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Last updated on 17th August 2019

Pdf files have been created (max. 100 posts at a time and/or 1 year at a time) of blog posts from this blog using Blog pages were handled separated with one pdf file containing all blog pages (but previous version of this page). An additional pdf file having latest version of this page will be created. All these files are put up on Google Public folder directory:

and Public archive:

Note that I have deleted the earlier version of this page..

Further note that the blogbook parts have the following issues (based on the above mentioned online utility output):
1. Some special characters e.g. Devanagari font characters are shown as solid black blocks.
2. Some links that extend to right edge of page are truncated and do not work.
3. Comments on blog posts are not included in the pdf files.

Blog Export File

The blog export file (.xml format) is available publicly for those users who would like to download it to recreate the blog but with a different name and under their ownership.

This file is named YYYY-MM-DD-ravisiyer-blog.xml where YYYY, MM and DD give the date the export file was created e.g. 2018-09-16-ravisiyer-blog.xml. These blog export files are placed in the Google Public folder directory:

and Public archive (updated less frequently than above Google Public folder):

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