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My May 2012 service record & record tampering related correspondence with Sai university (SSSIHL) administrators

Last updated on 2nd Nov 2016
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Please note that this post is a very long one. If you are not really interested in this matter you may either skim through it or skip it altogether.

As the post-Mahasamadhi Sathya Sai movement struggles INTERNATIONALLY with the SERIOUS DIVISIVE THREAT of the Muddenahalli group with their FALSE CLAIM of so called subtle body of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba based in Muddenahalli with a so called communicator, Sai university (SSSIHL) alumnus, Sri Madhusudhan Naidu, fully endorsed (and perhaps even MANAGED) by former warden of the Sai university, Sri B.N. Narasimhamurthy, and which is supported by former vice-chancellor of the Sai university Prof. Shashidhara Prasad (VC till Nov. 2014), I felt it appropriate to share my email exchange in May 2012 on a service record and record tampering related matter with Prof. Shashidhara Prasad and Prof. Sudhir Bhaskar.

The background to this is that by early 2012 I had come to know enough about Shashidhara Prasad being under the influence of Narasimhamurthy and it had become clear that Shashidhara Prasad was now the BIG BOSS of SSSIHL with nobody daring to question him. By then I also came to know about how senior faculty who were RESPECTED by Bhagavan for their decades of service, like Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju and Prof. Krupanidhi (Biosciences prof. & HOD, and Dean of sciences), were being HORRIBLY MISTREATED by Sai university administration, and so were effectively out of the picture in terms of influencing matters in the Sai university. The atmosphere in the Sai university had changed drastically within just one year of Bhagavan's Mahasamadhi!

I had decided to terminate my relationship with the Sai university in March 2012 after a HORRIBLE interaction with the Registrar, Dr. Naren Ramji. But I wanted to teach these Sai university administration fellows a LESSON in ETHICAL behaviour (forget about Sai spiritual behaviour; I am talking about plain worldly ethics), and so engaged in this matter OFFICIALLY with Shashidhara Prasad. The response from Shashidhara Prasad shows how he was least interested in looking into the matter and so failed in his DUTY as Vice-chancellor of the Sai university. The response from Sudhir Bhaskar also shows that he too failed in his DUTY. It was like a Stalinist institution. Do what we say or get out!!!

I have given below the contents of the email exchange

From Ravi Iyer <>
To: Vice-Chancellor SSSIHL <>,
"Prof. A Sudhir Bhaskar FMAC, SSSIHL" <>
CC: "Prof. U S Rao SBMAF, SSSIHL" <>
Date: Fri, May 18, 2012 at 6:05 PM
Subject: Request to Resolve Designation Confusion & Provide Service Record

To: 1) Prof. Shashidhar Prasad, Vice-Chancellor, Administrative Block, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh - 515134
      2) Prof. Sudhir Bhaskar, Director, Prasanthinilayam campus, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh - 515134

CC: 1) Prof. U.S. Rao, Ex-Principal, Prasanthinilayam campus, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning,  Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh - 515134

From: Shri Ravi S. Iyer, --- address snipped ---

Date: 18th May 2012

Dear Gentlemen,

Sai Ram sir!

I write this letter to you gentlemen to resolve confusion regarding my designation during my years of service in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science (DMACS), Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (SSSIHL) from Jan. 2003 to March 2012 and also to request for my correct service record for the same period. I have written to both Vice-Chancellor, SSSIHL as well as Director, Prasanthinilayam (PSN) campus, SSSIHL so that you may please co-ordinate as to who is the right person to look into this matter. I have copied this mail to the ex-Principal, PSN, SSSIHL as he was the campus authority who signed on all the identity cards which specified my designation and were issued to me during my service period in SSSIHL. I shall also send all three of you gentlemen a paper hard copy of this email with my handwritten signature to prove that this mail/letter is from me as that may be necessary from a procedural point of view for SSSIHL, a University Grants Commission (UGC) deemed university, and also a paper copy of the attachments, by courier in a day or two.

I am writing this letter to you gentlemen instead of writing to the Registrar, SSSIHL, Dr. Naren Ramji, as I found the Registrar's behaviour to be very strange when I met him on March 2nd 2012. Though he had given me a letter dated 4th June 2011 on SSSIHL letterhead and duly signed by him which clearly stated that I am designated as Visiting Faculty in DMACS for Academic year 2011-12 (please see attachment: "Ravi Iyer Revised Designation 2011.jpg"), he said that I was not designated as "Visiting Faculty" on his records!!! He further said that I was a "Seva Dal" (I presume he implied that his records had me as a "Seva Dal")!!! I found this behaviour to be very odd and extremely inappropriate for a Registrar of a deemed university. I have rejected his oral view and gone only by the aforementioned written letter where I am designated as Visiting Faculty. Further I felt that it is inappropriate for me to interact with the Registrar any further and so I decided to write directly to you gentlemen on this matter. It is also appropriate for me to state that I decided to part ways with SSSIHL due to this strange behaviour of the Registrar, Dr. Naren Ramji, in my meeting with him on March 2nd 2012.

[I must also mention that from a spiritual perspective I consider Sri Sathya Sai "Seva Dal" to be a badge of great spiritual honour and prestige. But I believe that the Registrar of SSSIHL, Dr. Naren Ramji, has to follow UGC norms for his record keeping duties and "Seva Dal", in my opinion, is an unacceptable designation from UGC norms point of view for a person who taught lab. courses for over 8 years as free service.]

Before I give further details I feel it is appropriate for me to mention that as a free service activity to Indian Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) students and their parents I now am trying to help improve the practice of software development in CS & IT education in All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and UGC regulated academic institutions country-wide by trying to bring about some changes at AICTE/UGC and MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India) policy level for appointment and promotion of CS & IT academics. If you would like to know more about my view of the matter I request you to read the attached preprint version abstract ("arXiv Abstract- Improve the Practice.pdf") and paper ("Paper - Improve The Practice.pdf") authored by me (Here are the net links for the same: Abstract:; Pdf: I have submitted this paper in a slightly modified form to ACM Inroads which is a magazine intended for professionals interested in advancing computing education in the world ( for peer review and possible acceptance for publication.

In regard to my Indian CS & IT academic reform activism efforts I am having correspondence exchange with MHRD and I am also writing to the AICTE chairman and the AIB-ITE (All India Board of Information Technology Education) chairman. I think that there is an outside chance that some officials from MHRD and/or AICTE may, in future, write to SSSIHL asking for my service record. Further I may need my official service record from SSSIHL for my future service activities in Indian CS & IT education field outside of SSSIHL. I want to ensure that there is consistency between two currently inconsistent views on my designations and service record, which are:

1) My view which is based on what the then Principal, Prashanti Nilayam campus, the very honourable and very respected Prof. U.S. Rao sir, stated and signed on the identity cards issued to me during my years of service at DMACS, SSSIHL.


2) The service record that the Registrar, as per his oral view expressed in my meeting with him on March 2nd 2012, seems to have as that is what may be provided by SSSIHL in response to appropriate requests for my service record.

I have three identity cards that were given to me from the years Jan. 2003 to March 2012 and their details are as follows:

1) Honorary Staff signed by the then Principal, Prashanti Nilayam campus, SSSIHL, Prof. U.S. Rao with no date or validity period. If I recall correctly, this was issued during the initial years of my service.

2) Honorary Faculty signed by the then Principal Prashanti Nilayam campus, SSSIHL, Prof. U.S. Rao with no date or validity period. This replaced the earlier identity card and was current for a few years.

3) Visiting Faculty card signed by the then Principal Prashanti Nilayam campus, SSSIHL, Prof. U.S. Rao for the period June 2011 to March 2012.

I have attached a scanned copy of these identity cards to this mail (Please see attachment: "Ravi S. Iyer - SSSIHL Identity Cards.pdf").

The letters addressed by the Registrar to DMACS HOD with copy to me regarding my service during these years did not mention any designation. As an example of such a letter, I have attached the letter from the Registrar dated 20th April 2011 which gave permission to DMACS HOD, Prof. V. Chandrasekaran to utilize services of Dr. Jayaprakash (a senior academic, ex-IIT Madras) and me for academic year 2011-12 (Please see attachment: "Prof V Jayaprakash and Mr Ravi Iyer 2011.jpg"). DMACS HOD, Prof. Chandrasekaran had mentioned sometime during academic year 2010-11 if I recall correctly, to my utter surprise, that the identity card issued by the Principal to me does not show the correct designation. What this implied was that DMACS HOD, Prof. Chandrasekaran did not respect the view of Principal, Prahanti Nilayam campus, SSSIHL of my designation. So, as a precondition to my free service offering to DMACS for academic year 2011-12, I had insisted on receiving a letter from the Registrar confirming my designation as Visiting Faculty for academic year 2011-12 which the Registrar complied with through his letter dated 4th June 2011 as mentioned above.

Additional details about my service from my records is as follows:

1) Prof. CJM Rao, then DMACS HOD, on 29th Jan. 2003 gave me a handwritten letter designating me as Systems Manager in AI Lab. In that letter he put down activities of (Systems Management of) AI Lab, (teaching) Software Lab courses and (technical consultancy for) IInd M.Tech.(CS) projects. He also wrote initials of two DMACS members who, he told me orally, were supposed to assist me. However this is just a handwritten letter and will not be acceptable in any respectable forum as proof of designation or service record.

2) From Jan. 2003 to Jan. 2008 I performed the service of Systems Manager of AI Lab. I discontinued offering this service after Jan. 2008.

3) From June 2003 to August 2011 I taught Software Lab courses (one or two courses per semester). You may confirm this from the marksheet records for these courses which I presume will be available with the Controller of Examinations. These marksheets bear my name and signature as the teacher for these courses. [It is appropriate for me to mention here that as an international software consultant (industry expert) I introduced many new software lab. courses to DMACS some of which are now being taught by other faculty (mainly using my course structure and material) and have been highly appreciated by some past and present DMACS faculty who are knowledgeable about software development and, very importantly for me, also by the students.]

4) From June 2003 to March 2012 I provided technical consultancy/guidance to many M.Tech. and M.Sc. computer software projects. However I was not recognized as a guide or a co-guide by DMACS and SSSIHL. The project theses of students to whom I provided technical consultancy service/guidance reflects my contribution in their acknowledgement of my industry expertise based technical guidance rendered for their project work.

My expectation is that my service record which will be provided by SSSIHL in response to any appropriate requests from outside institutions/agencies/individuals should be TRUTHFUL and reflect the activities I have mentioned above. It should also show the designations given to me by the Principal of SSSIHL, Prashanti Nilayam campus as those were the designations that I naturally believed were accorded to me officially by SSSIHL during my over 9 years of free service in SSSIHL. Further, I tried my best to render this free service to SSSIHL as per that designation. I request you gentlemen to please take appropriate and just action on this matter. Specifically I request you gentlemen to advise the Registrar to make appropriate corrections to his records, if necessary. I further request you to send me my CORRECT and TRUTHFUL official SSSIHL service record for the years Jan. 2003 to March 2012 to my home-office address given in the email signature below or as a scanned document by email to the email address given in the email signature below.

Some, if not all, of you gentlemen know that SSSIHL had FALSELY shown me as a Teaching Assistant in a document titled, "Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) for the year 2009-10 submitted by Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)". Please see attached document, "Page35-SSSIHL-AQAR-2009-10.pdf" which has the offending page of the document. If you gentlemen want the entire document please let me know as I have downloaded a copy of the document from SSSIHL website. I was shocked beyond belief when I saw this document on SSSIHL web site in February 2012 and demanded that the Registrar, Dr. Naren Ramji, and DMACS HOD, Prof. Chandrasekaran initiate corrective action which was done by the document being removed from SSSIHL website. I request you gentlemen to please ensure that the Registrar, Dr. Naren Ramji, DMACS HOD, Prof. Chandrasekaran and/or anybody else in SSSIHL do not succeed in any possible attempts to show me FALSELY as a Teaching Assistant in my service record.

I also request you gentlemen to please understand my request for having this matter resolved only through written communication. Ever since I showed interest in the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini project sometime in October 2010 I feel I have been mentally harassed and persecuted by an individual in DMACS. The very strange behaviour of the Registrar, SSSIHL, Dr. Naren Ramji, when I met him on March 2nd 2012, has added to this feeling of mental harassment and persecution. This has affected my health. I do not want to risk spoiling my health any further by having any meetings or oral interaction on this matter with concerned office bearers of SSSIHL.

I will be greatly obliged if either of you gentlemen acknowledge receipt of this email at the earliest.

I pray to the Shiva Shakti Swarupa, Kali Yuga Avatar, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Garu to continue showering His Grace on the Divine University, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. I further pray to Him for a peaceful and amicable resolution of this designation dispute and service record matter.

Jai Sai Ram!


Ravi S. Iyer
Software Consultant

---Address snipped ---

web: (hosted at,
           Open Source "Service to Society" IT Apps.
           Indian CS & IT Academic Reform Activism
Service to Society is Service to God

---- end email ----

Given below is a screenshot of the top of the above mail (with mail header info. box):

You may open the above image in a new tab (typically by right-click menu command: open link in new tab) to see it in magnified form.

[Ravi note (NOT part of email): The record tampering case where I was FALSELY shown as Teaching Assistant in the "Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) for the year 2009-10 submitted by Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)" which I presume involves Dr. Naren Ramji, then (and I believe, current) Registrar of SSSIHL, and Dr. Chandrashekaran, then HOD of DMACS, SSSIHL, is a criminal offence under the Indian Penal Code. BTW two other senior gentleman (Visiting Faculty type designations) offering, I believe, FREE SERVICE were also shown by these SHAMELESS Sai university administrators  as Teaching Assistants. Use-abuse-and-throw seemed to be the policy of Sai university administration when it came to FREE SERVICE contributors to it.

In the statement "Ever since I showed interest in the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini project sometime in October 2010 I feel I have been mentally harassed and persecuted by an individual in DMACS.", the individual I referred to is the then Head of Department (HOD) of DMACS, Prof. Chandrashekaran. end-Ravi-note.]

Given below is the response from Prof. Shashidhara Prasad

From: Vice-Chancellor SSSIHL <>
Cc: Registrar SSSIHL <>
Date: Sat, May 19, 2012 at 4:12 PM
Subject: Re: Request to Resolve Designation Confusion & Provide Service Record

Sairam Dear Sri Ravi Iyer.

At the outset I did not like to respond to your long e-mail which is infested with some venom and also is not in conformity with the administrative norms. Any person seeking clarification or justice should address the letter to the head of the institution and mark the same to other officials. It is not fair or legally correct to send one common letter to officers of different level. I am not answerable to those matters for which you have sought redressal from the Principal/The Director, who must have given you the designations.I am interested to uphold the dignity and integrity of the post. As an individual,at the personal level i can buckle for love and affection. But when the dignity and honour of  the office of the Vice-Chancellor is at stake, I will not compromise. I hope you will appreciate my stand.

Sairam and regards

J Shashidhara Prasad

--- end email ----

Given below are two screenshots of the above mail (one with mail header info.):

You may open the above images in a new tab (typically by right-click menu command: open link in new tab) to see it in magnified form.

[Ravi note (NOT part of email): Essentially, Shashidhara Prasad, instead of doing his DUTY as VC by looking into my request and complaint which had relevant supporting documents, chose to view my mail as being "infested with some venom"!!! The classic brush-off by a power-crazy and arrogant top official. end-Ravi-note]

Here's my response to Shashidhara Prasad:

From: Ravi Iyer <>
To: Vice-Chancellor SSSIHL <>
Date: Sat, May 19, 2012 at 6:03 PM
Subject: Re: Request to Resolve Designation Confusion & Provide Service Record

Dear Prof. Shashidhar Prasad sir,

Sai Ram sir!

Thank you so much for kindly responding to my mail.

I am sorry that my letter has caused offense to you, sir. That certainly was not my intention.

I gather from your response, sir, that the Director/Principal who have given me the designations is the correct official to respond to my request. As my letter is also addressed to the Director I will await a response from him.

You wrote, sir, that "when the dignity and honour of the office of the Vice-Chancellor is at stake, I will not compromise". As a Sai devotee I greatly applaud your stand, sir. I think it is also appropriate for me to state here that, in my humble opinion, you, sir, have done a FANTASTIC service to Bhagavan's mission by standing firm and steering Bhagavan's Divine university at a time of great storm when He decided to give up His physical body. If I may say so, by your dedicated efforts and that of many others in SSSIHL, in my humble opinion, stability and continuity of SSSIHL has been ensured. That is a very significant achievement. I personally thank you for that wonderful service that you have done, sir.

I simply hope to get my truthful service record. Once I get that then I need not bother anybody in SSSIHL.

I pray to Bhagavan for a peaceful and amicable resolution of my problem.


Ravi S. Iyer
Software Consultant

--- rest of signature snipped ---
--- end email ----

[Ravi note (NOT part of email): At that time, if I recall correctly, I thought that I had to be polite to the chair of the VC of the Sai university in my written communication!!! If I had known the extent then (which I know now) of how much damage Shashidhara Prasad had already done then, and continued to do, to the DIVINE VISION of Sai university by coming under spell of Narasimhamurthy, I surely would not have been so polite. Further, at that time NOBODY in the Sai university SUPPORTED me even though I forwarded these mail exchanges to many seniors & colleagues in the university. One colleague offered Good Luck but did not support me by stating that what the Sai university administration had done was WRONG. I don't blame him as he perhaps was afraid that if he did so, he would face the wrath of VC, Prof. Shashidhara Prasad, Registrar Dr. Naren Ramji, and HOD Prof. Chandrashekaran. Another person who worked in a separate Sai institution did try to say kind words but essentially he too was not willing to fault Sai university administration. But that was it. Nobody else from the Sai university seniors & colleagues I had written to, responded! I felt like this is how the Jews would have felt in Nazi Germany when the Nazis targeted them and none of their non-Jewish German friends and neighbours helped them. Of course, I did not face any physical attacks; I am talking about the mental trauma of such INSTITUTIONAL BETRAYAL. The Sai university then had truly become a Hitler/Stalin rule institution. Also, my health had got badly affected by this matter, and so I may have felt that I should be polite in my mail response. 

I should also say that I forwarded these mails to some former students of mine. A couple of them provided me moral support which was very helpful. I mean, I felt that at least there are a few people among those I know in the Sai setup (but who were no longer in the Sai setup and so were freer in their responses, perhaps), who are willing to stand up for Sathya & Dharma!!! end-Ravi-note]

This is the mail I then wrote to Prof. Sudhir Bhaskar:

From: Ravi Iyer <>
To: "Prof. A Sudhir Bhaskar FMAC, SSSIHL" <>
Date: Sat, May 19, 2012 at 6:15 PM
Subject: Fwd: Request to Resolve Designation Confusion & Provide Service Record

Dear Prof. Sudhir Bhaskar,

From the mail response of the the Vice-Chancellor, SSSIHL forwarded below (including my response to him) I gather that you, sir, are the appropriate official to respond to my mail. As my mail is also addressed to you, I will await a response from you, sir.


Ravi S. Iyer
Software Consultant

--- rest of signature snipped ---
--- end email ----

Later I forwarded the above mail trail to over 40 persons that I had interacted with during my years of service in Sai university (and short stints in other parts of PN ashram) almost all of whom were either in Sai university or in other Prasanthi Nilayam managed Sai institutions. Given below is the content of that mail sent on Sat, May 19, 2012 at 10:16 PM:

Dear all,

After some thought I felt I should share Respected Vice-Chancellor sir's response and my response to him with you all. Somehow I feel that we need more transparency in Parthi affairs. I think that will really clear the air. If I am guilty hang me but let it be a transparent trial. It is the lack of transparency that sows doubt in people's minds. They start seeing funny business even in straight forward matters.

So I have decided to share the mail exchange with you all and also my mail to Director of campus.

VC sir pulled me up. I have not taken it to heart. He is a very accomplished academic with very significant academic administrative experience. And he is elder to me by at least 10 years. He thinks I am the poisoner. I think I am stating facts. Anyway, this is my Chakravyuhu. I have to go through the experience :).

Let me see whether Director campus acts on my request. Now I just want my truthful service record - that's it.


--- end email ----

Here is Prof. Sudhir Bhaskar's response:

From: Prof. A Sudhir Bhaskar, Director & Hon. Professor, FMAC, SSSIHL <>
To: Ravi Iyer <>
CC: Registrar SSSIHL <>
Date: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 2:04 PM
Subject: Re: Request to Resolve Designation Confusion & Provide Service Record

Sai ram Ravi iyer
As far as I know your problem of designation has been resolved by the Registrar long back .
I would like to point out that you have committed impropriety by not marking your mail in this trail addressed to our respected vc to
The Registrar also , who would have briefed him fully.
Since I am not in partly and on vacation will attend to your mail on return

--- end email ---

[Ravi note (NOT part of email): So Sudhir Bhaskar's first response was to ignore the request/complaint I had made and instead pass the ball to the Registrar, and try to fault me!!! end Ravi note]

Here is my response to him.

From: Ravi Iyer <>
To: "Prof. A Sudhir Bhaskar, Director & Hon. Professor, FMAC, SSSIHL" <>
Date: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 3:34 PM
Subject: Re: Request to Resolve Designation Confusion & Provide Service Record

Sairam Prof. Sudhir Bhaskar,

Thank you for responding to this mail.

I do not agree with certain views you have expressed in this mail. But I do not want to exacerbate the issue.

As the Vice-Chancellor has indicated that you, sir, are the correct authority to contact for the service record, I simply request you to provide me my truthful service record. That will completely close the matter.

I have noted that you have written that you will attend to my mail after you come back to Puttaparthi. I thank you for that kindness, sir.

I pray to Bhagavan for a peaceful, amicable and Dharmic solution to my problem.


Ravi S. Iyer
Software Consultant

--- rest of signature snipped ---
--- end email ---

Here's a mail I sent to the 40 odd contacts I mentioned earlier (and around 10 friends & family of mine unconnected with Sai institutions and who are not Sai devotees):

From: Ravi Iyer <>
Date: Sun, May 27, 2012 at 8:28 AM
Subject: SSSIHL Service Record Problem: Request your thoughts on what I should do next

Dear all,

It has been about 9 to 10 days since I sent my request to resolve designation confusion and provide service record to VC, SSSIHL and Director, PSN campus, SSSIHL on May 18th 2012.

As the mail trail below shows the Director, PSN campus on May 21st, wrote me that he will attend to my mail on his return to Parthi from vacation. I believe he is already back in Parthi now.

I have not got any further response from him, yet. I plan to wait till the first few days of June before I send a reminder.

But I analyzed the mails from VC and Director, PSN campus to see how they have been viewing my problem so far. Here is the analysis in points.

1) VC did not seem to be interested in reading my long email. He felt is was "infested with some venom". Further, he wrote that he is "not answerable to those matters for which you have sought redressal from the Principal/The Director, who must have given you the designations". So, clearly VC wanted me to approach Director, PSN campus for resolving my designation confusion and providing service record.

2) In particular, VC has refused to take cognizance of what I wrote about how DMACS, HOD, Prof. Chandrasekaran and SSSIHL Registrar, Dr. Naren Ramji behaved with me (deplorable manner, in my opinion) in this designation confusion matter. Perhaps that is what he refers to as "infested with some venom"!

3) Director, PSN campus wrote, "As far as I know your problem of designation has been resolved by the Registrar long back". The Director seems to be referring to the written letter of the Registrar, "long back", (that stated my designation was "Visiting Faculty").

4) The Director, PSN campus also has refused to take cognizance of what I wrote about how DMACS, HOD, Prof. Chandrasekaran and SSSIHL Registrar, Dr. Naren Ramji behaved with me (deplorable manner, in my opinion).

5) Specifically, VC & Director, PSN campus have ignored my statements about SSSIHL Registrar, Dr. Naren Ramji telling me orally that I was not designated as "Visiting Faculty" on his records in my meeting with him on March 2nd 2012 though he had given me a written letter signed by him on SSSIHL letterhead stating that I was designated as "Visiting Faculty".

From this analysis I feel that SSSIHL administration is taking a very tough and offensive stand with me and is protecting DMACS, HOD, Prof. Chandrasekaran and SSSIHL Registrar, Dr. Naren Ramji. Nothing in what the VC or Director, PSN campus wrote reflects the slightest gratitude for the dedicated free service of over 9 years that I have performed in DMACS, SSSIHL where, due to my international software industry experience of over 18 years, I have been instrumental in significantly improving the practice of software development. Perhaps they want to protect SSSIHL records which may have been submitted to UGC by the Registrar or Vice-chancellor's office where I may have been designated as a "Teaching Assistant" possibly to increase the faculty count ("Visiting faculty" or "Honorary Staff" does not count as regular faculty, I believe) and show a better picture to UGC (UGC gives Grant money to SSSIHL).

Perhaps they feel that as a large institution they can smother me who is just one individual and get away by just bulldozing me.

Well, I am willing to fight this to the finish, no matter what!

I think I need to indicate to SSSIHL administration how serious I am in my quest for JUSTICE. I plan to write in my reminder to Director, PSN campus in the first few days of June that if SSSIHL does not give me my truthful service record with designations that the Principal, SSSIHL campus gave me thereby giving SSSIHL administration (Registrar/VC's office) room to claim (FALSELY) that my designation was a "Teaching Assistant", then I will seriously consider pressing legal charges of Identity Theft and Defamation against them by approaching the Chief Vigilance Officer, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Goverment of India and/or the honourable court at Penukonda. [For your convenience, here is the news link I had mailed earlier about a recent alleged Identity Theft case by an AP college :].

I think that may make SSSIHL administration stop taking a bulldozing stand and start treating me with respect.

Any suggestions/thoughts welcome.



--- end email ---

One person responded as follows:

Dear Ravi,


Pardon me for my comments. I am sorry to say that the way you have been dealing with this issue in a public manner as Swami's devotee does not seem appropriate. Swami's only wish for his students and his staff was that we should not bring down the Honor (Bad Name) of HIS Institutions (SSSIHL) come what may..

My only sincere request is that you try to resolve this grievance privately or just be happy of the Seva Dal designation and surrender to Bhagawan without any expectations in return...otherwise all the 8 yrs of sacrifice will go waste. Forget what all wrong others have done to you. Just see to it that you do not hurt others as per Swami's own words.

Once again, I apologize if my comment may have hurt you but this is my sincere request.

--- name snipped ---

This is how I responded to him:

Dear ---name snipped---,

Sai Ram!

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.

For me, it is more of an ideological issue. I feel that I must fight for 'Dharma'.

Of course, I too do not want SSSIHL to get a bad name outside. But some SSSIHL authorities are behaving so dictatorially that I am having no option but to use these unpleasant truths to stir them (internally and not in public) to see the reality and just give me my truthful service record.

"Teaching Assistant" designation will harm me in my future service activities. "Seva Dal" is no problem at all.

As I think these mails may be causing unpleasantness to you I am dropping your name from the mailing list (unless you want to receive the mails in which case you can let me know :)).

Thanks again for responding, sir.

Jai Sai Ram!



---- end email ----

[Ravi note (NOT part of email): The mail immediately prior to my response mail contributed to me changing my mind about what I had written earlier, "Well, I am willing to fight this to the finish, no matter what!". There was another factor too that significantly contributed to this change of mind. However, I don't think it is appropriate for me to mention it now, except to state that it added to the emotional stress and tension. With that added to the mix, I realized that given my already poor state of health, I could not fight the system all alone. BTW that's when I realized how important groupism and politics are even in spiritual movements :-). That led me to study current and past Indian and international politics :-). end Ravi note]

From: Ravi Iyer <>
Date: Sun, May 27, 2012 at 7:47 PM
Subject: Service Record: I surrender on this matter to Swami's Will

Dear all,

Sai Ram!

After deep thought on the matter and some feedback from friends I have decided to surrender on this matter to Swami's Will.

I think these emails of mine are causing more disturbance than good. I had thought that in the post-samadhi period it will be appropriate to bring in some transparency in this matter by communicating with some colleagues and friends of mine. After all the project involved, Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini, was dear to Bhagavan as well as the students in DMACS who got involved with it. Now I realize that perhaps this approach is not appropriate for Parthi even now.

I have received a lot of love and guidance as well as stern correction looks from Bhagavan during my stint in SSSIHL. I am very, very deeply grateful to Him for that. In my heart I have to confess that I felt that Bhagavan will not approve of my confrontational approach. But I had felt so outraged about Bhagavan's dear 'computer' project being opposed by the 'computer' department of His own educational institution that I wanted to do something about it. Now I am trying to tune back to the inner Sai will and that message is very clear - Not to create a disturbance.

So basically I give up on this matter. If SSSIHL wants to send me my correct service record, fine. If not, I am not going to bother about it anymore.

Thanks for tolerating these mails of mine. Two gentlemen asked me to stop mailing on this matter. Rest of you, at least, were willing to receive mails from me on this. The process of pouring out my feelings on this matter has helped to heal me, to some extent. I thank you for the willingness that you have shown to receive these mails of mine.

If some of the mails have disturbed you please accept my sincere apologies.

Jai Sai Ram!


---- end email ----

[Ravi: I additionally wrote to two persons who had sent me dissenting mails]

Dear sir,

Your dissenting mails helped in me having a deep thought and a change of heart in this matter.

So I felt I should forward this mail to you.


Jai Sai Ram!

[Ravi: I have taken the liberty of presuming that the correspondents whose responses I have shared below in an anonymous way will not mind it, as it shows the nobility and goodness of them. I think this aspect being chronicled (recorded) may help readers to get a better understanding of such matters.]

One responded as follows:


May Swami bless you in all your endeavor. May he give you all the bliss, peace and strength to take his mission forward.

Jai Sairam

[I responded thanking him in some detail to which he added the following:]


You are welcome. One thing I have understood and keep reminding all the time is that Swami is the DOER... we are just the instruments. This is the way I accept everything good or bad that happens to me.. ----snip----
We cannot change others..we should leave that to him.. what is in our control is to change ourselves..our thoughts, words and deeds... this message is loud and clear to me. Also, everyone is God... even our so called enemies as related to this body..when all is god.. how can we be rude to or accuse others.

Just wanted to share some of feelings with you and how I use them to handle the various tests of God that all of us encounter. BE HAPPY, Keep Smiling and SERVE Lovingly without any expectations.
The other responded as follows:

Dear Ravi,

I am glad to see your mail.
Prof. Habbu in one of his talks gave a quote and it runs thus:
         Bear all, do nothing,
         hear all, say nothing
         do all, be nothing.
I believe that this is an excellent path for moving ahead spiritually.

You have left everything and why worry about thing that add nothing to you.
God has given enough to walk the spiritual path.
Single person, no encumbrances, enough to live independently without depending on somebody,
and the desire for spirituality and finally brought you to His lotus feet. Cash on these designations and qualifications and take whatever you do out side this as a 'time pass'.

May Bhagavan bless you with peace of mind and dispassion.

[I responded to the above mail as follows:]
Sai Ram sir!

I have learnt a lot about Swami in my interactions with you, sir. I look upon you as one of the revered elders of (SSSIHL).

I thank you, sir, for pulling me up when I was going out of line due to my mental state in this vexed matter. It, along with input from some others, made me see the "Sai" light in this matter.

I shall carefully bear in mind your very wise words of advise in this mail. You, sir, are a veteran of Swami's mission and I need to learn from you, sir.

Thank you so much, sir, for taking the time to write your very valuable words of spiritual advise to me. Thank you also, sir, for your prayers.

Jai Sai Ram!

[Ravi note (NOT part of email): The above gentleman (revered elder) had, in an earlier mail interaction on this matter, asked to not be sent mails on this topic in a curt way (if I recall correctly). That had cut me to the bone. So I was overjoyed to receive his response after I gave up the fight. I felt that his response confirmed that I did the correct thing in surrendering to Swami on this matter rather than fight it out. I think it would have been this great relief and joy at receiving his response, that led me to pepper my response with so many 'sir's :-). I mean, he is still a 'sir' to me (despite what I have written below) but in a normal response to him I would not have repeated it so many times.

And then, in what perhaps epitomizes the utter bewilderment & shock that Muddenahalli so called subtle body false belief created for so many of us Sai devotees who were associated with the Sai institutions in Puttaparthi / Prasanthi Nilayam, I came to know sometime in July 2014 that this person who I viewed as a revered elder, not only believed in this so called subtle body involving Sri Madhusudhan Naidu, the so called communicator, and Sri B.N. Narasimhamurthy, the main man behind so called subtle body, but also started promoting it!!! [It was in May/June 2014 that the Sai devotee community in Puttaparthi came to know PUBLICLY about this so called communicator & subtle body business. I also came to know about it only then. In second half of 2011 itself I had heard of claims of dream instructions from Swami to Sri Narasimhamurthy but that's it; no so called subtle body stuff.]

Oh! What a shock I got when I saw that this revered elder is promoting this Muddenahalli so called subtle body belief! When I discussed the matter with another person who was formerly associated with a Prasanthi Nilayam Sai institution, he too was in shock. We felt that if this person (revered elder) believes in it then 'everybody' (i.e. many Sai university alumni and other Sai devotees) will start believing in it too. end Ravi note]

[Ravi: Some other mail responses are given below]

Sai Ram sir,
        That's great right decision. Just by getting a service record, you are not going to benefit in any way, maybe financially (which you are not interested) or academically or spiritually too, you will be losing your peace and everything. As a Sadhaka, it is better to do your Sadhana and do the work as worship. That is what Swami wants, I feel. Sorry, if you feel it is like some discourse or advice.
Dear Sir,
I should be the last person to give comment on your decision --- snip --- and pardon my audacity to say the following.


with regards and respects,
[This is from a USA based friend of mine (not Sai devotee)]

Dear Ravi,

It is neither tolerance nor indifference that I did not write back. The fact is that just as you, I am also learning my way in this complex world. Some things that I can easily accept / ignore, I find people putting in a lot of energy into it. For example, [name-snipped] lied under oath. Now for the entire nation it was a big issue - politically, constitutionally, and morally. From my perspective, I felt it was ridiculous to waste nation's money for it. Was the "crime" so bad that one had to be punished at all cost? For many it was. For me it was meaningless because the whole issue was mixed with political aspects also. And what did finally they achieved? He was not impeached. What would they have achieved if they had indeed impeached him? Another such example was about when you became vocal when the supreme court opined about the ills of caste system. Yes, the judges went too far. But I asked myself if their opinion mattered to the masses. In a nation where people die of hunger, it made no sense what the supreme court did or did not think. But for others, it was still a serious matter. And I can understand it though not agree with it.

That said, the issues you were dealing had two aspects - one very personal and the other a much larger and that is of sense of justice. It takes a lot of courage to fight and especially in Indian environment. I commend you for that. People avoid such fights because they are almost sure of losing it. You decided to pick the pen because the injustice was too much for you to ignore or accept. It is from these "small" / "insignificant" looking injustices that great leaders and dons emerge. Good does not come out of nothing - in fact a lot of bad gets spilled here and there. Now does this mean that I am in agreement with your thoughts or would do what you did? Not really. From my perspective, if I start lecturing in a university does not imply that I am a "teacher" let alone a good "teacher". Similarly, whether they call me "Principal" or an "Assistant Lecturer" don't really make me one. I am who I am. Not out of arrogance. But a mere fact. I am an ordinary person. And I can live with that. This doesn't mean that I don't feel the pain when I don't get the recognition I "deserve". I can't get what is not mine. They can't take away what is not theirs. This helps me decide what do I want to do - fight or find greener pastures or recognize it as a bread earning means and nothing more and move on.

Anyway, whatever you decide to do --- I wish you the very best. Life is so complex - I find it more interesting and livable when I stop analyzing and start living!

Parts of my response to the above mail are given below:

[About his view of attempts to impeach name-snipped:] Very interesting example. I am afraid I fall in the group of people who agree with measures to keep people in power accountable and not abusing their power. I do not know the details about the particular extent to which the US went in this case and so I cannot comment any further on it.

[About his view of caste system related SC matter:] Once again my mind-set is different. I feel that I am now in a position to put out my opinion on this to a set of friends and do so. Perhaps it may not matter eventually. Perhaps it may matter that the complex caste issue aspect is discussed. Note that such opinion expressed in public influences the laws that get enacted by legislature and how these laws get interpreted by courts.

[About his view of fighting for justice:] Very well expressed words, brother. For me, it was an ideological issue.

[About why I raised my designation related service record issue:] I raised it for multiple reasons:

a) To hit back at them for how students' and my interest in a project that had the direct blessings of Swami got rather brutally suppressed using bureaucratic traps and that too by having breaches of academic procedure. I felt that I had to make this statement to them.

b) For my future service activity for Indian CS & IT students, my bio-data may come under scrutiny. For example, IIT Madras may be willing to consider me as a subject expert for C++ if I am shown as Honorary Staff/Visiting Faculty in my stint in DMACS, SSSIHL. But if I am shown as Teaching Assistant then IIT Madras may reject me.

c) For my future interaction with MHRD & AICTE in Indian CS & IT academic reform efforts they too may be willing to consider my view if am shown as Honorary Staff/Visiting Faculty. TA is bottom rung in academia and if my DMACS record is shown as TA to AICTE guys they will just reject my views as that of a very junior person.
Thanks for your best wishes, [name-snipped].
dear Mr Iyer,
Sai Ram!
You are such a sensitive man.
This decision of yours is positive.
Put this behind you.
Get ahead.
Wishing you more of Sai Grace,
Happy to note that you got some closure "inside" if not "outside". :) Hope the "outside" also comes soon.
[This is from a non Sai devotee friend of mine]
---snip ---
From your mails, I tried summarizing the issues:

1) You need a letter/documentation that you were visiting faculty for 9 years. This should be consistently conveyed to all references from external folks.
2) Computer project you are involved with
3) unhappy with treatment from certain folks.

With the third one being only third, you should concentrate on getting the first right. By rubbing folks the wrong way, you jeopardize your chances of getting the designation issue sorted out. I am not suggesting that you pay bribes or conduct any immoral act, but pampering the ego of someone to get your things right,  will by no means make you small. It will leave you with enough energies to focus on your main agenda.

If your main agenda is to focus on how power corrupts, then by all means fight for your rights. But if its something else, get the irritant out of the way, without compromising on your moral stand. Don't let emotions get in the way of your main agenda for larger goals.

Well this two bit, is my opinion. I am not suggesting for a moment, that this is the only right way or otherwise. As they say, its very easy to give advice. I am sure you have to fight a lot more demons while facing the issue. Happy to help in any manner..

Dear Sir,
I can clearly see you are on the right path. Bhagavan will guide you definitely to the right goal as He is known for not giving up on His devotees. Continue to pay more attention to the inner voice of Swami and be not bothered about the external world masala that goes on everyday which is just a drama ! You know it very well.

Sairam and regards
---- end email responses --------------

Here's my email to the VC closing the matter:

From: Ravi Iyer <>
To: Vice-Chancellor SSSIHL <>
Date: Tue, May 29, 2012 at 11:38 AM
Subject: Service Record Matter: I surrender to Swami's Will

Dear Respected Vice-Chancellor sir,

Sai Ram sir!

After deep thought on the matter and some feedback from Puttaparthi Sai community elders/friends I have decided to surrender on this designation and service record matter to Swami's Will.

As I had felt mentally disturbed over this matter I was discussing it over email with my friends & relatives some of whom (friends) are in the Sai community in Parthi. Their responses and support have gone a long way in allowing me to handle my mental disturbance on this matter. Some of the Sai community friends advised me to drop my 'confrontational' approach. I have taken their advise to heart.

I have received a lot of love and guidance as well as stern correction looks from Bhagavan during my stint in SSSIHL. I am very, very deeply grateful to Him for that. In my heart I have to confess that I felt that Bhagavan will not approve of my confrontational approach. But I had felt so outraged about Bhagavan's dear 'computer' project being opposed by the 'computer' department of His own educational institution that I wanted to do something about it. Now I am trying to tune back to the inner Sai will and that message is very clear - Not to create a disturbance.

So, sir, I have decided as follows. I will go by the designations given to me by the Principal, PSN campus, SSSIHL and use that whenever required in my communications with MHRD, AICTE, IIT Madras (NPTEL), international CS/IT academic publications, international academic institutions etc. A TA (Teaching Assistant) designation will be considered to be a very junior designation which may, in all probability, result in almost any academic institution or publication, national or international, treat my views as that of a very junior person. So the only possibility of conflict with SSSIHL I see now is if SSSIHL reports my designation during my years of service at DMACS, SSSIHL as Teaching Assistant to any possible appropriate future requests made to it, say by MHRD, AICTE, international academic institutions etc. I pray earnestly to Bhagavan that such a conflict does not arise.

Sir, I do not want this matter to come in the way of the dedicated and hard working administrators of SSSIHL in performing their wonderful services to Bhagavan's educational mission. If you want a formal letter from me withdrawing my previous signed letter to you & Director, PSN campus, please let me know. I will be sending a similar email separately to Director, PSN campus, CC Ex-principal PSN campus shortly.

I pray to Bhagavan to continue showering His Grace on all of you respected current and past administrators of SSSIHL in Bhagavan's mission of spreading Sathya, Dharma, Shanti and Prema in the world.

Jai Sai Ram!


Ravi S. Iyer
Software Consultant

--- rest of signature snipped ---
--- end email ---

[Ravi note (NOT part of email): There was no official/unofficial response from the VC to me on this. end Ravi note]

I forwarded the above mail to the forty contacts & ten or so of my family & friends (individually to some to bring some personal contact aspect to the mail) with the following typical text:

Sai Ram!

I felt it appropriate to share the final mail I wrote to Respected VC sir on May 29th, surrendering to Swami's Will, with you. With this I think I have completely removed the "confrontational" approach in this matter but have ensured that my professional reputation is protected.

I hope my previous unsolicited mails to you on this topic did not disturb you.

Jai Sai Ram!

----------- end main email content -------------

I got some responses over the next few days most of which are given below:

Dear are right. Why fight Swami's will? It's easier to surrender to it !
Dear Sir
I fully understand the seriousness of the issue and appreciate the way you have handled it. Well, I second your opinion that it is better to leave it to Swami for sorting this issue and I am sure HE will do it at the right time and in the right way. ---snip---
I am sure HE will guide you ...
[Ravi: This is from a friend who is associated with a spiritual institution but not associated with Sai following.]
Dear Ravi,

---snip ---
 Firstly, it is great achievement on your part that you have sensitivity to recognize the stern "correctional" look from Swami. I can bet, many (including His devotees) won't have developed that kind of sensitivity. It is sign of real spiritual development.

Secondly, it was disappointing to know that administrators of Swami's own educational mission appear to be unfair to His own devotees. I can think that Swami must have given a correctional look to them as well, but (they) failed to recognize it. Your dilemma was genuine. I would have done the same you had done meaning, bringing it to their attention about the designation issue.

Thirdly, this whole saga re-enforces the conventional understanding that "free" in this world doesn't get its fair recognition/value. Just like free air/water/sunlight/functioning-of-body/free-keeping-karma-records etc. don't get realized by common folks. You are doing this "free" service following your own conviction, so indeed it has value to yourself. It must be giving satisfaction to you. So, there is internal value. But, for the external world, for them this "free" has no value, it seems. For students, it is indifferent as they pay their fees regardless of who is teaching - a staff or a volunteer. For the administrator, actually there is monetary benefit of the free service. But, it looks like they are ignoring your free service, that's why I said it appears that "free" appears to have no value.

[Ravi: Small clarification here is that there is no tuition fee for students in the Sai university (though, I believe, there is a nominal hostel mess fee).]

Parts of my response mail to him are given below:

[About correctional look:] Very well said, name-snipped. Once you accept somebody as Guru then you need to accept his "correctional" looks and talks. Otherwise there is no point in accepting that person as a Guru. Yes, there may be possibility of slight debate here and there which a Guru accepts when presented with the right humble attitude.
[About Swami giving correctional look to administrators of His educational mission:] If Swami were in His physical body this problem would not have occurred as He would have intervened. The project involved was His latest pet project, a free online school educational portal which will make His educational system available free to any school.

Once He gave up His body there was a HUGE power vacuum at the top. Some top administrators including the Vice-Chancellor, in my considered opinion, become virtual dictators. That effect perhaps flowed down with others like the Registrar and DMACS HOD also becoming power-crazy. Power is a horrifyingly corrupting thing if there is no system of checks and balances. I think it can affect any human being including me.

I think my problem is part of the transition that is occurring in Puttaparthi now. Slowly administrators are realizing that now Govt. machinery is the power that they need to be afraid of. Earlier the govt. machinery would keep off - Swami's name itself was so powerful.

Perhaps my case will make SSSIHL administrators become more careful in future.
[About my dilemma being genuine:] It is a simple and straightforward issue, isn't it? It is just that some of these guys have lived in such an insulated from the real world environment for so long that they got surprised by me aggressively asking for resolution of the designation matter.
[About free service not getting recognition/value:] I think you are very right. While some people do recognize and value the free service, the system tends to take them for granted.
Dear Sir

Sai Ram. This is to inform you that the mails that you sent previously did not disturb me in anyway. I took it as a brother sharing his trials and tribulations with another brother.

As it is said "Troubles when shared are divided and Joys when shared are multiplied". After all we should share our feelings at such times with our near and dear ones, which would definitely reduce our burden to some extent.

At a time when we cannot physically discuss this matter with Swami by way of writing a letter or telling Swami directly the best thing any one can do is discuss it with near and dear ones. It is in a very great extent far far better than keeping it within ourselves, which can spoil our mental and physical health.

In this matter I could not help but remain a Silent Listener. And I would be very happy, as a brother, to receive any mail from you any time in the future.
Dear Sir,
I could completely understand your feelings and I was not disturbed by these emails.
Sorry, I could find out any solution or make you feel better.
Am thankful that you have kept me aware of the injustice - but I really do not know how to help you.
Also I feel that you have taken the right decision to surrender this at His Lotus Feet and be at peace.
When it is beyond us to fight injustice, let the Lord take over.

Part of my response to the above mail is given below:
[About he not being able to find any solution:] No problem, brother. It is not in your hands.
[About him being thankful that I kept him aware of the injustice:] One of the reasons why I mailed this issue to many friends and colleagues in the system here, is that tomorrow it might happen to anybody else. Being aware of how things are can help in preventing falling into such difficult situations.

---snip-- the academic system almost completely ignores industry expertise when it comes to promotions and respect accorded. Academia is a PhD club. Being a non PhD [one needs] to be on [one's] guard against that fact being used against [one] in any conflicts.
I felt I need to fight Asathya and Adharma to the extent I can, without causing too much disturbance to the system. When it came to a point where it was threatening to become very disturbing I decide to back out and surrender to Swami's Will.

Some persons chose to quietly part ways. Perhaps they were scared of any negative reaction from administrators if they spoke up.

I felt that I am in a position to speak up as they really cannot do anything to me in terms of money or room. I feel me having spoken up would help in reducing such gross abuse of others in SSSIHL in future. In that sense I behaved in a similar way that I have in the past when leaving a software company so that the top bosses would get to know my view of the (problems) in an exit interview.
Dear Ravi sir,
Please accept my sincere apologies for not replying earlier. ...

I think you have acted in a noble manner befitting a person who is ripe in spiritual sense. This i am saying [Ravi: not?] to please you in any manner, but i am learning to take a leaf or two out of your life in the little interaction i have had the fortune to be associated with you.

Please always find me with u. OFcourse, Ultimately , HE is there for us ALWAYS....
My response to the above mail:
Dear brother ---name snipped---,


Thank you so much for your touching mail. It is support from brothers like you that makes living in Parthi wonderful inspite of some 'tests' :).

Jai Sairam!

Warm Regards

[The last mail above was sent on 27th June 2012]
== end mail exchanges related to my service record and record tampering matter ====

As I composed this post I got the opportunity to look upon these mails with the benefit of hindsight, over three years down the line, and with it being nearly a year since Shashidhara Prasad stepped down as VC of the Sai university. It is clear to me now that it was the don't question openly, save HONOUR of SSSIHL, type of attitude that allowed Narasimhamurthy and Shashidhara Prasad to have such powerful influence over SSSIHL when they believed in so called subtle body of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, that was opposed by the official Sai trust & orgn. All the people who are involved with SSSIHL in significant positions KNOW what happened. But there is SILENCE publicly as they don't want the HONOUR of SSSIHL to suffer.

But today things have come to such a SORRY PASS that the same vice-chancellor Shashidhara Prasad is OPENLY SUPPORTING so called communicator of so called subtle body, Sai university alumnus Madhusudhan Rao Naidu and the main man of Muddenahalli subtle body FALSE BELIEF, Sri B.N. Narasimhamurthy, former warden of the Sai university. And these actions are now a SERIOUS DIVISIVE THREAT to the Sathya Sai movement INTERNATIONALLY. They are PUBLICLY saying things like Swami is saying that Kali Yuga will end (has ended) on 23rd Oct. 2015, and which is treated as truth by many Sai devotees!!! Are they not bringing DISHONOUR to both SSSIHL (Sai university) and Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba??? Who is saving SSSIHL HONOUR now??? Who is saving Sai devotee HONOUR now???

It is my considered opinion now that if Shashidhara Prasad's belief in Muddenahalli so called subtle body and his support for Narasimhamurthy, in direct conflict with Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust view of the matter, had been PUBLICLY known in 2011-12 itself, then this Muddenahalli DRAMA could have been nipped in the bud.

I decided to put up this post publicly now as I think the Sai fraternity needs to KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED in the Sai university after Mahasamadhi under Shashidhara Prasad's tenure as VC. This post shares my bad experience with the Sai university administrators after Mahasamadhi. But there are far more important questions that remain unanswered in the eyes of the Sai fraternity. Why were veteran Sai university faculty like Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju and Prof. Krupanidhi treated so badly that they essentially, like me, parted ways with the Sai university? Because we asked questions when directives/instructions were given us that we felt are not in keeping with Bhagavan's vision for the Sai university and Bhagavan's instructions/teachings for Sai devotees? What was the role of Sri B.N. Narasimhamurthy and his subtle body/dream instructions in this matter? Were top administrators of SSSIHL taking advise/orders from Sri B.N. Narasimhamurthy then?

I request the kind indulgence of readers for blowing my own bugle a bit (in terms of notional money loss). But I felt that it is necessary for me to do so in the context of this post and the post-Mahasamadhi Prasanthi Nilayam/Puttaparthi environment. As everything is measured by money nowadays I thought it appropriate to mention that, from a calculation point of view, my NOTIONAL (money) loss based on my earning levels as an international software consultant in Mumbai, during my FREE SERVICE period in the Sai university from Jan. 2003 to Mar. 2012, comes to Rs 1.5 to Rs. 2 crores [At 66 Rs to 1 US Dollar, that is around 225,000 USD to 300,000 USD].

But I do not view it that way. I wanted spiritual guidance. How much did Swami charge me for his love and spiritual guidance? Nothing at all!

I am very, very deeply grateful that Bhagavan gave me an opportunity to serve Him and to receive some DIRECT love & spiritual guidance from him, along with lots of INDIRECT spiritual guidance and love from Sai Satsang (bhajan, song, discourse, discussions etc.) That love & spiritual guidance is PRICELESS!!!

The associated Facebook post was shared by Terry Reis Kennedy here:

I have given below two comments of mine (slightly edited) on that shared post in response to some other comments:

The message of "bear all and do nothing" was sent to me in end May/early June 2012, at which time, while I knew from the Sai university grapevine that former VC Shashidhar Prasad was believing in claimed Swami dream instructions supposedly received by Narasimhamurthy, I did not have any evidence/proof for it. I had not heard much about Madhusudhan Naidu or anything about so called subtle body at that time. The only thing I recall is somebody telling me something about Madhusudhan Naidu, who I did not know about then but who is the elder brother of a former student and later junior faculty colleague of mine in the Dept. of Maths & Comp. Science, having visions of Swami. I did not pay much attention to that, as so many people were claiming that sort of stuff then in the Sai fraternity worldwide.

Regarding the "bear all and do nothing" teaching, today I agree with your views that it was a wrong approach and wrong advice for the elder to have given me. But back then it was a traumatic period for me with nobody from the Sai university daring to get involved in my matter - I honestly felt that it was a reign of fear/terror in the Sai university; not physically but in terms of action being taken by administrative authorities against anybody who dares to question them. I mean, when nobody in the Sai university came to Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju's aid when he was being targeted by Sai university administrators, who was I for them to stick their neck out for me?

Given the loneliness and the negative impact on my health resulting from my fight then (May/June 2012) against these Sai university administrators, I think it was WISE for me to have stepped back from the fight. It was a situation where the saying, 'He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day' applied, IMHO. So now, around three and a half years after that fight, I am in a position to share that matter with interested persons from the Sai fraternity who want to know what really happened in the Sai university under the tenure of former VC, Shashidhar Prasad after Bhagavan's Mahasamadhi. I have revealed the bits that I know. But it is people who were in important administrative positions in the Sai university in the period from Swami's Mahasamadhi till Nov. 2014 when Shashidhar Prasad stepped down as VC, who will surely KNOW MUCH MORE DETAILS. So far, they are all SILENT.

Regarding the name of the elder, I do not feel it appropriate to reveal it. I can understand it if you will be angry with me but I cannot do that. I am grateful to the elder for what he shared with me about Bhagavan which helped me in my spiritual journey and getting some understanding of Bhagavan at physical form level and also about understanding Parthi life & environment. He was also one of the nicest and politest guys in the Sai university Prasanthi Nilayam campus. What a contrast he was to some of the later arrogant bully type Sai university administrators! It is very, very unfortunate that he got trapped & deluded by Madhusudhan Naidu and Narasimhamurthy. I earnestly pray to Bhagavan that He show this revered elder the correct path forward and lead him back from Muddenahalli false belief to the TRUE spiritual base of Prasanthi Nilayam and stay anchored in this TRUE spiritual base of Prasanthi Nilayam.
I should also add that the elder is currently not at the forefront in promoting Muddenahalli false belief. That is another reason why I feel I need not reveal his name. But in July 2014 and some months following it, he certainly was one of the promoters of Muddenahalli false belief.

Update on 3rd May 2016

Here are some more evidence documents:

Above pic: My identity Cards issued by Principal, Prasanthi Nilayam campus, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (note that I have blanked out the face part in the Identity card pics).

Above pic has the official approval granted to me by the Registrar (Naren Ramji) to interact with Mandir SSSVV (Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini) team and with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) SSSVV team.

Here's Dr. Chandrasekaran's email to me where he becomes power-crazy & power-abusive and commits a breach of academic procedure by acting as if he is superior to the Vice-chancellor and Registrar of the Sai university, and overrides the Registrar's above approval letter to me:

[To see a magnified version of the above pic use mouse right-click and open in new tab/window. Then click to zoom.]

Dr. Chandrasekaran has the audacity to copy the letter to the Vice-chancellor and the Registrar, who I am very sorry to say, seem to have got bullied by Dr. Chandrasekaran. I wonder why they were afraid of him!!! Perhaps they felt and accepted that HOD Chandrasekaran was superior to vice-chancellor and Registrar of Sai university!!!

Given below is a screenshot followed by the text of my email parting shot to the Registrar, Naren Ramji, copy to Dr. Chandrasekaran and Prasanthi Nilayam campus director, Sudhir Bhaskar, pointing out to them the breach of academic procedure done by Dr. Chandrasekaran:

[To see a magnified version of the above pic use mouse right-click and open in new tab/window]

Subject: A Breach of Academic Procedure by DMACS HOD
[From] Ravi Iyer <> Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 10:11 PM
To: "Registrar, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning" <>
Cc: "Prof. A Sudhir Bhaskar FMAC, SSSIHL" <>, "Prof. V Chandrasekaran DMACS, SSSIHL" <>


The Registrar, SSSIHL

CC: Director of PSN campus, SSSIHL; HOD DMACS, SSSIHL

Dear Dr. Ramji,

Sai Ram!

I draw your attention to the, as per my opinion, breach of academic procedure as described below by current HOD, DMACS. I have also mentioned the remedial action I will be taking.

Please note that I am doing this in the interest of the voiceless students & parents of those students in DMACS, SSSIHL who may be interested in IT (Information Technology) software work like some aspects of the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini project [it has CS (Computer Science) aspects too]. I have no intention to create trouble for DMACS, SSSIHL. However, if DMACS HOD does not agree with the remedial action I will be taking OR harasses me OR persecutes me in ANY WAY, I may have to seriously consider the option of praying intensely to Bhagavan and seeking His Inner Guidance on whether I should approach the Chief Vigilance Officer, Ministry of Human Resource Development [Smt. Radha Chauhan, Joint Secretary (CVO & PG),, Tel.: 011-23388632] for resolution of this matter. Please note that I have already had some contact with the MHRD, CVO & PG's office in relation to my Indian CS/IT academic reform activism efforts. This interaction has resulted in my Indian CS/IT academic reform grievance & suggested solutions being forwarded to Shri R.P. Sisodia, Joint Secretary UGC,, & Shri Ashok Thakur, Spl. Secretary Technical Education,

I deeply pray to Bhagavan that this mail of mine be taken in the "right" spirit by its recipients. The intention is to ensure that DMACS HOD respects and follows UGC/AICTE norms and does not interfere in any IT work including some aspects of the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini project that SSSIHL higher authorities have permitted me to associate with.

In my considered opinion, DMACS HOD committed a breach of academic procedure by sending me a mail on August 11, 2011, withdrawing "all previous approvals" and advising me to "stop all your communications/discussions (verbal and written) direct with TCS and any other outside parties on behalf of SSSIHL". Please see Attachment1- Norms.pdf attached to this mail.

Please see Attachment2-Approval.jpg to view the "official approval" from you, the Registrar, SSSIHL, authorizing me to interact with Mandir SSSVV team and TCS SSSVV team.

At the time I received the Attachment1-Norms.pdf mail, as a retired-from-commercial-work software industry professional offering FREE SEVA to SSSIHL for over 8 long years, I was rather blissfully ignorant about UGC/AICTE rules and regulations regarding a person playing a "Visiting Faculty" role and went more by ORAL advise given to me by SSSIHL administrative authorities and some "regular" faculty colleagues. Now I have quite some knowledge about UGC/AICTE rules & regulations and the constitutional/legal authority vested in MHRD to oversee UGC, AICTE and educational institutions regulated by them. I also sought the advise of experienced academics on this matter.

Now my understanding is that standard academic procedure requires the Registrar to send the formal intimation to approve or withdraw approval for interaction and NOT the head of a department. DMACS, HOD, perhaps due to his opposition to students of DMACS getting associated with the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini project, in my opinion, committed a breach of academic procedure by sending me an email to me withdrawing the approval granted by you, the Registrar, SSSIHL, and wrongly advised me to stop interaction with "TCS and any other outside parties on behalf of SSSIHL". The correct procedure would have been for DMACS HOD to have approached higher SSSIHL administrative authority(ies) and request him/them to instruct the Registrar, SSSIHL to send me such a letter. The Registrar (and higher administrative authorities) have full powers to withdraw/cancel any approvals for interaction with outside agencies and even terminate my "visiting faculty" status with zero notice period and without giving any reason BUT NOT THE DMACS HOD.

Remedial Action: I will treat Attachment1-Norms.pdf mail from DMACS, HOD as NULL AND VOID. What is in effect under UGC norms is the approval granted by the Registrar, Attachment2-Approval.jpg. Further, I will treat as NULL AND VOID any past oral/mail responses from me to Attachment1-Norms.pdf mail from DMACS, HOD. I will also ignore (treat as NULL AND VOID) any ORAL instructions that were given to me by ANY administrative authority of SSSIHL regarding this matter. If SSSIHL administration wants to withdraw the approval granted by Attachment2-Approval.jpg then I kindly request you, the Registrar, SSSIHL or higher SSSIHL administrative authority to send me an appropriate letter by email to or postal letter to my home-office address given at the bottom of this email.

Further, please note that I do not plan to use the SSSIHL email id kindly allotted to me by SSSIHL authorities to communicate with TCS SSSVV team or Mandir SSSVV team. If and when I do communicate with them I will be using a mail id other than the SSSIHL email id allotted to me.

If I do not receive any response from you, the Registrar, SSSIHL, in a week's time then I will presume that you have no objection to what I have written above. On the other hand, if you do agree with DMACS HOD's views or have some third view on the matter then, to make SSSIHL administration's stand clear on this matter, I advise you to send me an official communication to that effect by email to or postal letter to my home-office address given at the bottom of this email.

Ravi S. Iyer
A 'Seva Dal' Physically Blessed by Bhagavan Himself to Serve in His Mission
Software Consultant
---address snipped ---
web: (hosted at,
A Not-For-Profit Effort,
Indian CS & IT Academic Reform Activism
Service to Society is Service to God

--- end email text ---

Of course, they had no suitable response to my letter, except a MAD attempt by Sai university Registrar, Naren Ramji, to bully me, after having requested me "With Love" over email to come to his office, at which I told him that I am terminating my relationship with SSSIHL and (immediately afterwards) walked out of his office (mentioned earlier in this post).

Readers may want to see the following blog posts:

1) Refuting Mervyn Hughes' latest attacks on me,, dated April 12th 2016.

2) Mervyn Hughes says he is attacking me to teach me how it hurts when I criticize others; Clarification on my Systems Manager role,, dated April 14th, 2016.

3) Mervyn Hughes writes that he has deleted all posts relating to me, and will not write posts about me,, dated April 16th 2016.

23rd Aug. 2016: Update copy-pasted from part of my blog post, About me not being Ph.D. and yet teaching lab. courses and being tech. consultant in the Sai university in the past,, dated Aug. 20th 2016.

Given below is a pic of page 1 of my file copy of the letter I gave to Bhagavan in end 2002/early 2003, requesting for Honorary Seva at Prasanthi Nilayam. Swami graciously accepted the letter during Darshan (I had to use token lines Darshan then as I was not staff) after testing me for some time and making me pray intensely to Him to accept the letter. [Update on 21st Aug. 2016: I now realize that I tried to give this letter to Bhagavan for a few days but it was not accepted. The copy of the letter that Bhagavan accepted is given in later on in this post.] [To see documents in pics below in full resolution, use mouse right-click followed by Open in new tab/window.]

Here's pic of page 2 of the letter:

And here's the format of general letter I used for formal application for Honorary Seva at various PN institutions (including Sai university) then (end 2002):

In response to a comment on associated Facebook post of mine,, "Relax buddy don't stress Pls", I (Ravi) wrote:
--Name-snipped--, didn't get the stress part bro. I am sharing all this stuff as I feel that it may help other people who are in similar shoes to what I was in 2002 when I was wanting to move from regular life to ashram life. It is more of a chronicling of what happened in my journey rather than a stressed out response.

Here's a small extract from an older blog post of mine that deals with Bhagavan testing me for some days before accepting my letter to him (file copy given in the first and second pic in above pics), Some people felt more connected to Shirdi Sai than Sathya Sai; Impact on followers is a big legacy of a spiritual master,, dated July 2015.

I should also add that it was my personal experience, in late 2002 or early 2003, when I was not staff and having darshan of Swami along with the general public (in Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam/Puttaparthi), that intense prayer to Swami, resulted in Swami taking special notice of me by looking at me for some time and accepting my letter even though I was seated two or three rows behind the front row. Whereas, in the earlier weeks when I was regularly attending Darshan, sometimes with a front row seat and clearly holding my letter in my folded palms for him to see, he would not only avoid taking the letter but either not look at me or just cast a passing glance at me.

My view of this experience was that earlier I was not praying hard or praying intensely to him and so, even if I was seated in the front row, he did not show much interest in me. But when I prayed intensely, Swami's heart melted and he responded to me. It was almost as if Swami was teaching me that if I wanted God to respond to my prayer, the prayer MUST BE intense and from the bottom of one's heart/being, and not casual.
--- end extract from my blog post mentioned earlier ---

Found a stapled set of papers related to my application to SSSIHL in Nov/Dec 2002 and my Seva (FREE SERVICE) being accepted officially in Jan. 2003, with informal designation as Systems Manager and formal designation as Honorary Staff. One important difference in these papers dated on or after 26th Nov. 2002 as compared to what I have provided earlier in this post, dated Oct. 2002, is that I have omitted a request for accommodation if possible. If I recall correctly, there were two reasons for this:
a) I had found a small room (suitable for sadhaka/spiritual aspirant type person) in outside ashram Puttaparthi (on Samadhi Ist Cross road) for something like Rs. 600/- a month (if I recall correctly) and would have been taking South Indian canteen food (Rs. 6/- for a meal then, if I recall correctly). I would have found that all this was affordable with my budget and so I did not need support from the ashram for the same.
b) I was told that the chances of my application for Seva being considered positively was much higher if I did not mention any need for accommodation or other support (e.g. free coupons for food). I would have been very keen to become staff as then I would have the PRICELESS and BIG PRIVILEGE of sitting in the University staff allocated part of Kulwant Hall, and have darshan of Bhagavan from a very close range, every day that Bhagavan was in Puttaparthi and I was in Kulwant Hall when he was giving Darshan (or attending some program in Sai Kulwant Hall)!

Here's the earliest (date wise) paper in that set: Copy of my application to the Vice-chancellor, SSSIHL dated 26th Nov. 2002, given to Prof. G.V. Prabhakar Rao (to be given to appropriate person in SSSIHL)

Copy of my letter to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, dated 27th Nov. 2002, seeking his blessings for the application I had made on 26th Nov. 2002 to AI laboratory, DMACS, SSSIHL.

The last two sentences of the application were, "I will consider myself extremely blessed if You accept my Seva for the AI laboratory, Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science, SSSIHL. I earnestly pray to You to consider my application, and if You feel that I will be suitable for Seva there, then please grant me this opportunity of serving You."

Bhagavan accepted this letter on my intense prayer to Him to accept this letter, around November end (a few days later perhaps) according to the jotting I have made on the copy of the letter.

Copy of page 1 of application for Seva in the AI lab., DMACS, SSSIHL given to Prof. C.J.M. Rao, then Head of Department (HOD), DMACS, SSSIHL on 25th December 2002. Note that Prof. G.V. Prabahakar Rao was associated with the AI lab which was the software lab. for DMACS. He was the key person in DMACS who interviewed me and assessed my software development capability. Later I came to know that he is a PhD in Mathematics from an IIT (Madras, perhaps) who moved to the field of Computer Science from Mathematics. Prof. C.J.M. Rao, I later learned was also a PhD in Mathematics from an IIT (Madras, perhaps but am not sure) who was focused on Mathematics and did NOT associate much with the software lab. I mean, he was not viewed as having moved to Computer Science field. He was viewed primarily as a Mathematician and not a Computer scientist.

Copy of page 2 of above application.

Copy of letter from Dr. A.V. Lakshminarasimhmam, Registrar of SSSIHL, dated 28th January 2003, to DMACS HOD, Prof. C.J.M. Rao, copy to Principal, Prasanthi Nilayam campus (Prof. U.S. Rao was principal of PN campus then) informing him (HOD) that he (Registrar) was directed to inform him (HOD) that he has been permitted to utilize my services. Quite bureaucratic but that's how SSSIHL Administrative block was (and perhaps still is)! The presumption was that the vice-chancellor was the person who directed the Registrar to pass this information on to the HOD (who then passed a copy of the letter to me) and principal, PN campus. BTW the vice-chancellor then, if I recall correctly, was Shri S.V. Giri (not an academic but a distinguished Indian govt. official from the IAS cadre) who later became a trustee of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust. I also clearly recall being told by people in the know then (University staff) that my photo and application were shown by the vice-chancellor Shri S.V. Giri to Bhagavan (chancellor of SSSIHL then) in the interview room. I was told that Bhagavan gave his nod to accept my services in the university.

A handwritten letter by Prof. C.J.M. Rao, HOD, DMACS to me dated 29th Jan. 2003, detailing my role in AI Lab., DMACS. He wrote the designation (informal designation) as Systems Manager. He put down the initials of two staff in DMACS then, RS (Raghunatha Sarma) and BKM (B. Krishnamoorthy) and orally told me that they will assist me. The handwritten letter only has their initials. While my application to DMACS emphasised my software development expertise part, this letter emphasised the management of AI Lab. part (heavy responsibility actually) but also clearly mentioned software lab. courses and M.Tech. projects. ... In a short period of time (some months) after I started doing this role, it became clear to me that Systems Manager was a very heavy responsibility role with accountability for Assets in the AI Lab and maintenance of Asset Register and Consumable Stocks register. Such accountability surely could not be given to somebody who was not a regular employee. I mean, the vice-chancellor and other top administrative authorities would want an accountable person whom they could hold responsible for the assets of the AI lab, and not a volunteer service person like me. ... Further, in June 2003, if I recall correctly, Dr. K.S. Sridharan took over as HOD from Prof. C.J.M. Rao. I don't think Dr. Sridharan was even passed on any copy of this informal role note given to me by Prof. C.J.M. Rao. Now Dr. Sridharan had done his PhD in Electrical engineering from Anna university if I recall correctly. He had moved to the Computer Science field from the Electrical engineering field. ... Over time, Sri Raghunatha Sarma (later he got his PhD and so is now Dr. Raghunatha Sarma) ended up handling the key responsibility for the assets in the AI lab (I think he was doing that work prior to me joining AI lab). I was helping him in this task and we got along pretty well. I did not sign a single document related to Asset management in the AI lab. However, I did help Sri Raghunatha Sarma to prepare such documents, which probably got signed only by the HOD, Dr. Sridharan. I also handled some part of Systems Administration of AI lab. role jointly with other younger staff of the department as well as senior students (M.Sc. and M.Tech. students). Of course, I taught Software lab. courses and provided guidance to project work of M.Tech. (CS) students and also computer software project work of M.Sc. (Mathematics) students. ... From Jan. 2008 onwards (till March 2012 when I terminated my association with SSSIHL) I stopped doing the Systems Management role, and provided ONLY FREE SERVICE of teaching of software lab. courses and guiding project work of M.Sc. and M.Tech. students.

Copy of my letter to Principal, Prasanthi Nilayam campus (Prof. U.S. Rao) on 29th January 2003, stating, "This is to inform you that I am joining the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science as an honorary staff with effect from 29th January 2003." It also has references to two letters one of which is given above (copy of Registrar letter). I don't think I was given a copy of the other letter referred here (Letter of Prof. CJM Rao to Registrar). I don't recall the entire situation then but I think I was told by Prof. CJM Rao to write this letter and was told what the contents should be. Prof. CJM Rao would have specifically mentioned the term, "honorary staff" as that would be the formal designation that he would have wanted to be given to me by the appropriate authority, which would be the principal, PN campus, Prof. U.S. Rao. [Please note that the formal designation recommended was NOT Teaching Assistant!!!! An informal Systems Manager designation cannot be mapped to a formal Teaching Assistant designation!!!]

The pic below is the I-Card that was issued to me in Jan/Feb 2003, if I recall correctly, by Principal, PN campus, SSSIHL, Prof. U.S. Rao (my photo part of I-card is cut out from the pic as I prefer to not show my photo publicly). Note that the designation is Honorary Staff and NOT Teaching Assistant or Lab. Assistant as some Muddenahalli group promoters who are attacking me allege. [Or as Teacher-Drohis (those who do harm to teachers) former HOD DMACS, SSSIHL, V. Chandrasekran and former and current Registrar, SSSIHL, Naren Ramji alleged (Teaching Assistant).]


Readers may want to visit my blog post, My 2011 Dharma Sankat (Ethical Dilemma) about HOD opposition to my Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini and other IT work in the Sai university,, dated Oct. 27th 2016.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well, what I have realized is that a lot of Sai institutions and service activities are somewhat dictatorial in their mode of functioning. I put out the above blog post as I wanted to document a case of gross power abuse by SSSIHL administrators, and I hope that this documenation will serve to instill FEAR in SSSIHL administrators from indulging in gross abuse of power again.

      In your case, it seems to be that as you are a volunteer (like I was a Honorary Staff/Honorary Faculty/Visiting Faculty in SSSIHL), your services can be blocked/terminated without reason and without any notice. It was the same case with me. But in my case they did record tampering and FALSELY SHOWED me as a Teaching Assistant which amounts to DEFAMATION.

      I think it is good that you have mentioned these problems you faced. Transparency and accountability are vital for maintaining any service activity like this, in good health over time.

      I suggest you forget about SSSVV and move on to other matters (like I have moved on to other stuff besides SSSIHL). Yes, if you feel you would like to document your problems in detail I suggest you could create a blog (if you don't already have one) and put up a blog post on it. The objective of it should be to inform the Sai devotee community and thereby help in prevention of such problems in future for others.

    2. Sai Ram,
      Thank you very much but Service activities or Seva must not involve gesture of- "Yes Boss" every now and then or as we are young we should shut up our mouth even if we are right. I believe in talent and merit not in approaches, links or favouritism when it comes to Seva. My father in fact blamed me for the entire problem which I faced at SSSVV and told me that I must learn to deal with problems effectively, had I been little diplomatic that would not have happened. I know I'm right and I was right even then. I never had bad intentions or feelings to hurt or harm anyone when I was volunteering at SSSVV. I mean I still feel that they didn't get me or my values. I didn't know what their values were. They took me very lightly. When I got job I started serving Swami in my own way, I will continue to do so in future for Swami’s other projects.
      I feel very sorry for you, I mean your case has left me in a state of shock. If you don't mind will you accept my suggestion? Instead of such a sun in your profile picture, replace it with a bright sun for sun in your profile picture appears like setting sun. Your life has started now. You see being with Swami is good but you were in Parthi to serve Swami not to feel choked or suppressed under any pressure. We should do Seva with all our heart, when our work doesn't satisfy us we must take a leave. Seva must fill our hearts with happiness and bring a big smile on our face. This is what Swami told. I also read a thought in which Swami clarified that we must do only those works which fill us with joy and selfless love. I didn’t find any venom in your words, everyone has a right to express himself or herself and people must stand against injustice-this is what Swami preached us. If we have not learnt to stand against injustice we haven’t learnt anything. You were not wrong. Please, don’t be guilty for what happened. May be that was Swami’s wish-he wished you to leave and live your life.
      Bird Mother keeps her children with her till they get matured and then she leaves them independently to fly in the sky. Swami was that Bird Mother for you and you are a like bird, you have to fly higher. I mean when my grandfather works even at 93, I feel you in your late 40's or 50's have a lot to achieve, what is tensing you. Leave things to Swami. I feel so sorry for your health. Please, Brother be stress free and surrender at the lotus feet of Swami. God bless you with good health, wealth and prosperity :)
      Thank you and Sai Ram :)

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    4. I was little upset when I was blocked from SSSVV but I've forgiven them all. I want Swami to protect me from harm and danger but not harm or cause danger to anyone. I don't wish bad for anyone. I've always prayed for the well being of people at SSSVV. My father is happy working with SSSVV. His happiness is my happiness. So, how can I blame SSSVV when they have given all love and respect to my father. Actually they calmed my anger by doing so. So personally I have no problems with them as such. Thank you.

    5. I didn't observe picture carefully before, thanks for correcting me about the picture, that it is of a rising sun, I didn't observe it carefully...Sai Ram :)

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  3. Thank you very much for making editions. Thank you for understanding my point.
    Sai Ram :)

  4. As people might feel from my previous comments that I'm a sort of Non-Conformist or Communist Marxist, I need to admit that I'm an Individualist-Functionalist. I just wanted to work at SSSVV in much more organized way giving equal importance to all. I boldly admit that SSSVV has achieved success only due to Satyajit's persistent efforts of dedication, determination and strength of character. If Satyajit wouldn't have been the leader of SSSVV, the whole structure and functioning of SSSVV would have got malfunctioned by now. Satyajit is an honest and transparent human being. He is a good human being too as I have heard of it from common people who respect him very much. In Chandigarh, people respect Satyajit as Swami's very own son-so there is no point of opposing him. I pray for his good health and security wherever he is even if his administrators don't like me or even if he is not aware of my identity-I pray for him selflessly. I pray to Swami to protect Satyajit from vile people. I respect him as the Boss of SSSVV even if I'm not working with them. I've grown up in my way and learnt to live the way I want without any issues which don't make sense to me at this stage. Thank you :)

  5. Sai Ram,
    I was thinking that you got into trouble because your HOD didn't appreciate your working with SSSVV. My point is why don't SSSVV people back you up. Is there not a single person to give testimony for you and be assertive in front of the authorities to help you with this problem of yours? Well, I would have surely helped you, backed you and did my best if I would have been part of SSSVV as an administrator. I mean you had to bear just for the sake of SSSVV. I somehow sympathize with you because my parents too didn't wish me to work for SSSVV. Just like your HOD they felt that I was wasting my time and seriously spoiling my studies working with SSSVV. I knew I was investing my free time in some good work. But you know how it is for some parents just like your HOD. But I love my parents very much and I know probably they were not wrong. At times I feel that my account was blocked from SSSVV, just because of my parents wish that I must focus on my studies. I feel if you seek some help from SSSVV , I think it can work. I mean you are alone standing against the System, behaving like John Galt or Howard Roark of Ayn Rand's novels- The Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead respectively. Frankly, speaking you are one that personality that Ayn Rand would have backed up for living for Truth and for one's self-respect and originality. Individualists and Objectivists would appreciate you for being so straight-forward and upright in your conduct. Kudos to you! It is difficult to find such people in today's world. Because world is full of fake people. I support you. :)
    Sai Ram :)

    1. Thanks for your kind words and support. It is lonely when one fights for justice against the system and so such expressions of support are very helpful.

      In my SSSVV matter, I saw it as my duty as a teacher (Visiting faculty designation) to provide INTERESTED STUDENTS the opportunity to learn & work on SSSVV software development. The HOD was ORALLY dropping lots of hints and sometimes direct words about his displeasure with me doing my duty. I ignored them as I was serving Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and not the HOD. The HOD, in my considered opinion, was FAILING in his duty to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba by opposing INTERESTED STUDENTS getting involved with SSSVV. My interest in SSSVV was not the issue here; it was my DUTY to allow INTERESTED students to associate with SSSVV.

      As the issue snowballed after Mahasamadhi in the period Jun to Aug 2011, I mentioned to the dept. faculty group in an email that if the HOD informs me IN WRITING not to allow students to associate with SSSVV, then I would drop it (and inform SSSVV folks of the HOD's instruction). But the HOD did not have the guts to do that. As then he could be pulled up by senior administrators. After all the deemed university was Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and NOT the HOD's personally owned university.

      But he used cunning tactics - what I call Shakuni Poison tactics. He poisoned the mind of the Vice-chancellor, Shashidhar Prasad, against me. Shashidhar Prasad had not interacted with me earlier and so he may have believed the poisonous stories the HOD painted about me. For example, the VC was told that I was CANVASSING for SSSVV, when all I was doing was informing students of the possibility of project work in SSSVV if they are interested. The HOD kept pestering me and finding fault with every single thing related to my work that he could. It was a horrible mental torture period for me.

      Cont'd ....

    2. ...Cont'd

      Now in this situation I did inform Satyajit of the HOD giving me a rough time but he could not help. I am not surprised as after Mahasamadhi, Satyajit himself came under tremendous and very horrible verbal attacks from yellow media. Anyway, SSSVV was an external project. The HOD's Shakuni Poison tactics of targeting me due to my involvement with SSSVV was an internal matter for the university and not for SSSVV project team.

      Eventually the thing blew up when the HOD asked me about job prospects related to SSSVV course that I had taught. I wrote to the software development company top person associated with SSSVV about such job prospects, clearly stating that it was a general purpose query (thereby implying that I was not asking for jobs for these students). The HOD raked that up by saying that I committed a big mistake by writing to the software development company man about it. I lost my cool and wrote some mocking email to the HOD. The HOD reacted by sending me an email asking me to stop all work in the dept. except for one M.Tech. CS project student that I was guiding. Now the HOD does not have the power to terminate a Visiting Faculty's services. That power lies with the office that grants permission to accept a Visiting Faculty's services which in this case was the Registrar along with the Director, Prasanthi Nilayam campus. But the HOD thought the dept. was his KINGDOM and committed a breach in academic procedure by writing me (cc to VC and Registrar) stopping me from further Visiting Faculty services (barring the exception of guiding one M.Tech. CS student for his project work).

      When I sought an appointment with the VC on this matter he provided it to me. But the first thing the VC did when I entered his chambers was to SHOUT and SCREAM at me as if I had committed some murder!!! Later somebody told me that the HOD, who was/is a very moneyed man and was offering free service like me, had threatened to resign unless I was disciplined. The VC could not afford to lose the HOD at that time. I mean, given a choice between losing the HOD and me, he had to go for retaining the HOD and letting me go. Simple management decision.

      However, the way the VC shouted & screamed at me put me off badly. He could have hinted to me that the HOD has threatened to resign; I would have understood and not held anything against the VC. At that time Puttaparthi was going through HELL. 35 Lacs cash seized in some car associated with somebody in the trust in end June 2011 just a couple of days after Yajur Mandir valuables & cash were transparently listed and deposited in a Bank, had refuelled all sorts of rumours about Puttaparthi money matters. When the VC shouted & screamed at me (in end Jul/early Aug 2011) I realized that in such a situation, irrespective of whether I am right or wrong, Bhagavan would expect me to bow down to the VC and cool his temper. The VC shouted at me whether he should call the HOD to his chambers. After seeing his anger I realized that the HOD may have tried his resignation-blackmail tactic (he had tried it successfully in the past to get a non-teaching honorary staff ejected out of the dept.) and so I responded that that was not required and said something on the lines of "I am learning to deal with sensitive zones". The VC cooled down and said something on the lines, "Do you know how many sensitive zones I am dealing with?" Later in that meeting as I had become a quiet mouse the VC hammered me more and said that as Visiting Faculty I should follow everything the HOD says or some words to that effect.

      Cont'd ....

    3. ...Cont'd

      Now the HOD was incompetent and ignorant about software development and so me, being a nearly two decade international software consultant, was SURELY not going to LISTEN to that ignorant & incompetent in software development fellow's instructions. So I had no option but to part ways.

      My anger with the VC was the manner in which he dealt with me. He could have simply stated in a cool way that in this dispute between HOD and Visiting Faculty, he has to go with the HOD and that if I cannot get along with the HOD, I would have to look elsewhere for my Seva activity. He need not have screamed at me. He need not have told me in an insulting way that as I was a Visiting Faculty I should listen to everything the HOD says. That's not the way the VC should have treated me who had served DMACS, free of charge, from Jan. 2003 till then (Jul/Aug. 2011). I was one year senior to the HOD in this service stint in the dept. Perhaps the VC did not know too much about me.

      Ideally speaking the VC should have taken advise from senior faculty in the campus on the matter. They would have told him about the HOD being power-crazy. Ultimately the power to chastise the HOD was in the VC's hands. The VC seems to have capitulated to the resignation-blackmail threat of the HOD. That may have saved the situation for some time. But then blackmailers are always dangerous for the system. The HOD later (in 2014) was in the list of candidates for Vice-chancellor post to succeed Shashidhar Prasad!!! I got the shock of my life when I came to know that. Fortunately the trustees did not make the BLUNDER of making that HOD Vice-chancellor. But then who knows they might make him Vice-chancellor in the future in which case, I am sure, SSSIHL will land into great trouble.

      Anyway, I am out of that mad fellow's control & power. I have documented my experiences including this long comment as information that Sai devotees should know as it is their money contributions, past & present, to the trust, that pays salaries and other expenses of SSSIHL staff. Further, other visiting faculty and even regular faculty should be aware of these kind of nasty politics that some administrators in SSSIHL have indulged in, in the past, and may indulge in, in the future.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. contd...I mean you were not a kid. I have seen that Professors who are matured, can joke, speak to each others and at times can even mock at each other. No one takes it negatively. I mean when you decided to leave they should be fair to you and they should give you your service record- no matter what happened, what you said.
    *This is not an issue what you did or what you wrote to your HOD.
    I'm not concerned and I know friends whom I told about you ( who are Individualists-Functionalists, Individualists-Objectivists, one's with affiliations with Bharat Vikas Parishad & RSS and few acquaintances who are Communist Marxists (I don't follow Communist Marxist ideology) - none of such friends of mine are concerned with what you wrote to your HOD. That is just not a matter. But what is a matter is that when you decided to leave, when you left, they didn't give you- what was your right - something which no institution in the World could deny you- your honest service record.

  8. Contd...I feel that your HOD, should leave his ego if he believes in teachings of Swami. If your administrators and HOD (who have to give you your service record) , think that you are an egoistic personality who needs to be taught a lesson by bringing you down on your knees; I believe they should realize that they are themselves being egoistic by behaving like this. Infact, your ego is a rational ego and you are fighting against injustice and Adharma, but for what we can justify their ego. May be they felt bad with your mocking mail to HOD, but I have heard that in Swami's University no can become HOD, unless he/she is spiritually elevated.

    I watched one episode of a TV-Soap at place of my relative, Seeya Ke Ram, in which Sita questions Gautam Rishi that what is the purpose of studying Vedas to which Gautam Rishi replies that such a study bestows wisdom and enlightenment on the students thus making them Jnani, the person who is Jnani can control his senses and anger. Listening to Gautam Rishi,.. Sita ponders for a while and then dares to question him if he has read all the Vedas and got wisdom in a way that he was and is able to control his senses and anger. Gautam Rishi replies in affirmative that he was and is indeed able to control his anger and senses. Then comes an explosive question from Sita, "If you were Jnani and you controlled your senses then why did you curse your wife." I mean I was not surprised at that question because I heard a saint who said that Gautam Rishi too had other alternatives with him, he would have deserted or got separated from his wife, if he felt she deceived him. I mean if your administrators consider you to be like Ahalya, who deceived her master, then also they have no right to keep your service record with them. They must give you your service record. I feel that the point that your HOD blackmailed your Ex-VC like Kaikeyi balckmailed Dashratha(though under the influence of Manthra), shows that he was probably not concerned about his duty as head of family, probably he was not concerned about the image of Swami's institute, probably he was not concerned of Swami's ideals.


    (On the behalf of my family, friends and relatives) Our wishes for you. God bless you with long life, happy, healthy and prosperous life. We pray to God to protect you from vile people.

    Hare Krishna and Sai Ram :)

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words and prayers. Self-respect and dignity - these are important to retain even when one is serving in Prasanthi Nilayam ashram or other ashram systems. Otherwise some bossy people mistake humble attitude as cowardice and ride all over you. This is my observation and experience in Prasanthi Nilayam ashram system.

      See, the HOD got power-crazy. He is a workaholic and was providing free service. Somehow he fell into the trap of superiority complex thinking himself to be far more superior to others. If Swami was in physical form he would NOT have dared to do the actions he did as I would have offered a letter on the matter to Swami at Darshan time. The fear of me doing that would have kept him in check.

      But when Swami Mahasamadhi happened there was a HUGE POWER VACUUM and HUGE SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP VACUUM. Within a matter of months the power equations in the university and other parts of Prasanthi ashram had dramatically changed. Fear of physical form Swami was gone. Now administrators were free to run the show the way THEY WANTED. When Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju himself got targeted by Shashidhar Prasad and other administrators, who was I? I was a NOBODY who could be just brushed away. If Swami was in physical form Shashidhar Prasad and other administrators could NOT have touched Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju in any way. Swami gave huge value to Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju.
      Cont'd ...

    2. .... Cont'd
      About the canvassing for SSSVV part: When the VC made this charge against me in the first of my two nearly one hour meetings I had with him, I was very surprised. Bhagavan Himself had come to SSSIHL PN campus sometime in second half of 2010 and in the physical presence of Bhagavan, Satyajit had spoken about SSSVV and invited/requested interested persons from SSSIHL to associate/contribute to it. Yet, the HOD did not like me associating with it and allowing interested students to participate in it. It was COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR from the HOD and he should have been severely reprimanded for it. Instead I was severely reprimanded by the vice-chancellor for refusing to follow Adharmic approach of HOD who wanted me to stay away from SSSVV, and I was penalized for the success of my lab. course on SSSVV!!!

      I should also say that the term canvassing seems to be a valid one in academic setup. The VC, who headed Mysore University (2 Lakh students, he told me, if I recall correctly), told me about situations in some university where there was intense competition between professors in a dept. to attract students to their projects. It seems that, at times, professors indulge in canvassing to students to attract them to their projects, and other professors take objection at such canvassing. Finally, in one situation, the VC told me that the students had to choose projects by drawing lots to avoid problems in the dept.

      By now the HOD has hopefully learned from this event. But, very unfortunately, Indian academia seems to have many such cases of HOD and other administrators indulging in politics to block people and projects that they do not like. I came to know of that as I read up more about Indian academia and talked to Indian academics for my Indian CS/IT academic reform activism efforts (blog url: One of the reasons for me blogging about these matters is to inform interested persons about such problems in Indian academia in general so that the situation can be improved.

      Frankly, if I was dependent on some payment from SSSIHL for my living, I would have quietly OBEYED the HOD's hints of not associating with SSSVV, even when it was Bhagavan's PET project. As otherwise I would have lost my living and struggled to make ends meet. By the Grace of God, I was not financially dependent on SSSIHL, and was offering free service. So I decided to follow what I felt Bhagavan would want me to do rather than what the HOD or the VC or the Registrar wanted. And I am glad that I parted ways with SSSIHL in Mar. 2012, even though the parting was painful, as I think I now have been able to provide better service to Bhagavan and His mission of spreading Sathya, Dharma, Shanti & Prema in the world, by operating independent of SSSIHL (and even Sai orgn.), as an individual blogger. Jai Sairam!

    3. I saw Prof.Anil Kumar's video at a post and somehow I felt Prof. was not keeping good health. I even commented that Sir has shed down lot of weight. Looking at him I didn't have any idea that he was not doing well or what happened to him. I feel so sorry for Prof. Anil Kumar Ji. God bless him with good health and care.

    4. You wrote : SSSVV was an external project. The HOD's... tactics of targeting you due to your involvement with SSSVV was an internal matter for the university and not for SSSVV project team.

      But SSSVV is a part of SSSCT.
      SSSIHL is also a part of SSSCT.
      So, how can SSSVV be an external project.
      Umbrella of SSSIHL and SSSVV is the same- SSSCT. Both are made to uphold Swami's ideals and his commands.

      So, if all SSSVV people unite, they can at least stand against injustice.

      I mean if I'm Satyajit Salian I would stand by you even if I would have to talk to administrators or for that matter senior administrators for doing justice to you. I believe it is not a difficult job to get a service record. I'm not saying that Satyajit is incapable of doing this. Neither I'm pointing at Satyajit-I respect him, but I'm just expressing myself that I would have done my best to help you. If he wishes he can do anything. I'm just pondering over your case with great intuitiveness.
      I think SSSVV administrators must support you just for the sake of standing for Dharma.
      Can no one do justice to you? What are other people in the Ashram doing?
      Swami told that all Sai Devotees should help each other in time of need-specifically when it is a genuine case like that of yours. You are no longer Ashramite but you worked with them, what has happened with you needs to be corrected. Justice should be done. :)

      Jai Sai Ram !

      Satyameva Jayate :)

    5. Regarding the service record matter I myself had written to the VC when I gave up on the matter (surrendered to Swami's will) in my mail dated May 29th 2012 (included in the post above) as follows:

      After deep thought on the matter and some feedback from Puttaparthi Sai community elders/friends I have decided to surrender on this designation and service record matter to Swami's Will.
      So, sir, I have decided as follows. I will go by the designations given to me by the Principal, PSN campus, SSSIHL and use that whenever required in my communications with MHRD, AICTE, IIT Madras (NPTEL), international CS/IT academic publications, international academic institutions etc. A TA (Teaching Assistant) designation will be considered to be a very junior designation which may, in all probability, result in almost any academic institution or publication, national or international, treat my views as that of a very junior person. So the only possibility of conflict with SSSIHL I see now is if SSSIHL reports my designation during my years of service at DMACS, SSSIHL as Teaching Assistant to any possible appropriate future requests made to it, say by MHRD, AICTE, international academic institutions etc. I pray earnestly to Bhagavan that such a conflict does not arise.

      --- end mail to VC extracts ---

      So I forgot about getting any statement/letter from SSSIHL regarding the services I have rendered to it. I am not so bothered about it now as I have all-but retired from software development field even from a free service (Seva) point of view.

      Later (perhaps in June/July 2012), I had written to the VC about permission to use student feedback data on the SSSVV Lab. course I had run in SSSIHL in Jun-Jul 2011 in a paper that I was planning to submit to an academic publication, and which the Registrar had refused to provide me (the refusal was in writing) stating that such student feedback data is confidential. The VC's P.A. phoned me about a meeting the VC wanted to have with me in June/July 2012 (if I recall correctly) which, when I asked him about the matter, he said was in relation to this permission to use student feedback letter I had sent to the VC. I told the P.A. that I wanted the VC's response in writing (clearly indicating that I was not interested to meet the VC). I mean, was I mad to go to the VC's chambers again and have him shout & scream at me again!!! There was no written response from the VC to me. Some days later, when I came across the VC's P.A. on the main road in the street outside the ashram, the P.A. (elderly man) looked at me in a very funny and stern way!!! It was as if I had done some crime by refusing to meet the VC and asking the VC (through that P.A.) to send me a written response instead!
      Cont'd ...

    6. ...Cont'd
      Regarding SSSVV being an external project (external to SSSIHL): Well, SSSIHL salaries and expenses are essentially met using SSSCT provided funds. It is OK for SSSCT to suggest SSSVV project as something SSSIHL could consider which is what I think was done.

      Let me give some details: I believe, once I had shown interest, to support/encourage me a letter had been written by an SSSCT trustee/top-official to the VC, requesting that I be permitted to get involved with SSSVV, and which, I believe, was well received by the VC. This would have been in June 2011 before the HOD openly fought with me on SSSVV. I think that set the permissions round in SSSIHL with the HOD asking me to give him some formal letter on this matter in June 2011 and then I receiving a copy of the letter from the Registrar on SSSIHL letterhead to the HOD, providing me the requisite permission to interact with SSSVV team as well as the software company team involved with SSSVV software development. There was also an M.Tech. (CS) student who was doing a project about online school knowledge base (Ontology) where he was considering SSSVV as one such example of an online school knowledge base, and to whom I was providing technical consultancy support. Permission was also provided for this student to interact with SSSVV team.

      I mean, the HOD probably realized that he could not block me as he would have known about SSSCT letter to VC, and so he had to give in at that time (June 2011).

      But later, the HOD got taken aback by the extraordinary success of the two month lab. course on SSSVV that I ran in Jun-Jul 2011 with Satyajit & team also paying us a visit. Something nasty got triggered in him after that and he used nasty tactics to mentally harass me, trap me on something and then throw me out of the dept. by sending me an email with those orders CC to VC and Registrar, which he had no right to do and was a breach of academic procedure. The VC & Registrar kept quiet on it, clearly indicating that they are supportive of the HOD on the matter.

    7. ...Cont'd.
      Now the point is, while nobody in SSSIHL, VC or Registrar or other administrators or any other colleagues in my dept. came to my assistance in this matter when the HOD threw me out, could not have SSSVV team and/or some SSSCT trustee/top-official who was aware of this matter, spoken to the VC about it?

      Well, in normal circumstances, that is what should have happened. But the time was Jul/Aug 2011 (a few months after Mahasamadhi) when my fight with the HOD peaked, and May/Jun 2012 when I raised my service record request matter (just a year after Mahasamadhi). In Jul/Aug 2011 it was UTTER CHAOS in top echelons of Prasanthi Nilayam setup. We expected govt. to take over SSSCT anyday, anytime. In such a situation just forget about SSSVV team members saying anything about it at all. They just forgot about me and my problems, and focused on other severe problems that they had. The SSSCT trustee/top-official who would have been aware of this matter would also have been engulfed in far more serious matters dealing with keeping Prasanthi Nilayam setup going. So he too, even if he came to know of it, would have decided not to get involved.

      In May/Jun 2012 when I raised the service record matter, things had calmed to significant extent. Govt. take-over possibility had diminished. SSSVV team could not interfere with the service record matter as that was an SSSIHL administration issue, and not directly related to SSSVV. But the SSSCT trustee/top-official who would have known about my involvement with SSSVV could certainly have put in a word to the VC (if he came to know about the service record matter). However, I was told that by that time the VC, Shashidhar Prasad, had become KING/DICTATOR of SSSIHL, and believed that Swami was giving dream instructions to Narasimhamurthy in Muddenahalli for Sai mission including SSSIHL, and so was not bothered about SSSCT. SSSCT had enough problems on its own plate even then (mid-2012) to get into a direct confrontation with VC, Shashidhar Prasad, on a small matter of one individual (me) being thrown out and not being given his service record.

  9. The day I saw your blog, that very day, I read all your important posts, continuously at a stretch and followed it on another two days as well. I understand and I know by reading your posts what happened to you, all I'm saying is your age is not the age of retirement. Brother Ravi you are behaving like an old man in 90's. You have got the right to work, so why not. I mean you must have gone back, not because of them but because of your students, your department. you left and your HOD might be very happy. This is what he probably wanted-Mission Impossible Completed. I don't understand why people who work a lot and are sincere have to face such problems...You have complicated your case. I mean then you started it, now you have to achieve what you want. I'm saying you can't leave it in the midway like that. I mean if you watched Chak De India, I mean that person went back to become coach of Indian Hockey Team. He was blamed as a Traitor but still he went not because of others but because of his country and to prove people what mettle he was made up of. He proved it in the end. I'm not saying that I was too inspired by that movie but I liked it. At times if you have to work with people who don't like you, just to make a place for yourself and just to prove your worth you have to go back. I mean as you don't want to go back, I understand what is the reason for it. So, I'm saying you must get your service record, even if you don't have to work anywhere. Just for the sake of setting up right ideals. I mean this matter should be solved.

  10. I believe everything is under control, so why this issue is hanging up in the air. I think Brother you should once again think of getting your service record. Because if you won't do it, other people are not going to learn. They will do this and repeat such actions in the future. Just to set an example. Administrators must show their greatness, reward you your service record for fighting for this issue and your HOD should invite you for a peacemaking get together- for tea, lunch or dinner. I mean this is how things are sorted out. Sai Ram!

    1. I wrote that I retired from software development field including free service teaching of the same and not that I have retired from life altogether :-). Now I have changed my activities to be a writer primarily on spirituality & religion but also on some other matters of human interest. That suits me quite well and also seems to be of benefit to some people on the Internet. I do have some health challenges too which makes it very convenient for me to play this independent writer role away from orgn. politics like the nasty experience I had in SSSIHL which worsened my already fragile health.

      I documented my record tampering and service record case via social media posts and comment exchanges (like this one) so that those who are interested to know about such matters can read it (if they know where it is), and take suitable steps to prevent it from happening to them if they get involved in such matters. So, for example, you know now my view of what happened with me in SSSIHL, and as you are in Indian academia (research scholar) you can take suitable precautions to prevent something like that happening to you in your future academic career. I am not interested in fighting for my service record with the MAD administrators of SSSIHL as I have better things to do via my writings on spirituality & religion.

      I should also say that the HOD has said Sairam to me a few times when I had the misfortune of coming across him. I simply ignored him. I want to stay away from people like him. I am very happy being out of SSSIHL and working independently as a social media writer on spirituality & religion. Thanks.

    2. Brother, I'm surprised that your HOD just said Sai Ram to you. Had I been at his place, I would have felt bad for not allowing you to work for SSSVV. Then, I would have gone to buy a gift- plants or chocolates or any good artefact for you. I would have then invited you with other department colleagues for lunch or dinner at a famous restaurant. I mean once when I was studying in Girls High School, a girl at my school got into an argument with me for no good reason. She was a very arrogant girl. She was jealous of me because I was the one selected by my school Vice Principal and Principal to participate in Inter-School Science and Social Sciences Exhibition. The worst part was that her friend who studied in Commerce stream (who was a complete stranger to me) came at the venue to see her friend who was also representing other school. When my teacher Mrs. Singh asked her what she was doing at the venue when she was not representing the school, she lied to Mrs. Singh and told her that I was the one who invited her for help. I mean that was a lie and why would I call someone from Commerce stream to help me out. I took a very bold stand. Without fearing anyone I told Mrs. Singh the Truth, that I didn't even know her and what her name was. When I told my father that I got into an argument with that class fellow girl because she shouted at me for not saving her Commerce stream friend from the trouble he asked me to sort that out. He said, "Go to her, take a chocolate, wrap it beautifully and beautify the packing with a flower plastic ribbon, and give it to her." I mean I was shocked because that was like Lord Rama's approach to make peace. My father wanted packing of chocolate to be beautiful not just packed for the sake of packing. Without arguing with my father I did that. The other day when I gifted her the chocolate it turned out to be her birthday. No one, not even a single friend of hers gifted anything for her birthday. I was not even aware of her birthday but she literally hugged me after receiving chocolates. After that she never argued with me. We were not good friends but things got better. I never felt suffocated when she came in front of me. But I feel such things don't work for anyone. But then we say Ab Pachchtaye Hot Kya Jab Chidiya Chug Gayi Khet...I agree with you it is better to get over with it. Forgive everyone and forget it, take care of your health...Sai Ram :)