Saturday, March 10, 2018

Some Telugu words I felt I should tell some Telugu elders of the Sai university who got caught up in Narasimhamurthy's Muddenahalli group FALSE BELIEF

Given below is my humble attempt in Telugu but with Telugu mistakes probably, about what I felt I should tell some Telugu origin elders of the Sai university who had spent many years, sometimes decades, in close proximity to physical form Sathya Sai, who we in Sai university trusted to lead us after Mahasamadhi. But they themselves lost their way in the crucial months and first few years after Mahasamadhi, by getting caught up in Narasimhamurthy led Muddenahalli group's FALSE BELIEF!

Devudu Mahasamadhi tarvatha meeru maaku daari chupistaarani bhavinchaamandi.
Meeke daari tappindandi! Inka em cheppaala!

English translation:
After Mahasamadhi (bodily passing away) of divine being (Avatar; Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba) we thought that you gentlemen (elders) would show us the way (forward).
You yourselves lost your way! What more should I say!

So far, I did not say it verbally to any of those Sai university Telugu origin elders who had spent many years, sometimes decades, in close proximity to physical form Sathya Sai, who lost their (spiritual) way after Mahasamadhi by accepting Narasimhamurthy as dream-instruction successor of Sathya Sai. I have usually avoided interacting with them whenever I came across them on the streets of outside ashram Puttaparthi (I rarely visit the ashram).

I am glad to have expressed it now through social media.

Given below are comments from my Facebook post,, associated with this blog post :

Vr Ganti wrote: Whoever that person - is absolutely correct. BNNM having lost his direction and is incapable of guiding anyone. Obviously he is misguiding and all Mhalli supporters are going in wrong path. Pitiable state of affairs.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote: Vr Ganti sir, yes, it applies to Narasimhamurthy too when viewed from the context of those who placed their trust in him after Mahasamadhi. In my own case, it was essentially some Telugu origin elders who, in the immediate post-Mahasamadhi period either themselves were in powerful administrative positions in Prasanthi Nilayam campus of Sai university and also in Sai university Administrative block, or had great influence over those in such positions of power, as well as influence over some Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust trustees/secretary, due to their long association with physical form Bhagavan.

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