Thursday, June 29, 2017

Michel Danino rebuts Tony Joseph article claiming that Aryan Invasion question has been settled by genetics

Here's a very interesting article in The Hindu today, The problematics of genetics and the Aryan issue, by Michel Danino,, 29th June 2017.

Ravi: Great to see Michel Danino rebut Tony Joseph's article. My belief is that the Hindu avatar Rama lived in Indian sub-continent around 20,000 years ago. Tony Joseph's article uses strong words like genetic research converges "on an unambiguous answer: yes, they did" to the question whether Aryans (Indo-European language speakers) streamed into India around 2,000 BC - 1,500 BC! But then Tony Joseph in not a scientist, I believe. So his assertion need not be viewed as coming from knowledge-authority.

While I did not understand the details of the genetics arguments put forward by Joseph and its rebuttal by Danino, it is clear that Danino has questioned the limited data set used to arrive at wide-ranging conclusions. Danino also indicates that Joseph's article has a more authoritative tone about its "unambiguous answer" than the scientific papers that Joseph has based his article on!

Danino points out that no single discipline will be able to settle the Aryan invasion question on its own. Vedic scholars, archeologists, bioanthropologists, archaeoastronomers and linguists have their say too. The problem, Danino says, "is essentially multidisciplinary".

Wonderful contribution from Danino to Hindu believers like me who believe that Rama and Krishna avatars lived around 20,000 years and around 5,000 years ago, respectively, in the Indian sub-continent. Thanks Michel Danino.

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