Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Wonderful Sanskrit song expressing love for India and wonderful singing by Western lady

SANSKRIT LOVE SONG TO INDIA, composed by Shri Chandrabhanu Tripathi, sung by a Western lady (teacher of Sanskrit in UK, I believe), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vpv8eMlXuzM, 4 min. 23 secs.

The youtube video description gives the English translation of the verses of the song.

The last lines of the song as translated to English in the video description, are very appropriate, in my considered opinion:

"We bow to the land, to India,
The one supreme dharma, we always esteem,
For which we offer our wealth, our life,
Beloved India, always to be respected"

Ravi: Bharat is the land of Dharma, the land of Tyaga (sacrifice) for the sake of Dharma, the land where God is adored through various ways, and the land where God loves to incarnate in human form!

प्रियं भारतं तत् सदा वन्दनीयम्
Beloved Bharat (India), always to be revered!

I truly, truly believe the above line based on living most of my over five decades life in Bharat/India. Bharat/India is a holy land of reverence to God and a land where Dharma is always looked up to, even if people may not fully practise it in this age of Kali.

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