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How Sathya Sai demonstrated that he knew all about Clive Raj Valydon in his first interview in Dec. 2000 and then guided him

Brother Clive Raj Valydon kindly permitted me to share his very interesting first interview experience with Sathya Sai in 2000. Given below is a slightly edited version of it taken from his Facebook post, https://www.facebook.com/sathyanarayana.raju.9/posts/929394337197051, dated Dec. 25th 2016. Please note that Clive Raj Valydon lives in London. He is British (born in Britain) and his mother is Indian-Mauritian (who migrated to Britain, I guess). Clive's ex wife (mentioned below) is Venezuelan, I believe. Note that Swami below refers to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and that the interview took place in his Prasanthi Nilayam ashram in Puttaparthi.

----- start (slightly edited) version of Clive Raj Valydon's Facebook post -------

Well before I begin this story, I would like to express that there (were) 3 different kind of Swami's [3 different aspects of Swami].

The first was Darshan Swami which was guru / universal teacher. The second was [group] interview room Swami which was the friend side of Swami, playful but also full of guidance. He will joke with you and also soften the mood and that same time he knew just how to slide so very important teachings in.

Take note whatever he says at this level will surely be for your own upliftment but (he) uses some mild humour to do it. At this level he is showing a slightly personal side to himself.

The 3rd Swami is mother. Full mother and this (is) only inside private interview room. This is the one. There (are) no jokes at this level. He will seriously show you his Shakti side. He will love you and you will melt and fall head over heels in love with him.

At this level he will tell you things about your life that nobody knows and this I'm telling from personal experience. He will tell you the problem and he will tell you why you have the problem. Then he will tell you what to do to fix it.

And with this in mind I'd like to share with you all a personal experience I once had with our beloved Bhagawan.

The year was Dec 2000.
The 28th at around 3:20pm in the afternoon.

Swami had just come back from what was the most exciting Xmas we ever had with him in Brindavan.

The Venezuelan group was the first group to be called for an interview after coming back from Whitefield that year.

It started with Swami walking up to our group and asking us how many. None of us knew the answer to this question. About 3 different members threw an answer at Swami. Swami knew we were playing guessing games with him. Then one fellow, God bless him, said, Swami we love you with all our heart but we just don't know how many we are.

That caught Swami. See how this fellow spoke the truth and we were able to catch him by speaking the truth. Go swami told.

I jumped first LOL. Everyone looked at me; sit down they told. We waited for Swami to enter the veranda. Then we got up.

My legs were shaking badly. And I couldn't stop them from shaking. We reached the veranda and sat down. Swami went inside.

Honestly speaking, the time Swami spends in the interview room before he calls you in feels like a lifetime. This is the moment where your life is about to change forever.

He calls us in. We go in. Swami told us off. Swami told three groups are here. Swami only called 1 group. Swami said so many of you. How will Swami walk? We moved. He walked and he sat down.

This interview - I was absolutely petrified. I was so nervous. I had heard so many rumours about Swami embarrassing people inside by revealing something. I was just so nervous.

This was the moment where I started to think, did I tell my wife everything about me or did I miss something out.


I sat in the back quietly. I was just happy to be there. I was praying for Swami not to look at me or saying anything to me. I'd be happy if I can leave without Swami saying a word to me I thought.

Just as I thought this Swami looked at my ex (former wife). And said, where is your husband? Oh my God! What will he come out with now? He is gonna embarrass me. I was very, very insecure as a teenager.

My ex looked at me. She saw I was nervous. He is there, Swami, she said. Now he looks at me with a half serious look.

Kind of smirking and says, Is he a good boy?

I just didn't answer. I was petrified. My ex told, He is trying Swami. He is trying hard.

Hummmmmm Swami told. Staring at me. My face must have gone white in this moment. [Swami said:] But he has temper, verrrrrrrrrrrrrry short temper. Like a fuse.

I just kept quiet. Swami knew I was not going to speak a word so then he asked me.

[Swami:] Boy, how many years of marriage???
[Clive response:] 2 Swami.
2 years, Swami told. 2 years and no children!

Swami then nodded his head making a Tus Tus sound with his lips.

Swami looked at my ex and said, do you want a baby?
[Ex said:] Whatever you want.
Swami asked again, do you want baby - this time little more serious.
Again my ex said same thing.
Then Swami looked at me and (asked), do you want baby?
I said, yes Swami.

Swami will give you a beautiful boy, Surya, he told.

Then he told me to go. So I got up and went inside (the) small (private) interview room. Then he called me back. And shouted at me. You go without wife. Bad boy! Bad boy!

Oh my God! I wanted to die right there. I almost cried; such was my emotion. I looked at my ex and she got up and I waited for her to go inside the small interview room. Then I went in.

I went and sat on the floor. Again Swami shouted at me. Get up, he told. Then he sat in his chair. Then he told, sit down.

It was my first interview with Swami. I didn't know the protocol of standing till he sits. Then we sat.

He told me and my ex all our problems. Down to a T.

Then swami asked me about my girlfriend!

My god! I almost died. What girlfriend, I told.

Swami could see I was petrified.

Swami told, before marriage: 1 girl here, 1 girl there, 1 girl everywhere. Not good, Swami told.

Then Swami told, don't worry. Past is past. You cannot change past. Now you are on correct path.

Very very happy. Take Padnamaskar [touching feet of Guru reverentially], he told.

I kissed his feet. Then he shouted. No sleeping! No sleeping! I got up.

And I swear to you one thing. Before I left that interview room. My lips were burnt badly. I had blisters. My lips had swollen up so badly I was unable to talk. By the time the interview was over my lips were badly damaged with blisters.

Such was the intensity of the Padnamaskar.

The moral of the experience was that Swami reads even our most intimate thoughts. And he plays on them.

I was petrified and he made me deal with it. Swami called another 4 times in the space of a few more days.

By the next interview, my confidence went up. Swami could see a difference in my body language.

I was no longer scared to be around Swami and learned how to enjoy him without feeling scared.

Aum Sai Ram
----- end (slightly edited) version of Clive Raj Valydon's Facebook post -------

Ravi: I shared Clive Raj Valydon's post on my Facebook timeline here: https://www.facebook.com/ravi.s.iyer.7/posts/1838645769685325, with the share text as:
Clive Raj Valydon frankly tells about his first interview with Swami without hesitating to tell some unpleasant truths, making it very compelling reading and very interesting. I am sure this will be of great benefit to many Sai devotees. Bravo, Clive!!!

Given below are some comments on that Facebook post:

Taruni Tarun wrote: sai ram:) Brother clive is really very fortunate to have had so many personal experiences with swami :)loved reading it Thanks.for sharing.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Clive Raj Valydon, I think your post which I shared is finding interest in some people. I don't know whether you would be comfortable with it being shared publicly (your share is with Facebook friends and their friends). If so, please let me know, as then I could put it up on my blog. However, if you prefer it being limited to your Facebook friends and family, that's perfectly fine by me.

Clive Raj Valydon wrote (slightly edited):
Sir, it's an experience. That's all it is. If it can (help) just 1 person at all then who am I to say no or yes.

An experience is there to be shared. You don't need my permission sir. Just do it.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Brother Clive Raj Valydon, you are a very generous and giving man. Perhaps the most precious thing to give, for Sai devotees like you and me, is our experiences of our beloved Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. So happy with this gesture of yours bro. and the way you put it in your comment. I earnestly pray to Bhagavan to keep showering his Grace on you.

Clive Raj Valydon wrote (slightly edited):
Ravi S. Iyer sir, I'm nothing. Sometimes the best thing to do is to remind (ourselves) that if we (are) something, it's due to his grace only. Without his grace I am nothing. But yes, do your work, sir.

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