job (their duty to Kali Yuga Avatar, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba). Now it is upto Zone 4 and Singapore orgn. top office bearers to COURAGEOUSLY take firm steps to remove any DUAL LOYALTY and CONFLICT OF INTEREST persons holding office bearer positions in Singapore (official) Sai organization.
I would also like to say to any brothers and sisters of Singapore Sai devotee fraternity believing in so called Muddenahalli subtle body, who happen to read this post (or associated mail), that I have great appreciation for the social work done by Muddenahalli group. If they really strongly believe in Muddenahalli group it is best to form a separate orgn. in Singapore and focus whole heartedly and OPENLY on that. Sri Indulal Shah sir, Sri B. N. Narasimhamurthy sir, Mr. Isaac Tigrett and Sri C. Srinivas are OPEN about their belief and their loyalty towards Muddenahalli based orgn. Why don't Singapore Sai devotees who believe in Muddenahalli so called subtle body also become OPEN believers like them and help create a new Sukshma Baba orgn. in Singapore? Muddenahalli group already has developed a strong base with alumni of Alike and Muddenahalli schools being strong supporters.
I think it is INEVITABLE that broadly we will have three Sai groups now, worldwide: Shirdi Sai group, Sathya Sai group and Muddenahalli Sukshma Sai group. The court case (or even any future such court case) can impact only certain property and, at the most, IMHO, restrict so called communicator from using the name of Sri Sathya Sai Baba as the form that he claims to see and communicate with. Moving from one property location to another is no big deal for spiritual movements. Even Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba moved from old mandir to new mandir/ashram in Puttaparthi. And so called communicator stating that he is now saying words of Sukshma Sai Baba (instead of using name of Sri Sathya Sai Baba) will also not be that big a deal (if it comes to that). So why be afraid of forming a new Sukshma Baba orgn. in Singapore if you strongly believe in so called Muddenahalli subtle body? By forming a separate Saraswathi trust (based in Muddenahalli) that is what the Muddenahalli group leaders, Sri Narasimhamurty, Sri Indulal Shah and others have done.
And just in case, somebody (like Madhusudhan Naidu, so called communicator) told you that at 90th birthday time, all of Puttaparthi ashram system will accept claims of Muddenahalli so called subtle body and so called communicator, let me tell you that that is so highly IMPROBABLE, that I would say that it is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE.
--- end Ravi S. Iyer comment ---]

Revamping of Zone 4 - a must - to continue Sai Mission in South East Asia,, dated Sept. 20th 2015

The main message from Sri V. Srinivasan, Sri  Naganand and Sri Sayajit Salian during the visit to Singapore on 18th and 19th has been that the office bearers are prohibited from participating in Mhalli activities.  In other words, those who continue to support Mhalli Group and its activities should not continue as office bearers in any Sai Organizations. In fact, there is nothing new in these statements from this trio as the same thing was mentioned by the Chairman of Prashanthi Council, the body which works under SSSCT, vide his letter dated 04-02-2015.  At that point in time though the circular was issued on 04-02-2015 the authorities in Zone 4 and the authorities in Singapore colluded (I presume so)  and did not allow the said circular to reach each and every SAI Devotee (at least in Singapore) for a period of more than 3 weeks.  In fact, I doubt whether at all, efforts were made to bring the contents of this circular to all Sai Devotees in Singapore. Hence, all that happened was the Chairman of Prashanthi Council issued a circular letter and there was nobody to follow it up on the contents and life was going on as before whereby, the office bearers were jolly well attending the Sat Sangh’s hosted by Mhalli Group and office bearers were going to Mhalli with their families and so on.  Unfortunately, the representatives of the apex body had to come to clarify such a simple matter which in my opinion is quite clear and does not require any explanation at all.  It is very simple, logical and more importantly DHARMIC.
Singapore, part of Zone 4 region, is the 1st country to support Mhalli Group and contribute tonnes of money to Mhalli.  One may kindly recall that when my wife and I went to Mhalli on 14-09-2014, we were introduced to one lady faculty from Gulburga stating that we are from Singapore and that lady instantaneously said all these buildings are because of you people and we were wonderstruck at that moment. Further during 2014 Birthday celebrations at Mhalli, Singapore Group had committed for Rs. 100 million towards construction of Bhajan Hall at Muddenhalli. That Bhajan Hall is already underway and hence the money must have also been remitted. So the question is who takes responsibility for allowing SAI organization, Singapore (mainly Katong Centre, Singapore) to sway towards Mhalli the way they did?  It is important to note that when all these things were happening, Singapore (consisting mainly of Mhalli supporters) was allowed to perform a play at Sai Kulwant Hall and I don’t know what can be said about it (THE HEAD OF SINGAPORE SAI ORGANIZATION WAS FULLY AWARE OF THE SITUATION THAT WAS OBTAINING THEN and may be the Chairman of Zone 4 as well).    Are the local authorities of Singapore and Mhalli supporters from Singapore working “hand in glove” basis? In spite of all this, would the local authorities be allowed to go scot free in the matter on the ground of “Help Ever and Hurt Never”?  By allowing the local authorities and Zone 4 authorities to continue in their office will SSSCT and PC be sending wrong signals to other zones?  What is the correct thing to do? What will SWAMI expect SSSCT to do? Is it not correct for the concerned authorities in Zone 4 as also in Singapore to take moral responsibility for the mess that has been created and resign from their respective positions immediately?

Now that this time, this trio has been very vocal and have in most unambiguous terms clarified that dual loyalty cannot be accepted, what will be the next step?  This clarification was given in a public meeting on the 19th of September 2015 and hence the question of suppressing this direction (as was done earlier) is just not possible. Already once we have experienced that the Chairman and the coordinator of Zone 4 have never taken any action in spite of the direction from Prashanthi Council and the reason they have indicated was that some of these office bearers may leave traditional SAI organization and join in Mhalli Group. Hence, there was a fear of creating vacuum and is that fear justifiable?  In my considered view that argument does not hold any water since they already supporting Mhalli Group and hence this direction for disassociating themselves from the traditional Sai Organization is not an issue at all. Now that The Trustees have categorically mentioned and clarified that dual loyalty is not acceptable and those office bearers choosing to continue to sway towards Mahlli may do so but leave the organization, will Zone 4 leaders take quick action in the matter? Alternatively, would SSSCT authorities force Prashanthi Council to overhaul the Zone 4 leadership, which is what is better I think, because a change in Zone 4 leadership is long overdue and is warranted to move ahead in Sai Mission. In fact, the best thing for Zone 4 leadership would be to find their successors and handover the responsibilities to the new leadership gracefully.  In this connection it may not be wrong to recall the guidelines for one to continue to be an office bearer in the Sai Organization.  Can one keep on going indefinitely?

SWAMI, I appeal to you to kindly prompt appropriate thought and  action in the minds of the concerned.
---- end Facebook post extracts ---

[As a comment on the above Facebook post, Ravi S. Iyer wrote (slightly edited):
I have put up a long response to this post of Mr. Ganti as a Facebook post, Mr. Ganti's Call for Resignation of Singapore and Zone 4 Sai orgn. authorities is too harsh, here: [Also available on this blog here:]

I felt it appropriate to given one extract of the above post here:

6) Mr. Ganti has asked for resignation of concerned authorities in Singapore and Zone 4 Sai orgn. I think that is a very serious statement to make. Is it justified? My view is that we should not view this as a regular worldly orgn. matter. The power vacuum, and the spiritual vacuum, that many in the Sai fraternity felt in the immediate months and year or two after Bhagavan's Mahasamadhi was an EXTRAORDINARY one. It cannot be denied that some unfortunate incident(s) in Puttaparthi after Mahasamadhi which created a NEGATIVE MEDIA FRENZY nationally (and perhaps internationally too), affected most Sai devotees badly, at that time. In such a depressing and traumatic atmosphere, the veteran Sai education system leader Sri Narasimhamurthy's (BNNM) dream instructions from Swami and alternative Sai platform leadership, would naturally have been attractive to many Sai devotees. These problems in Puttaparthi in those months and first year or two seem to be the main cause for BNNM being able to attract support of veteran leader of Sathya Sai mission, Sri Indulal Shah sir, and also former VC Shashidhar Prasad of the Sai university, which in turn played a major role in BNNM's MDH group getting powerful donors and powerful supporters, and getting well established.
So if some Singapore orgn. leaders (and leaders of Sai orgn. elsewhere in the world) got attracted to BNNM and started believing in his dream instructions (and then so called subtle body & so called communicator), I think it is quite understandable. Further, as far as I know, till Nov. 2014, the Sai orgn. leaders at Puttaparthi (SSSCT) had not issued public instructions to office bearers of Sai orgn. to NOT interact with MDH group.
By that time, I think some Singapore Sai orgn. leaders were already quite deeply into MDH group. I guess it is natural that it will take some time for them to wean away from MDH group. I mean, SSSCT and Intl. Sai orgn. seems to have not taken a FIRM stand till Nov. 2014, i.e. around three and a half years after Mahasamadhi.
Given this background, I think that call for resignation of Singapore Sai orgn. and Zone 4 orgn. authorities due to slow implementation of Intl. Sai orgn. guidelines on this matter is too harsh. Mind you, we are not talking about any money irregularities or failure in terms of keeping activities of orgn. running. It was just that some orgn. leaders who had been attracted by so called subtle body claims of Muddenahalli and associated with it, continued that association in the face of Int'l Sai orgn. instructions/directives not to do so. Even the Muddenahalli group people are not engaged in any criminal activity (from an Indian law perspective, to the best of my knowledge) - they too are serving society with the funds and other support they receive, even if we (I certainly) strongly refute their CLAIM of so called subtle body of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba there which communicates only through a so called chosen communicator.
7) But does that mean, "Help Ever Hurt Never" attitude can be EXPLOITED now and in future by any Singapore and Zone 4 orgn. leaders to continue to support MDH group, while holding office bearer positions in (official) Sai orgn.? NO. DEFINITELY, NO. I think that any Singapore or Zone 4 Sai orgn. office bearer who is proven to have associations now, or in future, with MDH group, should be asked to step down.
8) It will be wonderful and very healing for Sai orgn. Singapore and Zone 4, if those orgn. leaders who associated with MDH in the past, follow the example of centenarian and well known Sai writer (and so a revered elder of Sai fraternity), Mrs. Phyllis Krystal, by making PUBLIC declarations of past association with MDH group and stating that they will not associate with them in future. Actually speaking, even those that are in SSSCT (Puttaparthi) managed Sai institutions (like Sai university) who associated with MDH group (& followed instructions of Narasimhamurthy after Mahasamadhi), should follow Mrs. Phyllis Krystal's lead and make similar PUBLIC declarations. That will really clear the air and allow everybody to make a fresh start in an environment of trust and co-operation, as against an environment of suspicion. And really, I think it will be a spiritually healing thing for them. I mean, how can one spiritually progress, if one hides such matters and tries to sweep it under the carpet? What sort of self-esteem will such people have?
--- end extract ---
--- end Ravi S. Iyer comment ---]

Satyajit confirms that BNNM approached him immediately after Mahasamdhi to join BNNM,, dated Sept. 21st 2015

Sri Satyajit was part of the team (others include Sri V. Srinivasan and Sri Naganand, Trustees of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT)) that arrived at Singapore on 18th September 2015 for a two day trip. The main message they carried was that no office bearer of Sri Sathya Sai Organization can continue to support Mhalli Group and its activities so long as they are part of the Sai Organization.  While all three of them very categorically conveyed this message, Sri Satyajit revealed the fact that Sri BN Narasimha Murthy (BNNM) did contact him (Satyajit) to join BNNM in his Mhalli Drama because these people (probably meaning the Trustees of SSSCT) will torture him and will not take care of him and further that BNNM can make Satyajit in-charge of Alike campus of Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust (SSSLST) where Satyajit could have very peaceful life. Sri Satyajit said very clearly and openly that BNNM approached him on either 9th or 10th of May 2011, barely 2 weeks from Mahasamadhi when still most of the devotees were mourning.  Sri Satyajit revealed the above during the Q&A session on 19-09-2015 at Singapore.


Do the clarifications by Sri V.Srinivasan and Sri. Naganand apply to CENTRAL TRUST as well?,, dated Sept. 22nd 2015

During the recent visit of Sri V. Srinivasan and Sri Naganand accompanied by Sri Satyajit Salian there was emphatic clarification that Office Bearers of Sri Sathya Sai Organization cannot be supporters of Mhalli Group and it activities.  In other words “dual loyalty” is just not acceptable at any cost was the view of the above mentioned trio from Prashanthi Nilayam.  This clarification was given more than once, may be multiple times by both Trustees that were present in the Sat Sanghs that were held in Singapore.

I am also glad to announce to the public at large and to the entire Sai Fraternity that the President of Sri Sathya Sai Organization of Singapore (SSSOS)  has earnestly initiated action forthwith and sent out text message via whatsapp to Presidents of various centres and its affiliates (totaling to around 25) in Singapore to alert all the office bearers to make a choice – whether to remain with traditional SAI Organization and continue as office bearers or go Mhalli way. He said “ no one can ride two horses at the same time” and hence he wanted all officer bearers to convey their choice by 03-10-2015.  This is very good move from the President of SSSOS, but I cannot appreciate how he is going to implement this, because in his own office there are Mhalli supporters.  Sri V Srinivasan made it abundantly clear that this decision  should not be just in letter but it should be in spirit as well.  This is going to be a gigantic task for SSSOS office bearers, because Mhalli supporters have spread in Singapore like cancer and it is my understanding that in all most all centres we have Mhalli supporters and some of them are office bearers.  So I sincerely hope each and every office bearer truthfully admits and makes a choice whichever way they desire to go.

But most importantly, the question to be addressed now – is this direction / clarification given by Trustees of SSSCT applicable only to Singapore or to the entire SAI Organization world over. Logically it must be applicable to every Sai Organization, whether in India or outside India, including SRI SATHYA SAI CENTRAL TRUST.  Then the moot question is – why Mr. Indulal Shah, [Name-snipped] and a few others are still being allowed to continue to work in their respective offices?
--- end Facebook post extracts ---

[I made the following comment on the above Facebook post:
Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
It is wonderful to see that the firm words of Sri V. Srinivasan and Sri Naganand, trustees of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, has triggered the action of President of Sai orgn. Singapore "to alert all the office bearers to make a choice – whether to remain with traditional SAI Organization and continue as office bearers or go Mhalli way. He said “ no one can ride two horses at the same time” and hence he wanted all officer bearers to convey their choice by 03-10-2015".

Ravi: I thank and congratulate the president of Sai orgn. Singapore for this FIRM STAND. Let not 'Love All Serve All' and 'Help Ever Hurt Never' teachings of Swami be misinterpreted to mean that Swami would want soft and tolerant approach towards DUAL LOYALTY office bearers! NO! As such DUAL LOYALTY office bearers can wreak tremendous DAMAGE to the (official) Sathya Sai orgn., I am sure that Swami will heartily approve of the FIRM STAND taken by President of Singapore Sai orgn.

My humble suggestion to those Singapore Sai orgn. office bearers who believe in Muddenahalli so called subtle body and so called communicator (Madhusudhan Naidu) is to create a separate Sukshma Baba orgn. in Singapore. [I guess they will have to meet Madhusudhan Naidu and request permission to create that separate Sukshma Baba orgn.]

Mr. Ganti writes, "But most importantly, the question to be addressed now – is this direction / clarification given by Trustees of SSSCT applicable only to Singapore or to the entire SAI Organization world over. Logically it must be applicable to every Sai Organization, whether in India or outside India, including SRI SATHYA SAI CENTRAL TRUST."

I entirely agree with Mr. Ganti's statement above. I think the case of the veteran leader Sri Indulal Shah sir continuing to be trustee of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT) when he is one of the main leaders of Muddenahalli group, is very, very ODD. As SSSCT itself is not able to take a FIRM STAND on this very clear DUAL LOYALTY case, it sends a signal of WEAKNESS in this matter to the entire Sathya Sai fraternity and beyond.

There is no question whatsoever about the TREMENDOUS contribution of Sri Indulal Shah sir to the Sathya Sai orgn. in India and internationally. Swami himself (physical form) has praised him to the skies in public discourse(s). However, after Mahasamadhi, for reasons best known to him, he made the choice of being a leader in Sri B.N. Narasimhamurthy (BNNM) sir's group which paved the way for big donors to contribute to BNNM and support him in other ways. Everybody who has some knowledge of these matters, knows this now. I mean, it is NO SECRET now. Only those who don't want to know about such matters OR are living in (pyschological) DENIAL, will say they don't know or they are not sure about it.

So, in a VERY HONOURABLE WAY, Sri Indulal Shah sir, should be relieved of his position as trustee of SSSCT, at the very earliest, if SSSCT wants the Sai fraternity worldwide and others from outside the Sai fraternity to respect SSSCT's stand on DUAL LOYALTY office bearers. Sri Indulal Shah sir's contribution to the Sathya Sai movement, prior to Mahasamadhi, will remain indelibly etched in the annals of the Sathya Sai mission as one of the great pioneers and builders of the Sathya Sai organization. Him being relieved of the trustee position in SSSCT will not make any dent in this great pre Mahasamadhi legacy of his, IMHO.
--- end Ravi S. Iyer comment ---]

Public Notice dated 22-07-2004 - CENTRAL TRUST DID NOT INVOKE PROVISIONS OF THE STATUTE,, dated Sept. 22nd 2015

No extracts from post

[I made the following comment on the above post:
Ravi S. Iyer wrote (slightly edited):
I now feel that a legal challenge for UNAUTHORISED USE of Sri Sathya Sai name by Muddenahalli group can be mounted as name is LEGALLY PROTECTED by EMBLEMS & NAMES ACT. Here's my recent Facebook post on it: (similar contents are available on this blog here:]

============== end Mr. V.R. Ganti Note links and extracts  ===============

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