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Radio Sai interview of Shri Umesh Rao and Smt. Gita Umesh Rao about having associated with Muddenahalli group and Madhusudan Naidu in post-Mahasamadhi 2011, and later losing faith in their FALSE CLAIMS

Given below are the contents of Smt. Shubha Ramesh Kumar's public Facebook post,, dated 5th Jan. 2018. The post has a video of around 31 mins, which has some illustrative video content but whose main content is the audio which is stated to be that of a Radio Sai interview.

--- Start text contents of Shubha Ramesh Kumar's public Facebook post ---

Of confusion, regret, the return home and lessons for all...

In part 3 of their Tryst with Divinity interview on Radio Sai, Bangalore based Mrs Gita Umesh & Mr SundarRao Umesh Rao long standing devotees of Bhagwan, speak of the turmoil they went through post Mahasamadhi of Bhagawan in 2011 and how they innocently believed the words of Madhusudhan Naidu when he approached them. This interview is particularly an eye opener for anyone who in their moments of vulnerability, wholeheartedly believed that the Muddenahalli group was truly carrying forward Bhagawan’s message and vouched their loyalty to this ordinary student of Sai, who claims the impossible. Listen very carefully dear sisters and brothers and remember Sai Maa is waiting to welcome you with open arms once you’ve realized the truth - that the journey is only supposed to go inwards not outwards. Seek the Sai in your heart while you treasure everything you enjoyed with the glorious physical form of Sai for that many years. Start the journey now ...

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Ravi: Note that the Radio Sai interview audio corresponding to the above video may be part of the audio available at the Radio Sai website here:, under the Morning Glory program item. [I did not get the time to check whether the audio is the same.]

I shared the above Facebook post of Smt. Kumar here: Given below are the contents (slightly edited) of my introductory (share) comments in my post:

I think this is an extraordinary interview as it is perhaps the first time that donors/patrons who had associated with Madhusudan Naidu of Muddenahalli group are ***openly*** (not anonymously) sharing their experience of first believing their claims, associating with them as donors/patrons (donors of money and/or services), and then losing faith in them. [Mr. Ajit Popat's publicly shared experience involved Narasimhamurthy and not Madhusudan Naidu, as far as I can recall.] I congratulate them as well as the interviewer Smt. Karuna Munshi, a Sai university alumna (feminine noun, alumnus being masculine noun), for courageously conducting and airing this interview. It is very nice to see a Sai university alumna, Smt. Munshi, show this courage and determination to expose FALSE CLAIMS of Muddenahalli group.

Thanks to Shubha Ramesh Kumar for sharing it.

The Lotus renewable energy company is quite well known in our Parthi supporter FB community as its directors webpage included some MDH group people which was shared on Facebook perhaps in 2015 itself. The interview gives the background to that company formation and how the noble aims seem to have not worked out due to attitude of some Muddenahalli group people.

I think it would be great if a transcript of those parts of the interview that deal with Muddenahalli group is made and shared publicly on Facebook. I wonder whether Radio Sai staff could do that task.

I did some digging up on the names of the interviewees. I think they were pretty central to Muddenahalli group in the initial period. See this article by Narasimhamurthy about them: Hmm. This is getting into pretty sensitive territory!

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[I thank Smt. Radha Rameesh Kumar and have presumed that she will not have any objections to me sharing the above contents of her Facebook post, on this blog post which is freely viewable by all, and does not have any financial profit motive whatsoever.]

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