Thursday, December 8, 2016

I will continue to share my views on important events like PM Modi's visits to Muddenahalli group functions

Here's a clarification to my earlier blog post, Stepping back from Whistle-blower role; Plan to focus more on spirituality & religion,, dated Dec. 4th 2016.

By whistle-blowing I meant REVELATIONS about Prasanthi Nilayam system with respect to Muddenahalli group, that I knew of or come to know of. For example, I knew a lot about what happened in the Sai university in the crucial period of a year or so after Mahasamadhi (May 2011 to around June/July 2012) during which the two TRAITORS, then vice-chancellor Sashidhara Prasad and former warden Narasimhamurthy, consolidated their HIJACK of the Sai university, along with some QUISLINGS (supporters/collaborators of these two traitors) in top Sai university administration then like Registrar Naren Ramji and then Director of Prasanthi Nilayam campus, Sudhir Bhaskar [I suspect that DMACS HOD Chandrasekaran also was a QUISLING who collaborated with these traitors but I am not sure.] These traitors and quislings forced out anybody who opposed their dictatorial hold on the Sai university (e.g. Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju, and to a much lesser extent, myself (I was only a Visiting Faculty then and not really an integral part of the Sai university)).

So the above is what I meant by whistle-blowing. I think I have done enough of it and shared/chronicled whatever key stuff, from my perspective, that needed to be shared/chronicled.

But that does not mean that I will not say anything about Muddenahalli group in future. I will continue to express my views on important events like Hon'ble Prime Minister's visits to Muddenahalli group functions and what he says in those visits. Such posts and comments are not whistle-blowing in my view as they would be just my views on the matter and NOT revelations of inner stuff which had been kept hidden from the public's view.

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