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Can Shri Karatam Rambabu be helped by Parthi Sathya Sai devotees to complete Baba Sathya Sai (Telugu) movie?

The contents of shared Facebook post of Shubha Ramesh Kumar, https://www.facebook.com/shubha.kumar/posts/10158226800555538, given below explains how Shri Karatam Rambabu ran into financial and other problems with respect to the movie, 'Baba Sathya Sai' he wanted and still wants to produce. The question that crops up in my mind is: Can Shri Karatam Rambabu be helped by Parthi Sathya Sai devotees to complete Baba Sathya Sai (Telugu) movie?

Note that the problems seem to be two-fold. One is the financial issue. The second is that some of the rights of the movie now belong to Muddenahalli group!!! The second part is the most worrying one for me. Muddenahalli group may try to use their considerable foreign-donations powered financial muscle to complete the movie but with Madhu Baba (Madhusudan Naidu) and his devotees featured in it with their FALSE CLAIM that Madhu Baba is communicating with invisible so-called subtle body of Sathya Sai in Muddenahalli!!! That would create more Madhu Baba devotees for them!!

Can some Sathya Sai devotees who are LOYAL to Bhagavan's teachings and instructions, come to the rescue here?

I have also given below the comment (edited) I put up on the shared post:

Hmm. So sad! But who has the rights to the unfinished movie now? Does Muddenahalli group have those rights? If so, that complicates the matter significantly. [Shubha replied, "Brother yes, as of mid 2015 they (Muddenahalli) have the rights but as founding producer Sri. Rambabu retains some rights too and remains part of the agreement. That is why my prayer at the end that someone else should swoop in and save the movie, the makers and Swami with their offer to help. Of course we will all support them in whatever way we can."]

Thanks for your wonderful service, sister Shubha Ramesh Kumar of sharing these matters with the Sathya Sai fraternity on social media. It is very important that the truth about these matters become known. Once the truth is established, possibilities for Dharmically solving the problem emerge. But when people don't know what happened/is happening, as matters are shrouded in secrecy, Dharmic solutions become far more difficult.

I am not surprised at all that somebody in Parthi suggested to Shri Karatam Rambabu to go to Muddenahalli. Of course, I think that person who made the suggestion has done a great disservice to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and his legacy. But in the period from around end 2011 to 2014, Parthi was completely under the sway of Muddenahalli group, including then vice-chancellor and some senior faculty of the Sai university, with Sai university being the institution that everybody was looking up to for hope and inspiration to handle the very traumatic and challenging immediate post-Mahasamadhi years. I view this period as a VERY DARK PHASE of immediate post-Mahasamadhi Puttaparthi & Prasanthi Nilayam.

I think we should provide complete support on social media to Shri Karatam Rambabu to both explain his difficulties and also share any particular appeals for help/solutions he would like us to share with Sathya Sai fraternity on social media.
--- end my comment on shared post ---

Contents of Shubha Ramesh Kumar's Facebook post (slightly edited), https://www.facebook.com/shubha.kumar/posts/10158226800555538, dated April 11th 2017, are given below:


Imagine yourself on a hot day in rural India, when you want a drink of water, and there is not a drop to drink anywhere.

What would you do? Tread long distances in search of that elusive borewell? Go to that almost dry water body and compete for water with the thirsty cattle, the women doing laundry, all the while cursing Mother Nature for the lack of rains? Or pray that someone helps you?

Now imagine as an answer to your prayers, comes a Holy man by name of Sri Sathya Sai who promises to alleviate the drinking water problem in your region and delivers on his promise!

What does it do to you? It quenches your thirst, it leaves you awestruck that such a project can be done and the Man behind the project inspires you to become more charitable, more loving, more kind and then ....

It inspires you to want to make a movie on this great man..

Sisters and brothers, that is the story of Sri. Karatam Rambabu who wanted to make the movie 'Baba Sathya Sai', on our beloved Sai.

He was so inspired by Swami's water supply projects and grateful for directly benefiting from it that he felt he should make a movie on Swami and spread Swami's message of love.

After our beloved Sai took Mahasamadhi in April 2011, Sri. Ram Babu arranged for the funds to make the movie, and began shooting in 2012.

He shot for a fortnight (Swami's childhood sequences was completed) before the director Sri. Kodi Ramakrishnagaru fell sick. By the time the director recovered from his illness which was two years, the people funding the movie backed out (citing) non-viability.

So the poor man went to Puttaparthi looking for solutions as the project was stalled, time and money lost and he wanted the movie to be completed some how.

This is when someone in Parthi directed him to Muddenahalli saying that there is another Baba Trust in Muddenahalli. (I cannot fathom why anyone in Parthi would do this.)

So off he went to Muddenahalli and our famous crooks right royally took the opportunity, entered into an agreement, bought the rights promising to complete the movie saying their own charitable organization would fund it but have refused to do a thing since 2015.

Now the family of the founding producer Sri. Rambabu say they haven't violated any terms of agreement and are baffled as to why the folks in Muddenahalli won't do anything. They just want their movie completed and released.

But as awful as it sounds, do we need to see a movie on Swami with a Sukshma angle to it, as twisted and altered by the fraud squad in Muddenahalli? We don't and may be it's indeed Swami who has put a lid on it.

But what about the earnest and well intentioned efforts of Sri. Rambabu and his family who toiled for some 6 years now, lost money, time over this project and yet haven't seen it being completed?

Let's pray to Swami that He grants them the relief they are looking for and that the movie shall be completed with the original script ending with Mahasamadhi and no sign of the Sukshma nonsense whatsoever!!

May Swami find them a set of helping hands who will take the movie to completion and bring out a beautiful inspiring movie for all to see, devotees and non devotees included!

Jai Sai Ram.

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