Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Multiple attempts over past few days by somebody (some people) to reset my Facebook password; I suspect MMCAKS

Over the past few days, I have faced three to four separate attempts by somebody or some people, to reset my Facebook password. I came to know of them as Facebook sent emails to me stating that they received a request to reset my Facebook password. The mail then provided the steps involved in resetting the password, and also a link to be clicked if I didn't request the change.

For all these cases I clicked the link that I didn't request the change. Facebook then gave a message that it has noted that I did not request the change and gave me an option to prevent resetting the password and use some other mechanism to log in to Facebook if I forget my Facebook password. I have some security concerns about enabling some other mechanism to login to Facebook. Perhaps the guys who are attempting this are wanting me to get into that mechanism which they feel they can hack more easily and thereby hijack my Facebook account.

Ideally, Facebook should provide me location details of the place from which the Reset password attempt was made multiple times over the past few days. I mean, it is clear that it is not a mistake by somebody and that it is a bad actor(s) who is (are) trying to hack into my Facebook account. But I am a nobody-Facebook-user and so getting Facebook to provide me such information is not in the realm of the feasible for me.

I wonder who is behind this. My suspicion is that Muddenahalli Melbourne Cambridge Analytica Kind Squad (MMCAKS) is behind this. MMCAKS is a name that I have come up with to describe the cowards, bullies and conspirators of Muddenahalli group who use Facebook Fake IDs to cyberstalk, cyberbully and spread vicious fake news attacks on those like me who have exposed Muddenahalli group on Facebook (and elsewhere on social media), and who seem to be based in Melbourne, Australia and Muddenahalli, Karnataka, India.

Are others, especially those who are exposing Muddenahalli group's false claims, facing such hacking attempts? If so, I request you to publicly share it with me. Don't be scared of them. That will help the bullies and conspirators to win. Instead let us publicly share the info. and then consider approaching cyber police of Karnataka state of India and cyber police of Melbourne, Australia with our compiled, truthful public information. If cyber police of India or Australia ask Facebook for details of such password reset attempts by these crooks (and also about the Facebook fake IDs used by them), then Facebook ***will have to*** provide them the information. That may then help in preventing such nasty stuff from MMCAKS.

These MMCAKS cowards, bullies and conspirators will fear the police. So the way to stop these MMCAKS fakers is to report them to the police after having compiled truthful and significant level of information about them to help the police investigate the matter easily.

Any suggestions from readers are welcome.

Sathyameva Jayate! Truth alone triumphs (eventually)!

Given below are a few comments from my Facebook post,, associated with this blog post:

Ravi S. Iyer wrote (slightly edited): 2 min 8 secs. Link provided by bro. --name-snipped--.

Maybe I will try that out if I get yet another password reset mail/attempt over the next few days.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote: In response to a tweet message related to my blog post associated with this post, "As Swami said jealousy has no medicine & foolish to argue with envious people...#SatyaMevaJayate", I tweeted back:

Sairam bro. Jealousy is a very powerful evil and I have suffered due to jealousy in the Sai university. I have learned now to not just ignore jealous people but defend myself from their evil acts born out of jealousy. I don't argue with them. I just let them know I will complain to the police if they try to harm me with some illegal thing e.g. record tampering and malicious defamation. That's when they back off. Bullies don't understand peaceful tolerance. Bullies understand police complaint against them. &

Ravi S. Iyer wrote: An Indian correspondent wrote over email (and was OK with anonymous sharing; slightly edited):
Over the (past) 10 days I too got two SMS from facebook that this is my facebook reset code (though) I (had) never asked for a reset.

I suspect Iyer from Australia :)
Hope they haven't got into my account
Interesting sir

I (Ravi) responded: There are all kinds of Iyers in the world!

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