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George Harrison of Beatles reverentially accepting Vibhuti prasad from Sathya Sai in 1976 in Mumbai

Last updated on 26-Mar-2017

Wow! I am told that I saw right that the video,, published in Apr. 2016, shows George Harrison of the Beatles gratefully and reverentially accepting Vibhuti from Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba (from 0:55 to 0:59 in the video)!!! Wow! Pandit Ravi Shankar is sitting in front of George Harrison and may have brought him to take Darshan of Swami. The video subtitles are in a language I do not understand. But I think it states that this Darshan happened in 1976 in Dharmakshetra, Mumbai.

The audio in it is of George Harrison's great song, My Sweet Lord. Here's a live performance of it, My Sweet Lord - George Harrison - Concert for Bangladesh (done in 1971, it seems),, 4 min. 30 secs.

The Sathya Sai darshan video is not of great quality. I have taken a few screenshots of it given below which also are poor in picture quality.

Above pic: George Harrison watching Swami and perhaps waiting for Swami to approach closer

Above pic: Swami is ready to give Vibhuti to George

Above pic: George is receiving vibhuti from Swami's fingers in his open palm.

Above pic: George reverentially bows to Swami and also perhaps to the Vibhuti prasad in his palm which he has raised

Given below are my comments from my Facebook post,, associated with this post:

Ravi S. Iyer wrote (slightly edited):
--Name-snipped--, Very interesting to know that John Lennon and Yoko Ono came to Swami once but did not return (and did not have an interview). Interesting to know that George Harrison came to Prasanthi Nilayam as well. .. Yes, I know about George H contribution to Hare Krishna movement (ISKCON) in UK. ... Noted the Ravi Shankar auto(graph). ... --- Thanks.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote (slightly edited):
--Name-snipped--, --- Very interesting input from you about George being a lovely, lovely soul and you "swear"ing that he was highly evolved!

I got very, very good vibes of him when I saw his My Sweet Lord video. And the ISKCON bhakti singing and music are very, very good vibes as well. No wonder that George got attracted to it.

I can feel the great spiritual music legacy of George from the first song in this video, Concert For George "My Sweet Lord/Wah Wah" Live-2002, So many singers (some of them seem to be well known figures) singing that song with so much feeling, in George's memory, was so moving to me. I feel blessed and privileged to see this outpouring of love for God across religious traditions (Christian-Hallelujah & Hindu-Hare Krishna) by these wonderful singers. And this is after George has given up his body (if I got that right). After the second song a youngster thanks the singers. I think that person may be related to George (perhaps his son?). One can see even the youngster being really into the My Sweet Lord song. He sang it with feeling. It is that feeling that's what matters, IMHO, in the path of devotion (Bhakthi) to the Lord, no matter what religious tradition (or multiple traditions, like in my case) we follow.

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