Friday, June 23, 2017

'Pathetic' comment exchange led me to block somebody on Facebook

Given below are the contents of my recent Facebook post, :

'Pathetic' comment exchange led me to block somebody

Just wanted to share with readers that last night I got into a comment exchange with a person (not a Facebook friend at that time), who is a Sai educational system alumna, who said I was pathetic (or words to that effect). In response, I told her that she was pathetic! This exchange happened on and in the context of my recent post, "Why are SAI social media activists SILENT on GREAT BETRAYAL by Sai university alumni-staff in period Jul 2011 to Nov. 2014, and COVER-UP & SILENCE thereafter?", dated 22-Jun-2017. I have since deleted these comment exchanges.

Given that we had such negative views about each other, I felt it best to block that person on Facebook to prevent further "pathetic" exchanges :-).

I do realize that my above mentioned post would upset some persons, especially Sai educational institution alumni. However, I think what I am saying is largely the truth perhaps coloured by some emotion from me in response to some recent Facebook discussions - I have more than my fair share of human flaws which include getting emotionally upset at times.

I request readers who got upset with my above-mentioned post to seriously consider unfriending/unfollowing me and even blocking me. I mean, you can simply switch off my posts from coming to your attention/view by doing the above steps and save yourself from getting upset.

I write what I feel is the truth, and many of my writings are driven by inner prompting/urging. But I surely could be wrong in some of my writings - at times, what I feel is the truth may not be the truth. I do not claim to be perfect. I repeat that I have more than my fair share of human flaws.

But I have the freedom of speech in India to write (on social media) so long as I stay within its freedom of speech laws, which is what I try very hard to do. Further, some of my writings, including the above mentioned post, come from strong and compulsive-kind of inner promptings at which time I feel I MUST write expressing these strong inner promptings and not suppress (public) expression of those strong inner promptings.

I am certainly willing to entertain, and even welcome, polite criticism of and on my posts. But insulting criticism, including 'pathetic' criticism, of me and my writings, is not something that I will tolerate on my social media pages.

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