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Clive Raj Valydon directly challenges Madhu Baba, in person in London, on communicator claim, and shares video of it

Last updated on 16th April 2017

Given below are the contents (slightly edited) of my Facebook post,, dated 15th April 2017:

From around 28:30 in the Facebook video (done Live) here (The video is not Facebook world access so some readers may not be able to view it):, you can hear brother Clive Raj Valydon, so courageously, and yet politely, questioning Madhu Baba (Madhusudan Naidu), the FALSE CLAIM so called communicator of invisible so called subtle body of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The question posed by Clive was very well articulated without any possibility of ambiguity, also sharing that he has had many interactions with physical form Swami. The question was on the lines of physical form Swami always saying that if we wanted to find him, we should always (look) for him within our hearts. In the question Clive also said that when Swami was on earth he didn't need a communicator to communicate with his devotees. Clive says towards the end of his question, "So my question is, by using a communicator to communicate his message, does that not contradict the message that he has been trying to uphold for 85 years, that Swami lives within our own heart(s)?"

Madhu Baba gives what appeared to me as a somewhat roundabout and somewhat meandering response not directly addressing Clive's question. What I got was that Madhu was saying that to do the unfinished work of Sathya Sai's mission, Swami is using this communicator mechanism. But Madhu did not contradict Clive's point that Swami can be found within one's heart. And Madhu said that Swami's message is the same as earlier.

In my view, Madhu Baba artfully DODGED Clive's question. And the format was such that once Clive asked the question, Clive could not speak up again (as I guess the mike was taken away from him after he finished his question). So Madhu Baba had the floor and could take his own sweet time to artfully DODGE the question. Instead Madhu Baba put in some Swami teaching homilies and examples, and did NOT take a CONFRONTATIONAL approach to Clive. All of this seems to have endeared the small gathering there who perhaps do not know much of physical form Sathya Sai and his teachings & instructions. The small gathering applauds after Madhu Baba finishes his longish response. Clive (and people like me then watching the Facebook Live video) could do nothing really to intercede and challenge Madhu Baba's response, as the (debate) floor was controlled by Madhu Baba devotees, and there was no polite way for Clive to speak up and challenge Madhu Baba's response. I mean, it was not a FAIR debate scenario. It was a heavily tilted towards Madhu Baba setup.

I congratulate and thank Clive for taking this initiative and challenging Madhu Baba with a very well articulated and appropriate question, directly in the face of Madhu Baba and his key endorsers (Sri Narasimhamurthy, Sri C. Srinivas and Mr. Isaac Tigrett), in Clive's home country of Britain, and in his home city of London. Further, he did an extraordinary job of capturing the video of many parts of this meeting, thereby allowing the Sathya Sai fraternity worldwide to see it on the Internet. The Internet provides a fair debate environment and I think any unbiased observer would see that Madhu Baba artfully DODGED Clive's question about Madhu Baba going against the teachings and instructions of Sathya Sai who has repeatedly, in public, said that he never uses mediums (or communicators) to communicate with his devotees.

The shared post below gives Clive's very important account of the event and his analysis. I request readers who are interested in this topic to carefully study it. I also thank Clive for his kind words about me in the shared post.
--- end my Facebook post contents ---

Given below are the contents (slightly edited) of shared post mentioned above of Clive Raj Valydon,, dated 15th April 2017 (Clive was OK with sharing of it here; Note that MDH/mdh stands for Muddenahalli, Karnataka (near Bangalore/Bengaluru) which is the home base of Madhu Baba and his devotees):

Where do I start with all of this.

When I started my fight it was almost 2 years ago.
There was no group.
I was completely alone in my fight.
Everyone was still dealing with the passing of swami.
I was dealing with the passing of swami, the breakdown of my marriage and the loss of my children.
It's fair to say that I perhaps had some anger inside of me at that time.

I took the fight to all of them
They tried to debate with me and fight with me.
Often it was about 5 people I was taking on at once.
And never did they beat me in any debate.
Cause I knew what I was talking about.

They tried everything
They sent --Name-snipped-- to try and honey trap me.
It didn't work and in fact it back fires on them as --Name-snipped-- released sensitive information.

The first person whom I saw that was fighting to try and uphold the sanctity of swami name was Ravi S. Iyer.

He still did not know me
And nobody trusted each other jus then.
But I felt he was on my side.

Back then the mdh group took their nonsense to fb and started to publicly claim that the subtle body was real and they even tried to bully anyone that doubted them.

I had to be very very strong in my approach. Quite often I used bad language as my frustration went over my head.

The mdh group tried to label me first as someone who was mad.

They wanted to shut me up.

But people were astonished (that) if this fellow is mad but he knows the whole set up.
He has been around swami since (he was) 9 years old.

Then they tried to label me as a rowdy.

Then I began sharing my experiences with swami.

And that shut them up and from there more and more people started to come forward.

A total of 19 interviews with swami
And being with swami since the age of 9 years old.

In one of my interviews I was swami's helper

People slowly began to hear my voice.

People began to enjoy hearing my stories even the people in mdh.

I went from being mad to being a rowdy to being blessed.

And the truth is I am none of them.

I am jus someone who received a lot of grace from Swami for whatever reason.

You have to understand that my bad language is a result of all their nonsense.

Anyway something that everyone in mdh has been saying for a long time is go have your experience then talk.

Well yesterday by swami's grace I had my experience.

And this is my analysis of what I experienced yesterday.
I ask you all to please read on.

This was my subtle experience yesterday.

When I entered the building yesterday I was greated with no Sai ram at all or even a smile.

The man at the door was not a Sai devotee but was dressed in white.

I walked in and everyone was so serious.
The energy was tense.
Nobody was relaxed.

I saw no one that I knew and this was my wish to swami before I walked in..

I asked swami silently pls don't let me see anyone I know.
I would be heartbroken.

When I entered the room I walked to the first 3 rows.
This is an old Prashanthi habit of mine.

Even Mr Reddy never liked it but even he didn't stop it.
It's jus something I've always done.

You must understand I have been with swami since the age of 9. I am now reaching 37.

When I started my journey in Prashanthi there was no security lol.

What security [Two smiley icons]
Slowly due to the increase of devotees they had started having security.
The first one was Janakiraman in the Sai kulwant hall.

I'm sure you all know who he is.
Then came a man before Reddy. Then came Reddy.

Believe it or not I was some what senior to Mr. Reddy.
I was there when he had his first day of duty in the Kulwant hall.
I used to listen to him ..
I respected him.
He was never strict with me.

I sat wherever I wanted within reason.
As long as I didn't go on the veranda he was ok with me.

I used to notice that as soon as I came into the Kulwant hall he would give me his back.
I took that as hurry up and find a seat lol.

Anyway so this habit from PN days
When I sat down
I noticed that everyone on stage had a castor oil face

Not one was smiling..
All tense..
If they were trying to sell love then where is the love lol.
So what are they trying to sell.

They are trying to sell a new organisation.
A new mission that none of them have been given any authority to do so.

Anybody that has experienced Swami will know it's all fake.

But this is how they do it.

So pay attention.

They have a few alumni in mdh who studied in parthi and of course in that period of time they have built strong connections with other alumni in parthi.

Namely --Name-snipped-- who uses his connection to try to build loving relationships then slowly starts to share his experience with subtle body.

By the time he sells his experience to you he has already built a strong relationship with you.

He has pretty much got you lol.

You have --Name-snipped-- to help him.
And these guys play mental games which makes them so dangerous...
Cause they play with your emotions.
They use seva to promote the subtle body.

Look at the good work we do they claim.
And yes it's true they do good work.

Then you have --Name-snipped-- who works on older devotees.

It was him that told me nasty things about the trust and even pinned the passing of swami on the trust saying they didn't take care of him properly.

--Name-snipped-- is a very very dangerous man.
He has the ability to make you really like him.
And he knows this and often uses this to promote the subtle body.

All of them will use butter and honey to get their message across.

When you go to MDH I hear of devotees being offered position to leave PN.

Which of course devotees will do .
They are giving them fake respect to get them there.

Come to Alike they tell.
I will hand over entire administration to you if you come.

The central trust will finish you off they tell.

Remember the medium only began to hear swami 4 days after he passed away.

What (does) this tell you.

While swami was in hospital they were planning to start a new organisation, a new mission.

What does this tell you.

I leave it to you to decide.

I had my experience and I can tell you I have never experienced something so fake before in my life.

It's not real.

The guy is not even a medium.
He has studied thousands of Swami's discourses - that's all.

He knows how to start a discourse
He really does .
The same as swami
And he knows what he is talking about.

This is the only ability he has
I'm telling you he isn't even medium ,[six smiley icons]
A true medium would never do what he does.
Mediums do their work quietly .
They never look for publicity.

If you don't believe me then believe swami when he tells that he would never use a medium to communicate to you.

Lastly I'd like to say to all alumni pls come forward.
We need you so much.

You are the future of swami mission
Swami called you his only property and I feel you owe him that

Please come forward and put an end to this.

And also to all devotees

Promote what swami told not what people tell you is real.

Now all we have is what swami told us.
This is what he left behind
That's his legacy
Protect it with all your heart

And never let anyone put their dirty feet on his legacy.

Jai Sai ram

I had my experience
It's fake and it's a scam
Be careful
--- end contents of Clive Raj Valydon FB post ---

Ravi S. Iyer comment:
The man before Mr. Reddy in Sai Kulwant Hall discipline in-charge position, was a Mr. Saha. I have done Seva Dal duty under Mr. Saha, as part of Maharashtra Prasanthi Seva group sometime around mid 1990s, including once as leader of Mandir discipline Seva Dal group at which time I had to interact regularly with Mr. Saha. At that time, if I recall correctly, Mr. Reddy was what we referred to then as 'permanent' Seva Dal doing Mandir discipline duty.

Clive Raj Valydon wrote on my Facebook post as a comment:
It's really fake sir.
And I speak as someone who has been to the show and seen it live.
It's fake
And ridiculous
My name is Clive Valydon and I have been with swami since the age of 9.
It's fake

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