Monday, December 25, 2017

Great message on selfless love from a Western Hindu appropriate IMHO for celebration of birth of apostle of selfless love, Lord Jesus Christ

Facebook video of around 4 mins: A great message on selfless love to share on the day the world celebrates the birth of the apostle of selfless love, Lord Jesus Christ, who took on the terrible suffering of the crucifixion punishment for the sake of truth and divine love, and said of his physical body tormentors, 'forgive them for they know not what they do'! Only the divine could show such extraordinary selfless love towards others including his physical body tormentors!

In this video, a Western Sannyasi who seems to be American and seems to be based in Wisconsin state of USA, talks about his spiritual journey, guided by his Guru, from a misunderstood view of love as attachment, as Maya, to a spiritual understanding of selfless Love as divine. He initially thought that love as experienced by him in family love created only attachment to the world.

The sannyasi-gentleman says, "And I thought that to attain God, to attain freedom, one should sever all attachment, all love to people. And watching Guruji over these years, I have realized that's not the case. Yes, we shouldn't be attached. But love is not attachment. Love is beyond everything. As Guruji said himself, you know, its Love that expands ourselves from this [pointing to his own body] to something bigger, to my friend, my family and (eventually) to the entire world. And by doing this we become free. Because the opposite of freedom is selfishness. And love is what makes us selfless. That's what I see with Guruji every single day. He completely forgets about himself and always thinks about the other. Because he loves."

Ravi: This is what I experienced of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, my beloved and revered Gurudev. He was the embodiment of selfless love who was always thinking about the good of others. I am very sure that Lord Jesus Christ would have also been an embodiment of selfless love which is why he was able to touch the lives of so many people who came across him, with some of them becoming his apostles and spreading Christ's message even under severe persecution, leading to the Christian faith today, around 2000 years after the advent of Lord Jesus Christ, having the world's largest following - 2.4 billion followers in 2010 constituting 31.5% of religious followers in the world,

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