Thursday, October 27, 2016

One should not tar everybody as ungrateful and treacherous due to actions of a few

Given below are my comments in a Facebook post which said, "The person who tries to keep everyone happy and always cares for everyone is always the most lonely person. Strange but true", Original source: Lessons Learned in Life Inc.,

I (Ravi) wrote:
Interesting view! But I am not sure if it is true, in general. ... I think the person who does good to others does receive the gratitude, at least to some extent, from the people whom he/she did good to. And I think that would keep the person feeling good in his/her heart and not lonely, even if physically the person may not have somebody else next to him/her.

In response to a comment about some persons facing not only ingratitude but betrayal from those to whom they did good, leading to their health suffering and later untimely death, I (Ravi) responded (slightly edited):
Sairam --snip--,

I am sorry to hear about what happened to your parents related to ingratitude of some persons.

I too faced ingratitude from high-ranking Sai university administrators (former vice-chancellor Sashidhara Prasad, former HOD of my dept. Chandrasekaran then and current Registrar Naren Ramji, and then Director of Prasanthi Nilayam campus, Sudhir Bhaskar) even though I provided FREE SERVICE to Sai university from Jan. 2003 to March 2012!!! I view them now as Teacher Drohi Paapis (sinners) and ungrateful wretches who will certainly face the negative karmic consequences of their teacher droham paapi actions.

All that led to severe mental trauma for me which worsened my already poor health in a very traumatic year or so for me after Swami's Mahasamadhi (from around July 2011 to June 2012). NOT A SINGLE PERSON in the Sai university where I gave FREE SERVICE for over nine years, supported me!!!

Initially I felt very bad about it and was angry towards all of the people in the Sai university. Later, I realized that it was FEAR of power crazy PSYCHOS like Sashidhara Prasad, Naren Ramji and Chandrasekaran, that led to my Sai university colleagues not DARING to even privately support me. They were afraid of losing their job!!! That's how the system was (and probably still is) in the Sai university! And that is how the Sai university got HIJACKED by TRAITORS Narasimhamurthy and Sashidhara Prasad, with the support of QUISLINGS (supporters of TRAITORS) like Sudhir Bhaskar and Naren Ramji, and possibly Chandrasekaran as well, from Jul 2011 to Nov. 2014!!! It is these TRAITORS and QUISLINGS who FORCED out the HERO of the Sai university fighting against the HIJACK then, Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju, by tricking him into resigning from SSSIHL which was promptly accepted by Teacher Drohi Paapi, Naren Ramji, via a letter sent by him to Prof Anilkumar Kamaraju.

When I carefully analyzed the situation I found that I could hold responsible/guilty, only the above mentioned four administrators of the Sai university for the ungrateful and teacher-drohi actions against me. Others simply stayed silent but they did not contribute, as far as I know. to those actions against me. So I realized that I should not be angry with the Sai university as a whole.

I view my horrible trauma in the Sai university to be in a small way similar to Draupadi's humiliation in the Kaurava court. It was Duryodhana and Dushasana who were directly involved in that humiliation. Bheeshma and Dronacharya stayed silent but did not participate actively in that humiliation of Draupadi. So while their staying silent at that time was a BLOT on their careers, one cannot say Bheeshma and Dronacharya were SINNERS against Draupadi, like Duryodhana and Dushasana.

So like in my case where I can clearly point Asathya and Adharma sinful actions against me, to Sashidhara Prasad, Naren Ramji, Chandrasekaran and Sudhir Bhaskar, but not the entire Sai university staff, perhaps in your parents case too, there may have been a few ungrateful and treacherous people but not all to whom your parents have done good. The danger lies in tarring everybody as ungrateful and treacherous when it is only a few that may have been ungrateful and treacherous, as happened in my case.

Jai Sairam!

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