Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sai university alumnus-faculty & 3rd gen Sai devotee on casino opening advice/instruction of Muddenahalli subtle body

In response to a mail having content put up on my blog post,, a Sai university alumnus and faculty (alumnus-teacher) who is a third generation Sathya Sai devotee, wrote on 4th April 2016, as follows (main part of response) over email (and was OK with public sharing):

Dear Sir,
I appreciate your effort to denounce the (statement) regarding our beloved Bhagawan advising on matters of Casino. I have had dozens of interviews with Bhagawan as a student and faculty. Never ever Bhagawan has advised any devotee, however hard his difficulties/situation may be, to take to adharmic path for even temporary relief.

My family is associated with Bhagawan from the time when He was 18 or 19 years old, since the times of my grandfather. My father who is 80 yrs now, vouchsafes that Bhagawan is all truth, never will he advice such a thing as running casino. In my knowledge, Swamy always told people to work hard and earn money in a righteous way. Never did He advice people on making quick-money! All four generations of my family are indebted to Bhagawan for blessing us with right philosophy of life.

Once again I appreciate your efforts.
---end main part of response of Sai university alumnus and faculty ---

I (Ravi S. Iyer) wrote back on 4th April 2016 as follows [edited to omit some portions indicated as ..., and to rephrase/elaborate some portions shown within parentheses ()]

Wonderful words, brother ---name-snipped---! ...

Thanks for your appreciation of my work. ...

They say that one of the DUTIES of followers of a Guru, especially after the Guru (bodily) passes away, is to safeguard and disseminate the teachings of the Guru. (My) exposure to the Muddenahalli group game in Sai institutions goes back to Jul-Aug. 2011 when I had the second of my two (one-on-one meetings that lasted nearly an hour each) with (former vice-chancellor of Sai university, SSSIHL) Sashidhara Prasad (in the vice-chancellor's cabin) where I had DIRECT EXPERIENCE of his POWER-CRAZY and DICTATOR side. Some months later, I heard some very shocking things from Prof. Anilkumar Kamaraju sir (and others) about how Sashidhara Prasad and Narasimhamurthy had effectively become top bosses of SSSIHL. At that time, I just decided to get out of SSSIHL with a private mail campaign to some SSSIHL (colleagues and some others), so that they know what is happening, at least in my individual case.

(What) Madhusudhan Naidu ENDORSED by Narasimhamurthy, (and other senior leaders associated with Muddenahalli group) have done, (is) UTTERLY HORRIFYING. ...

How many people have got caught in this trap, brother? They are our Sai devotee brethren being MISGUIDED by this ... Madhusudhan Rao Naidu (brother of our ...)! So, as a duty to both Bhagavan and the Sathya Sai fraternity, I have got fully involved in this (matter) but focusing on spiritual teachings aspect and staying away from money aspects. It is not a pleasant thing to do. But somebody has to do it, and as I am in a position to do it, I have got into that role.
---end my response (edited) ---

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