Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The king of cricket in my avid cricket fan days - Vivian Richards!

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The king of cricket in my avid cricket fan days - Vivian Richards! Here's Richards showing his king like arrogance against one of the greatest fast bowlers of those days - Richard Hadlee of New Zealand, (Link seems broken now) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwesE8_rCis, around 2 mins.

He seems to be chewing gum as usual! Instead of wearing a helmet or a mouth guard, his protection (mental) against fiery fast bowlers of those days, was 'chewing gum'!!!

No wonder, we all thought that this guy was the king of cricket. I mean, you need to have a regal demeanor including unflappable and sometimes flippant courage towards danger from the opposition, to be viewed as a king. What a message to give to the opposition fiery fast bowlers about how he is not afraid of their fast deliveries, by chewing gum instead of wearing a helmet or a mouth guard! More about that here: My companion chewing gum helped me to bat without helmet: Vivian Richards, https://www.mykhel.com/cricket/my-companion-chewing-gum-helped-me-bat-without-helmet-vivian-richards-000453.html.

The Great Vivian Richards bashing some Aussie bowlers. This includes Aussie bowler Mervyn Hughes :-) who seems to be the inspiration for one particular (Muddenahalli group) Facebook Fake ID guy that some of us Parthi Sai devotees know about :-).

Richards' power shots against fast bowlers was something to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHq5qqd36JI, around 4 mins.

But the real power shots in the West Indies champion team of those days was from the heavy bat of the heavyset Clive Lloyd. My God! Could Clive Lloyd really hit the cricket ball or what!

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