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Sathyameva Jayate! Offensive & disgusting comment of Facebook Fake Id bully & conspirator Venkatesh Babu has been deleted from Mr. Ganti's post

Last updated on 20th Nov. 2018

Given below are the contents of my Facebook post, Sathyameva Jayate! Offensive & disgusting comment of Facebook Fake Id bully & conspirator Venkatesh Babu has been deleted from Mr. Ganti's post,, dated April 12th 2017 at 10:09 AM.

Yesterday (11th Apr. 2017), I received a regular mailer from Mr. Ganti with subject, "IS SINGAPORE's LARGEST SAI CENTRE (AT LEAST ONCE UPON A TIME) GETTING HIJACKED BY MHALLI GANG?". I have been off his mailing list for many months now (different from a few individual mails he has sent me) and so I was quite surprised to see it. I did not react/respond to it.

But I checked whether the Venkatesh Babu/Parthi Resident offensive and disgusting comment dated 27th January 2017, 14:44, which included a misrepresented and fabricated screenshot from one of my posts, viciously maligning a senior office bearer of the Prasanthi Nilayam ashram system, was still shown. To MY PLEASANT SURPRISE, I found that it was not shown. But other comments of Venkatesh Babu are shown. So somebody (either Mr. Ganti or Venkatesh Babu or somebody else like a Facebook administrator) has deleted the offensive comment (and associated misrepresented and fabricated screenshot)!

I am happy that my immense efforts from January 28th 2017 to combat the vicious Shakuni poison work of Madhu Baba (Madhusudan Naidu) supporter, Facebook Fake Id coward, bully and conspirator, Venkatesh Babu/Parthi Resident, against me, has ultimately borne fruit now, sometime around April 11th 2017. These efforts are documented in these two blog posts of mine:

* Misrepresentation and fabrication by Parthi Resident/Venkatesh Babu against me; Beware of Arun Srinivas, alumnus of Muddenahalli school - Part 1,

* Misrepresentation and fabrication by Parthi Resident/Venkatesh Babu against me; Beware of Arun Srinivas, alumnus of Muddenahalli school - Part 2,

I thank those who stuck their neck out and supported me PUBLICLY on social media OR sent private messages of support, when Venkatesh Babu maliciously conspired and attacked me. In particular, I would like to PUBLICLY thank Ap Ramesh, Shubha Ramesh Kumar, Ravi Raj Salyankar, Terry Reis Kennedy and --name-snipped--.

The lesson that this experience has given me is that on Sathya Sai devotee social media forums like Facebook pages/walls of notable social media writers on Sathya Sai matters, those who courageously and relentlessly confront serious Asathya (untruth) & Adharma (unethical/immoral behaviour) attacks on them like malicious conspiracies, with Sathya (truth) & Dharma (ethical/moral behaviour), eventually win! Sathyameva Jayate! [Truth alone is victorious!] [Minor name-calling Asathya & Adharma attacks on social media are like street dogs barking which can simply be ignored.]

I am very grateful to my beloved and revered Gurudev, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, to have drummed into my head, again and again, through his discourses, many of which I have had the privilege and great good fortune to have heard live in his physical divine presence, his instructions & teachings to his devotees (or non-devotee listeners/readers, for that matter) to say the truth and lead a righteous/ethical life (Sathyam Vada Dharmam Chara). I must also say here that I try hard to follow Sathyam Vada Dharmam Chara teaching of his (which is the Sanathana Dharma and ancient Hindu teaching) but do slip up at times, due to the many human flaws that I have.
--- end contents of FB post ---

Given below are most of the comments from the above FB post.
[Note that, at times multiple comments have been combined into one comment below.]

Terry Reis Kennedy wrote:
Ravi S. Iyer This is such terrific and uplifting news. It shows how sometimes w really do need the support of our friends and well wishers. You have always taken a firm stand against fraudulent and Adharmic action. This type of speaking the truth from the heart upsets people who do not want to question the status quo, let alone try to change it. Perhaps that person, whoever he is, wishes he had the courage to be himself as you are. Why hide behind a false identity? Let people love us or hate us....but let their feelings be expressed in their own names. Honesty remains the best policy.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Thanks a ton Terry Reis Kennedy for your supportive comment.

Ap Ramesh wrote (slightly edited):
iyer sir, very happy. --name-snipped--, it is very nice of you to also say that you are sorry. all looks so beautiful and full of love. no slitting the throats like singapore guy. God bless.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Thank you Ap Ramesh sir.
--------------------------end Facebook post comments -------------------------

A response (slightly edited) I gave over email to a correspondent on the above Facebook post contents:

It (my work related to this matter) was over a period of two and a half months (Jan end to just before mid April), and not continuous, but in fits & bursts. But it was dogged and hard work from me. I was not letting it go, despite most people advising me to let it go.

I did let it go for periods, but whenever the opportunity presented itself, I dug deeper instead of letting it go. That's what seems to have delivered the good results!

Extracts from another email response from me:

What I have learned over the past two years or so that I have been active on Facebook, which is the main platform for Sathya Sai devotees on social media, is that social media mirrors real life human relationships and interactions with one additional scary feature of lack of accountability of fake Facebook users making perhaps good Dr. Jekyll figures into monstrous Mr. Hyde figures!

Another learning is that Facebook interactions on some matters in the Sathya Sai fraternity has a direct impact on one's real life! I am now a noted Facebook (and blog) writer on Sathya Sai matters in Puttaparthi, with many people SILENTLY reading what I have written, and only a few people having the courage to openly comment on controversial topics involving powerful people.
However, today the Muddenahalli supporters in Puttaparthi are a small minority (they were perhaps a kind of big minority if not majority, from end 2011 to mid 2016 when some staff were removed from Puttaparthi ashram system for openly associating with Muddenahalli group!!!). I think my social media work exposing Muddenhalli group from March 2015 onwards did contribute in a not-insignificant way to reducing the big minority/majority of Muddenahalli supporters in Puttaparthi, to a small minority from mid 2016 onwards. Perhaps due to that, now I have the support of many people, including some powerful people, in Puttaparthi for my writings exposing FALSE BELIEF of Muddenahalli group.
But my work exposing FALSE BELIEF of Muddenahalli group seems to be hurting them (Muddenahalli group) in terms of weaning away some followers and keeping away some recruits they are trying to attract, both from India and from other countries in the world, including the rich Western world countries (an important donor base for them). So they attacked me on social media with a nasty conspiracy! They tried to discredit me and silence me on social media through that attack! As simple as that!

It was my first experience of such vicious conspiracy against me which I had read and viewed about in relation to Indian and USA political leaders! Anyway, the saga seems to be finally over, with me having learned one heck of a lot about how to handle such vicious conspiracies against me on social media (which impact my real life in Puttaparthi, like this one had impacted for some time). Also I realized how I could prevent them in the first place by simply deleting any very sensitive stuff like sexual stuff comments related to top people of the ashram system without getting into any polite discussion about me planning to delete them.
I think Venkatesh Babu eventually realized that if he pacified me by removing the comment, I might not pursue any future leads I might get to expose him. And so, I think, he removed the comment. Or Mr. Ganti may have removed the comment to try to have me communicate again with him. Ganti is trying quite a bit to get me to communicate with him.

So that's how this thing played out. I don't think I will expose Venkatesh Babu now even if I come to know in future who the real person is. My anger against him has cooled with the comment being removed.

If I am attacked again with another vicious conspiracy against me by Muddenahalli group, I think I will be able to handle it better emotionally as I have been through the fire of this first one. I hope it does not happen again. But it could. I am prepared and ready for it now.

My (Ravi S. Iyer) response (edited) to private Facebook message:
I feel very happy that it (offensive comment made by Venkatesh Babu) finally got deleted from Mr. Ganti's post. I think that the Bhaskar Iyer of Melbourne, Australia, social media exposure (that he is collaborating with OR is Venkatesh Babu) resulted in Venkatesh Babu/Parthi Resident getting scared that he might get exposed next in social media (presuming he is not Bhaskar Iyer). Venkatesh Babu has gone quiet in terms of his criticism now. His Asathya & Adharma was defeated by Sathya & Dharma. So I am happy with the victory of Sathya & Dharma over Venkatesh Babu's Asathya & Adharma.

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