Sunday, November 12, 2017

Saiprabha Patnaik suicide case: Satyajit Salian seems to have moved to Mumbai and taken up a job there

Last updated on 13th Nov. 2017

My post: How should Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi ashram system prevent future Saiprabha Patnaik type staff suicide?,, 23rd July 2017, mentioned that I did not come across any report in the local media in the past few days (then), about the Saiprabha Patnaik suicide case that had been transferred to Anantapur CCS police in end June 2017. The suicide happened in a Prasanthi Nilayam ashram project office on June 6th night/June 7th early morning (in) 2017; for more see

Now it is close to mid November 2017. I don't think I have seen any reports in local media about the case from the date of 23rd July 2017 post mentioned above. Further, I think local media's interest in the matter has also gone.

I felt it appropriate to share with readers that I heard that Satyajit Salian has moved to Mumbai and has taken up a job there in some private company. I was told that he moved to Mumbai perhaps a month or so ago.

Perhaps that is the way forward in this very tragic case. I hope that if any persons in the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini project management team had even inadvertently done any injustice to Saiprabha Patnaik, they have the spiritual wisdom to seek (perhaps they have already sought) forgiveness from the soul of Saiprabha Patnaik and from her family, for their actions. From personal experience, I know that seeking forgiveness for even having inadvertently caused unjust pain to others (I had inadvertently caused unjust pain to others and then sought forgiveness from them), goes a long way in spiritually healing the people involved in the matter. [Some pain caused in a just way to protect oneself from harm, and/or to inform the public about bad actions committed by some wrongdoers is a different matter (whistle-blowing). It is unpleasant but not unjust, and has the good effect of helping to prevent such wrongdoing in future.]

I earnestly pray to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to shower His Grace on all people involved in this tragic matter involving his devotees, and provide spiritual healing to all concerned including the family of Saiprabha Patnaik as well as Satyajit Salian and family, thereby helping them to move forward in their spiritual journey by following the Sanathana Dharma values re-inforced by Bhagavan, of Sathya (truth), Dharma (ethical/righteous living), Shanti (peace) and Prema (love). Jai Sairam!

In my Facebook post,, associated with this post, V V Sarachandran made the following comment (and was OK with public sharing; slightly edited):
Thanks for articulating so well a spiritual approach to handling a possible criminal offense.

For me personally, this tragedy is a small indication that even the best among us are fallible at times - being in Puttaparthi not withstanding.

I (Ravi) Facebook-liked the above comment of V V Sarachandran and thanked him for it.

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