Thursday, January 17, 2019

Four Kerala nuns who publicly protested against rape-accused bishop get transfer orders which may isolate alleged-rape-survivor nun; My view: Financial dependence on spiritual institution may be the crux of the problem

From my recent Facebook post,

I am not surprised by this development of the nuns who protested publicly against the rape accused priest, being separated and transferred elsewhere. Now what will these nuns do? If they are financially dependent on the Church organization they are associated with, they will have no option but to obey the transfer order.

I think in our early 21st century times, spiritual aspirants from all religions should, if possible, ensure that they do not become financially dependent on the spiritual institution that they get associated with in a full time capacity, and always have a workable exit plan to fall back on, if and when they get exploited by the institution. I say, if possible, because I think the brutal reality is that for many persons who have associated with spiritual institutions in India right from a young age in a full time capacity, they are financially dependent on the institution and have little or no prospects for getting a well paid job outside the institution. These people are stuck with these institutions for life, whether they like it or not!

Kerala: Four nuns who protested against rape-accused bishop transferred by church,, 16th Jan. 2019.

An update:
4 Kerala nuns who stood up for rape survivor 'punished' ,, 17th Jan. 2019

The nuns are staying with the alleged-rape-survivor nun and the attempt seems to be to separate them from the alleged-rape-survivor nun. A small extract from above article:

The nuns have said that they would not obey the orders. "This like a disciplinary action against us," Sr Anupama said. "We are preparing a reply to the superior general... This is a ploy to torpedo the case and isolate the survivor nun," she said.
--- end extract ---

On above FB post, in response to comment, "This episode is in a very bad taste & should be condemned. Anna, I do agree with your write up. Everybody should be financially independent, otherwise they can be taken advantage of.", I wrote (slightly edited):

Well, sister --name-snipped--, I think the brutal reality is that of those who associate full time with spiritual institutions, only a few are fortunate to be financially independent - by financially independent I mean that either they have sufficient money/assets or they have the ability/skills to easily get alternative jobs outside the institution. The large majority of people who associate with spiritual institutions full time are financially dependent on it directly or indirectly (through earning money by offering commercial services e.g. food or lodging, to visitors to/devotees of the spiritual institution) and do not have easy alternative jobs/sources of income. And some of this latter group have no choice but to silently tolerate abuse of power inflicted on them.

[I thank and have presumed that they will not have any objections to me sharing the above small extract from their website on this post which is freely viewable by all, and does not have any financial profit motive whatsoever.]

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