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Last updated on 14th June 2020

Free ebook Download Links At A Quick Glance

First edition, 2nd revision (with ISBN); Released on 9th July 2019

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Note: The ebook and paperback cover pages are different but the text of the ebook and paperback  inner contents are almost entirely the same. The ebook inner content has color pictures whereas the paperback inner content has grayscale version of same pictures.

PDF (Google Drive) Download link (4 MB):

Word (Google Drive) Download link (8 MB):


First edition, 2nd revision (without ISBN); Released on 27th June 2019

epub (Google Drive) Download link (2 MB):

Kindle (azw3) (Google Drive) Download link (8 MB):

mobi (Google Drive) Download link (8 MB):

Paperback Sale Pages At A Quick Glance (and &

6 in. x 9 in. size, First edition (with ISBN provided by Notion Press), released around 8th July 2019

The same book is available at:




Above pic: Back cover + Spine + Front Cover

Price: Rs.285 + shipping, 263 pages of 6 in. x 9 in. size

A5 size, First edition (with ISBN), released on 17th July 2019. Cover page updated on 7th Aug. 2019

Above pic: Front Cover Page

Above pic: Back Cover Page

Price: Rs. 265 + shipping, 298 pages of A5 size

Book feedback page:

Book errata, updates & suggestions:

Book Details

Title: Autobiography of an Indian Software Techie and Spiritual Aspirant – Part 1
Sub-title: Covers Mumbai & Dombivli based life with some foreign stints, till 2002 (age 40)
Author: Ravi S. Iyer

Description: This autobiography covers author's Mumbai and Dombivli based life with some foreign stints, from childhood to commercial retirement at age 40 (as unmarried man) in 2002.

The author's family background is followed by school and college student days during a period of family financial challenges and father's passing away. B.Sc. Physics is completed in 1983. M.Sc. Physics is started but discontinued. Software development career starts off in 1984. In 1990 comes excitement of joining a start-up in key position.

Stress and health problems become key issues, propelling turn to spiritual and balanced spiritual-cum-work life in end 1992. From around 1993/1994 Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Dombivli Sathya Sai samithi become central spiritual influences. After author's mother passes away in early 1999, he focuses on saving retirement money and preparing for ashram life till Sept. 2002 at end of which he starts off on journey to ashram life.

About the author: Ravi S. Iyer is a blogger/social media writer on spirituality and religion, and misc. topics. He is a Physics graduate from Ruia college, University of Bombay (Mumbai), and a retired international software consultant (software technologist).

Paperback (A5 size) ISBN: 978-93-5382-255-2

Paperback (6 in. x 9 in. size) ISBN (provided by Notion Press): 978-1-64587-408-9

ebook (PDF/Word) ISBN: 978-93-5382-135-7

Publisher:  Ravi S. Iyer (Self-publisher). Notion Press is mentioned as publisher on some sale pages.

Bad print of paperback copy? How to confirm that print is bad and not original (PDF) book contents, and if so, demand replacement/refund.

If buyers/recipients of the paperback copy see bad printing issues in the book copy (typically for printing of pics in the book), they may want to first know whether the bad printing is due to the printing process or whether the original book contents itself is like that. So they may want to view the book inner contents PDF file. captures the case of bad printing of some pics in 2 copies of the paperback book. The problem is dark patches/bands in the printing of some pics which makes it look bad.

Note that some certificate/letter pics are compressed in print size and so the letters are small. Also some parts of some pics may print faintly as those parts in the original pics have light colour. These are NOT printing issues. But dark patches/bands as seen in above mentioned post are printing problems.

The paperback copy of this book is available via two self-publishing companies - Notion Press and

A) Notion Press paperback inner contents PDF file

PDF inner contents file that I submitted to Notion Press for this book (current version) can be viewed here: Only the 2nd page of this file (different from page number 2 printed in book) which has copyright and other information has been modified slightly by Notion Press to include the ISBN number that Notion Press allotted to this book. Rest of this PDF file is the same as the one that is used to print the paperback copy of this book.

B) paperback inner contents PDF file

This can be seen in the preview (full book is available for preview) in the sale page for the book: The Preview button is a red coloured button shown just before Description of the book. Note that pages with pics usually load slowly in the Preview and so one needs to wait for some seconds typically for those pages to be displayed.

I created short links for links of all pics in the book. Note that the book mentions the (long) links before or after the corresponding pic(s) in the book.  At the time I was finalizing the book, I was in a hurry and did not create the short links then and so they are not mentioned in the book.

The initial part of all short links are the same, and is: . So one needs to note only the last part of the short link and append that to the common first part. The list of long links and corresponding short links are given below:

Long link (url) - Short link (url)
==================== - - - - - - - -


Free ebook Download Details

The first edition, 2nd revision of free ebook with ISBN (PDF and Word versions) was released on 9th July 2019. The PDF is of 4 MB file size having 299 pages of A5 size.

The Word (docx) document version is of 8 MB file size having 299 pages of A5 size. 

The epub, Kindle (azw3) and mobi format files do not have an ISBN and were also released on 27th June 2019 as First edition, 2nd revision, using Calibre software to convert from original document of Microsoft Word format. epub file size is 2 MB, Kindle (azw3) file size is 8 MB and mobi file size is 8 MB.

Free ebook Google Drive Public Share Links

Additional sites where free book is available 

Free ebook available here:

* Open Library (uses above entry)
Free ebook available here:

Laser Print/Online Printing Option

I tried this out and saw that some grayscale images print very badly. So I have dropped the idea of having this option with pics. If somebody needs an only text Laser Printer option for the book, he/she may please let me know OR he/she can create it himself/herself using the Word document download I have given above.

Older Versions

Paperback (without ISBN) First edition

Paperback Release Date (without ISBN): 27th June 2019

2nd edition, revised (without ISBN) - PDF and Word versions

To avoid confusion, I have chosen to remove ebook versions: 1st edition and 1st edition, revised.

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