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Sathya Sai in 2000 interview: Swami lives inside our hearts; no need to go anywhere, even Parthi

The contents of this post are based on a comment exchange on this Facebook post,

Brother Clive Raj Valydon had an interview with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, as part of a group from Venezuela, on 28th December 2000, about which brother Clive wrote (slightly edited):
Swami asked us in the interview why we bother coming to Parthi if he lives in our heart.
He said (there is) no need to go anywhere (as) Swami lives inside your (our) heart.
These were words that came out of his mouth to us in the interview room.
--- end Clive comment (slightly edited) ---
[Note: Parthi stands for Puttaparthi]

Ravi: I have heard of Bhagavan saying similar words to others in private exchanges. My view is that Bhagavan wanted some devotees, if not all devotees, to realize that Bhagavan is in our hearts and so we need not really visit Puttaparthi to experience him. Especially for those persons who found it challenging to visit Puttaparthi or be in Puttaparthi, Bhagavan wanted such devotees to know that they need not go through the trouble of visiting Puttaparthi as they can experience Bhagavan wherever they are.

My own experience with Bhagavan has been that it took me some amount of physical darshan and gesture interactions with Bhagavan to experience Bhagavan's divine (paranormal) powers whereby he would show me that he knew what I was thinking and what I had done away from his physical form. That made Bhagavan's divinity VERY REAL for me, and was a BIG BOOST in my faith in Bhagavan's divinity. Even after that, being able to enjoy regular darshan of Bhagavan and even be blessed to have eye contact with him in many such darshans, made me feel very blessed and very happy.

But through many discourses of Bhagavan heard live, sitting in Sai Kulwant Hall, as well as readings of Sai literature and sathsangs with other Sai devotees, he had hammered home in me a deeply held and deeply cherished belief, that his (Bhagavan's) reality was not his body and that his reality was the same consciousness that is within me in my heart (& above me & behind me & in front of me). In this post-Mahasamadhi phase, I think we all (Sai devotees) need to focus on the formless Swami within our hearts (and not bother about any communicators & mediums who claim to be intermediaries of Swami).

Thanks to brother Clive Raj Valydon for sharing this important message of Swami given to him and others in his interview group.
Given below is a comment exchange on the Facebook post,, associated with this blog post:

Eve Gardener wrote (slightly edited to fix typo type errors):
from my blog post Re: light body - 2014 This quote;The key is in understanding that the physical body is only an instrument of the divine. It is not forever. What was it that Sathya Sai Baba said so well ? “You are not the body.” “Drop all attachments to the body and its desires.” I feel that includes all physical attachment to Sai Baba’s form also. ~ Now ain’t that the hardest thing for people to do!!! More importantly He said and I quote: “At first, name and form are essential, that is the reason why Avatars come, so that God can be loved, adored, worshiped, listened to and followed, and finally realized as nameless and formless.” – (This seems like sense to me.) The form of Sai Baba - was quite fluid - ofen we could see an aura around him, also a heat flowed from his body. His little body was just a cover (for) the indwelling quality that we all benefited from. Sadly now gone in the physical form, the indweller is still present in P.N. and all that gather there.

Ravi S. Iyer responded:
Great comment, Eve Gardener! Thanks.
I have also read Sathya Sai as well as other spiritual masters having said that name (of the holy person) is more powerful than the form (of the holy person). And that is something that I have experienced in my spiritual journey. The name Sathya Sai or just Sai, is a very powerful instrument for me, in my present stage in my spiritual journey, as a very convenient and very easy way for me to sort-of connect to His powerful Divinity. Of course, the images of Sathya Sai form as well as my memories of his form (including my past interactions with him) are also powerful.

But, for me, as of now, the name is clearly a more powerful and easy way to connect to him. Sometimes the name quite naturally invokes the form in my mind. But many times it is just the name, the holy name of Bhagavan, without the mind even getting into the form! Nowadays, in my prayerful obeisances to Swami, I tend to invoke his name as Sathya Sai Mahadev. Mahadev literally is great dev (deva) (a god like various gods in the Hindu pantheon). Shiva is also known with that name. In my reference to Swami with this name, perhaps there is some influence of Mahadev being the name of Shiva. Swami is a great deva for me based on what He did in his body-lifetime and which includes my experiences of His paranormal/Divine powers (at physical body level of Sathya Sai). Somehow, I feel very delighted and very satsified that Sathya Sai Mahadev is the proper and fitting way for me to refer to Swami, without any exaggeration really. I mean, I have read a fair amount of Hindu scripture (English translations of it usually) and so I use the term Mahadev in the light of that knowledge of Hindu scripture that I have.

Of course, higher levels of spirituality will involve going beyond even the name of Swami (besides the form).

I plan to put up this comment of mine in the blog post associated with this Facebook post, May I share your above comment on this (free) blogpost too? Please DON'T feel obliged in any way to say Yes :-). I mean it. No issues whatsoever if you prefer to NOT have your above comment on my blog post.

Eve Gardener wrote: You can use as you like thanks
Ravi S. Iyer wrote: Thanks Eve. Will do.

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  1. Sairam Sir...The answer to the question why Swami left the mortal form at 85 can't be answered perfectly because in 1956 for the 1st time to some selected individual devotees Bhagwan told to live for 96 years(Thing to Remember:Saka Era implemented on Indian Constitution on 1st september,1957)later on Swami publicly told to live for 96years...Another question why Bhagwan(Any form of GOD)breaks his promise I think can be best explained by taking examples from our ancient mythological stories...
    Why did Krishna leave Vrindavana and went to Mathura? And by doing this He left Radharani and gopis in Vrindavana who love Him so much? Does this act of Krishna not a unfaithful(Breaking of promise to return Vrindavan) act?
    Ans-The internal reason was His desire to reciprocate with the unparalleled love of the residents of Vrindavan. Krishna actually never leaves His devotees and Vrindavan. It only appears to be so. When Krishna left Vrindavan to go to Mathura, He entered into the hearts and into the minds of all the devotees in Vrindavan and in this way Krishna never left them even for a moment.Krishna explains this in His message through Uddhava (Krishna book, Ch.47),
    “My dear gopis, in order to increase your superexcellent love for Me, I have purposely separated Myself from you. I have done this so that you may be in constant meditation on Me.”
    My dear friends, do not think for a moment that I have been dealing with you as I do with ordinary devotees. I know what you are. You have forsaken all kinds of social and religious obligations; you have given up all connection with your parents. Without caring for social convention and religious obligations, you have come to Me and loved Me, and I am so much obliged to you that I cannot treat you as ordinary devotees. Do not think that I was away from you. I was near to you. I was simply seeing how much you were anxious for Me in My absence. So please do not try to find fault with Me. Because you consider Me so dear to you, kindly excuse Me if I have done anything wrong. I cannot repay your continuous love for Me, even throughout the lifetimes of the demigods in the heavenly planets. It is impossible to repay you or show enough gratitude for your love; therefore please be satisfied by your own pious activities. You have displayed exemplary attraction for Me, overcoming the greatest difficulties arising from family connections. Please be satisfied with your highly exemplary character, for it is not possible for Me to repay My debt to you.
    Another example-Everyone is aware of the fact that when there was a declaration of war between the Pandavas and Kauravas, Lord Krishna, took the decision not to fight or lift arms. Yet this example shows how Krishna sometimes breaks His promise!!!
    Ans-Krishna tells Arjuna, kaunteya pratijanihi. "You promise so I shall protect your promise." Someone could question, why didn’t he declare this himself and why did Arjuna have to declare? The understanding is that even Krishna could break his promise, he would never break his devotee’s promise. ‘Na me bhaktah prayasyati’: Anyone who has taken to Krishna consciousness, he will never be destroyed.
    I hope the above 2 examples would help all the SAI believers all across the globe in better understanding that sometimes GOD breaks his own promise for a long term eternal attachment of his devotees...I think respected bro. Vijay Sai should also note these things....Jai Sairam