Thursday, October 27, 2016

Clive Raj Valydon's direct interaction with Swami in Feb 2002 on how to handle controversy

Given below are some exchanges I had with Clive Raj Valydon on his Facebook post,

[Please note that the interaction mentioned below that Clive had with Swami (Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba) seems to have happened in an interview Swami gave to Clive.]

I (Ravi) commented (slightly edited):

Thank you so much brother Clive Raj Valydon for sharing your experience with Swami. I would like to share with others these words of yours particularly, from this post:

Swami had answered this question during the controversy that surrounded him.
I held his hands kissed it and cried and he gave me a slap on my cheeks and said take padnamaska.
Swami explained to me that
See how much good swami does
Still swami cannot please everybody
Then swami told it doesn't matter how much of good you do.
You cannot please everybody
It is enough if you please God only.
Make God happy and leave the rest of the world to him.
If swami cannot make everybody happy then who are you (to make everybody happy).
--- end extract ---

I view the above words as a very, very valuable contribution from you, brother Clive, to the Sathya Sai fraternity and Sathya Sai mission. May I share the above words on my blog attributing it to you (and giving the link of this Facebook post)?


Clive Raj Valydon responded:
Yes sir if it may help Pls share it

I (Ravi) wrote:
Brother Clive Raj Valydon, I am sure it will be of great help to many as this is a DIRECT INTERACTION between you and physical form Swami on the matter. Thanks a ton for your approval to share publicly (with attribution to you). BTW do you remember the year this DIRECT INTERACTION happened?

Clive Raj Valydon wrote:
Yes sir feb 14th 2002
St Valentine's Day

I (Ravi) responded:
Wow! What a memory you have bro.!!! I am eagerly waiting for your book. Thanks a ton!

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  1. Sairam Sir, I came across this very relevant experience shared by someone on what Swami told about Him never speaking through anyone.

    Please share this on your blog if you feel it will be useful for many.