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Madhusudhan Naidu mind-to-mind communication from Muddenahalli subtle body claim! Narasimhamurthy July 2011 dream false?

Was Narasimhamurthy lying to Sai fraternity about July 2011 Guru Purnima dream instructions? Madhusudhan Naidu SUPPOSEDLY gets mind-to-mind communication from so called subtle body!

The document, (18 pages), states that it covers an event on 24th November 2015 titled "SRI SATHYA SAI BABA’S EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH THE GLOBAL TRANSLATORS OF SSS PREMAMRUTA PRAKASHANA". Of course, we know that it is not Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who is speaking in Muddenahalli but Madhusudhan Rao Naidu (MRN) who may be getting coached by seniors of Muddenahalli group like Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy (BNN).

This document has important REVELATIONS by BNN in a reported talk given by him at that event, covered on Page 8 of the above document. Some extracts from BNN talk along with my comments on it:
[BNN:] The first time I had the great fortune of interacting with Bhagawan in the Subtle Form was in July 2011.
[Ravi: So BNN story as conveyed to the public changes dramatically now. As I have shared in an earlier post, BNN wrote a document about a special dream of Bhagavan that he got a few days before GuruPurnima 2011 (sometime in July 2011, if I recall correctly) due to which he assumed a position of Swami dream-instructions medium for post-Mahasamadhi phase of the mission. The document was sent to all faculty of Prasanthi Nilayam campus in end July 2011 (and may have similarly been sent to all faculty in other campuses of SSSIHL). Very, very unfortunately for the Prasanthi Nilayam/Puttaparthi based Sathya Sai mission, then Vice-chancellor of SSSIHL, Shashidhara Prasad, AND many other senior academic administrators of SSSIHL came to believe in this claim of BNN, resulting in a HIJACK of SSSIHL by BNN & Shashidhara Prasad from July 2011 till Nov. 2014 when Shashidhara Prasad stepped down as vice-chancellor.

So was BNN LYING about his dream then? Or was so called subtle body telling BNN to LIE to SSSIHL faculty? Or was it that SIMULTANEOUSLY there were not just one but two channels of Swami instructions in Muddenahalli - BNN as well as MRN (Madhusudhan)? Of course, two channels would be a serious problem as there will be conflicting instructions!]
[BNN:] Perhaps you know that the communication of Swami – when He starts speaking – is from mind-to-mind. It is not that Madhusudhan listens to the sounds, but it is from mind-to-mind. Real communication happens from heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind. 
[Ravi: So according to BNN words as of today (MAY CHANGE TOMORROW :-) ), MRN (Madhusudhan) does not listen to so called subtle body words but has "mind-to-mind" "Real communication"!!! Hmm. So actually MRN does not even have to look at the empty chair. Sometime down the line BNN will perhaps say that MRN was doing that to prepare us poor & simple & unsophisticated Sai devotees to slowly accept that like great Rishis of old who were revealed the Sruthi/Vedas in their minds/hearts due to mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart communication from ParaBrahman (Formless Divine Reality/God), MRN (Madhusudhan) now is the 21st century DIVINE RISHI (21st century VedaVyasa perhaps?) who has been CHOSEN due to his IMMACULATE PURITY & DEVOTION by so called subtle body to be the mind-to-mind COMMUNICATOR of so called subtle body's words. Perhaps now that these details have been revealed PUBLICLY by BNN we may see MRN not looking at empty chair in future for his so called "DIVINE DISCOURSES", and instead he may cast his "loving, pure & divine" eyes on the assembled congregation.

MRN has already started blessing devotees by touching his "divine palm" on articles held up to him for blessing during his "darshan" round. I guess it is just a matter of time (and a short period of time) before he accepts the yearning of his devotees to be allowed to take Padanamaskar of him (reverentially touching his "divine feet"). I mean, the CHOSEN mind-to-mind COMMUNICATOR would be viewed like 21st century VedaVyasa and would surely be worthy of reverence, is it not? Muddenahalli group followers, I am quite sure, will accept this as natural and yet one more step forward in their mission.]
[BNN:] Baba gave His first public discourse here, in Sri Sathya Sai Anandam, on 11th May, 2014. So, you can imagine, that from July 2011 to May 2014, He prepared all of us to understand that such a thing is possible – that He can address us.
[BNN:] Mr. Tigrett does not understand Sanskrit. He always has the Sanskrit and Swami’s references to scriptures verified by me, as to whether what is written is correct. Whenever a volume is published, he and his team send me about 100 questions. If I am unable to find the right answers, I refer to Bhagawan, and whatever He says alone is followed. 
[Ravi: BNN's talk mentioned that Mr. Tigrett has been playing the manager role of publication of so called subtle body "discourses" & related material. I find it interesting to see that BNN is playing the Sanskrit expert role. Hmm. And then, of course, when BNN has doubts, he has all the access he wants to so called subtle body to get all the clarifications. I wonder whether BNN's access to subtle body is DIRECT without the need of MRN. Or does BNN get dream-clarifications on Sanskrit matters from Swami?]

--- end BNN talk extracts & my comments on it ---

Ravi: Now I have given one small extract from the so called "DIVINE DISCOURSE" in the document (delivered on 24th Nov. 2015 according to the document), and my comments on it:
[From page 14 of the document]
[Madhusudhan Rao Naidu:] In the present Age of Kali, confusion increased because of weakness of the mind, and there were distortions even in books. 
[Ravi: So now MRN (Madhusudhan) says that the present age is Kali. But he had said previously that Kali Yuga will be ending in Oct. 2015! Hmm. I think MRN & his coaching staff have realized their previous mistake and have corrected themselves. I see that as a good sign. I mean, MRN & his coaching staff are willing to correct THEIR BLUNDERS. So if MRN & his coaching stuff say something really ridiculous in future (like the Kali Yuga ending thing) then we can jump on their BLUNDERS and force them to correct it, thereby preventing MRN & his coaching staff from continuing to do any DRASTIC kind of MISGUIDANCE of innocent Sai devotees trapped by them, through their PUBLIC so called "DISCOURSES" using the HOLY NAME of Kali Yuga Avatar, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Of course, the MISGUIDANCE that MRN & coaching staff like BNN do in private interviews in the HOLY NAME of Bhagavan, is something we cannot do anything much about unless the devotees/persons involved PUBLICLY & COURAGEOUSLY share what has been said in those interviews.]


  1. Sairam Sir, thought of sharing this here. (I have slightly corrected the text for spelling mistakes, etc)

    "Swami knew everyone gathered close to him. He was aware of every feeling they carried in their hearts. Every sad thought. Every moment we cried or laughed. No matter what our moods, joyous or angry, He was fully aware. He knew our doubts and in His own way often addressed them. There was nothing He did not know about us, wherever we sat for darshan. Darshan could not only be felt in the mandir in Puttaparthi but also when we were away in Bangalore, or even thousands of miles away from Him, at home. I had my last darshan at home on 24th November, 2010. Swami never needed help in any way from a communicator/medium. How can we even entertain the thought that he would! He used to, when alive, speak directly to people or sometimes he used telepathy when he wanted to convey guidance or help. He is no differnt in that regard, than all the other saints, sages, avatars who have come before."


    1. That's Eve Gardener's blog. I had read the above paragraph earlier. Eve puts it very, very well. Thanks.