Sunday, December 20, 2015

Words of appreciation from a reader of my articles/posts

A Sai university alumnus and former Sai university faculty wrote me recently:

Dear Iyer sir,

  • I consider myself, foremost, as a learner.
  • Hence I do not limit myself to only a few topics.
  • Some topics, perhaps, would not have been of interest to me, but nothing stops me from reading articles on it and, who knows, I may even pick up interest on that topic. This has happened to me many times.

This is where your mails [Ravi: I mail my articles/posts to him] play a very catalytic role. They give me some fodder for thought. I do tend to think deeper on many of your mails. I may not find the time to pen my thoughts back to you, always, but rest assured that your mails have enlarged my field of vision and thought process.

Thanks for that.
--- end Sai university alumnus and former Sai university faculty mail extract ---

I wrote back:
Thanks for your kind and well articulated words. I am glad that some of my article-mails have been of some help to you. Such words give me the much needed enthusiasm to continue with my mail & social media writing work.

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