Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I challenge Prof. Sashidhara Prasad to Internet based debate on Madhusudan Naidu's Sathya Sai Baba communicator claim; Muddenahalli group plans new university in Karnataka!

First some comments on Facebook pic shared in my Facebook post,, associated with this post (the pic shows Madhusudan Rao Naidu being surrounded by lady devotees in close proximity to him): Bhagavan expected teachers of his university to pull up students who were going astray. There is a Chinna Katha of Bhagavan where Bhagavan holds the parent(s) of a wayward boy guilty for the crimes that the boy commits later as a man because his parent(s) did not scold him as a boy when he was making similar but smaller scale mistakes. As a former (free service) teacher in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning for nine years, I bore that in mind, and have disciplined/punished erring students firmly but with love.

Prof. Sashidhara Prasad (former vice-chancellor of SSSIHL/Sai university from sometime in 2010 till Nov. 2014) who seems to be the top influential academic administrator in Muddenahalli group and who seems to now be a key person in the setting up of the new Muddenahalli group university with ten colleges planned in Karnataka, MUST CONDEMN Madhusudan Rao Naidu for allowing him as so called communicator to be surrounded by women devotees at such close proximity, and even allowing pics of that to be taken!!! There is no pretense of so called subtle body as there is no room for it in this pic. Subtle body seems to have merged with Madhu Baba!!!

If Prof. Sashidhara Prasad fails to condemn these actions of Madhusudan Rao Naidu and instead provides more support to a new private university being formed around these acts of "heinous sacrilege" (as per Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust trustees) by Madhusudan Rao Naidu, then Prof. Sashidhara Prasad will surely face the negative karmic consequences of his inactions and actions. Let Prof. Sashidhara Prasad at least have some fear of such Guru Droham negative karmic consequences!!!

Shame on Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy (former long-time warden of Brindavan campus of Sai university) for staying silent while the man he promoted and endorsed is allowing such pics to be taken of him and his women devotees in such close proximity to him!!! Shame on Shri B.N.Narasimhamurthy for not publicly condemning Madhusudan Rao Naidu for this.

I CHALLENGE Prof. Sashidhara Prasad to an Internet based debate on whether the claims of Madhusudan Rao Naidu being a so called communicator are TRUE or FALSE! Let him accept the challenge, defeat me in the Internet based debate, and then use his influence to set up this new Muddenahalli group private university which will further promote this MAD FELLOW, Madhusudan Rao Naidu who SHAMELESSLY uses the HOLY NAME of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for his actions.

I have a question of top authorities of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, including the revered chancellor, former Supreme Court Chief Justice of India, Justice M.N. Venkatachelliah, the current vice-chancellor, the Registrar, Controller of Examinations, and the various directors of campus, as well as the trustees of SSSIHL (if I recall correctly there is a separate SSSIHL trust under SSSCT):

Dear gentlemen (and ladies), what action have you undertaken or are going to undertake to challenge the creation of a new private university by Muddenahalli group (as announced by Madhusudan Rao Naidu recently) in Karnataka with ten college campuses? The university will come up in a year's time according to Madhusudan Rao Naidu and the application for it has already been made (Prof. Sashidhara Prasad may be involved with the application process). In all probability they will name the university after Sri Sathya Sai Baba!!! And then this UNIVERSITY will promote MADMAN Madhusudan Rao Naidu's speeches, interviews, darshans, and pics with ladies in close proximity, as Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's words and actions!!! Year after year graduates, and later perhaps post-graduates and Ph.D. scholars will be produced by this university who will spread this FAKE BELIEF/FALSE BELIEF!!! Oh my God!!! What a tragedy it will be if that happens!!

I hereby notify (on Facebook) Hon'ble Union HRD (Education) minister, Shri Prakash Javadekar as well as Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, about this post. I earnestly request them to please look into the matter. I don't have any objections if the university is named as Madhu Baba university or Narasimhamurthy Baba university or Sashidhara Prasad university, and they promote their speeches as their own and do not use Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's name for their speeches and actions.

If hon'ble minister or prime minister need any info on this matter, I will be very happy to provide them with it. I promise on my beloved and revered Gurudev, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, that I will provide them truthful information to the best of my knowledge.


Ravi S. Iyer
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