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Mervyn Hughes writes that he has deleted all posts relating to me, and will not write posts about me

Last updated on 17th April 2016

A friend sent a screenshot of a post by Mervyn Hughes dated 15th April (2016) where he makes some more wild criticism of me. But an interesting part of the message, which I felt I should inform readers about, is that he says that he has deleted all posts relating to me and is not going to write posts related to me in future. His actual words about the latter are, 'I am not going to waste my time talking about you.' Ravi: LOL! Good. That would mean that I do not have to waste my time rebutting and disproving wild allegations & attacks of his against me.

I did not feel it appropriate to put up a pic of this post of his.

My reaction is that my truth has scored over the falsehood of Mervyn Hughes in this Facebook (court) trial. Sathyameva Jayate! [Truth alone triumphs!]

I will be retaining the posts where I have rebutted the previous strong allegations and attacks made by Mervyn Hughes on me. This can be useful to rebut future such attacks from Mervyn Hughes (he could change his mind!) or others like him. Further, we also have the EVIDENCE of these attacks by Mervyn Hughes, in case any cyber police complaint against him has to be considered in future. As of now, I do NOT plan to make any cyber police complaint against Mervyn Hughes.

I wish Mervyn Hughes all the best and pray to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to shower His Grace on Mervyn Hughes and show him the right spiritual path forward. Jai Sairam!

The above contents were put up on a Facebook post here: Given below are short comments from it.

In response to a very short comment, "Truth always wins", I (Ravi) wrote (slightly edited):
Thanks a ton for your support Shubha Ramesh Kumar, for the TRUTH. Jai Sairam!

In response to a very short comment "Dharmo rakshati rakshitah!", I (Ravi) wrote (slightly edited):
Well said, brother Ivan Escalona. Thanks a ton for your support. It has really helped me handle this Internet attack on me.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote (On 17th April 2016)
I felt it appropriate to thank the Facebook users and email correspondents who have provided very valuable support to me via their PUBLIC comment responses/Facebook share response [Ivan Escalona, Sai Keshav, Przemek Czarnowski, Sasikanth Gudla, Alok Dara Shikoh, Shubha Ramesh Kumar, Chandu Patel (over email), Terry Reis Kennedy, Sai Das, Shaun Brown and Sravankumar Wupendrum], in handling the Internet attack on me by Mervyn Hughes, and helped in upholding the truth in this matter (e.g. the comment by my former student, Sasikanth Gudla, confirming that I was a teacher in the Sai university).

The links for these two previous posts on which the comment responses/Facebook share response were made are as follows:
1) Refuting Mervyn Hughes' latest attacks on me, dated April 12th 2016 - Facebook,; Blog,

2) Mervyn Hughes says he is attacking me to teach me how it hurts when I criticize others; Clarification on my Systems Manager role, dated April 14th 2016 - Facebook,; Blog,

Sasikanth Gudla wrote:
Sairam Sir, Every person comes across many teachers in his/her time as a student. Only few make an indelible mark for life. Suffice, it to say, in my case you are one of the many teachers who are an inspiration to me.(Of course, Parthi has provided me with many such teachers like you) You need not thank me. The pleasure is always mine.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Thanks Sasikanth Gudla for the very kind words. I have to thank you as you have had the decency to openly show your support for me. And, sure, there have been extraordinary faculty in SSSIHL, whom I had the great privilege to associate with, including Visiting Faculty, who were very good teachers.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Thanks Terry Reis Kennedy. I plan to keep the posts with the evidence.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
No no no. Ivan Escalona, don't feel so bad about it. It's OK. You had some strong feelings about something and wrote it. I responded in a similar strong way. These things happen. But we were able to tone down the conversation very quickly.

That your comments were taken out of context by Mervyn Hughes to mount an attack on me, was incidental. Don't be too bothered about it. If it was not your comments, it would have been someone else's. I do have some strong exchanges, now and then, on public social media.

Once I started writing on Facebook raising serious questions about Muddenahalli so called communicator claims, I started facing critical comments from Muddenahalli group supporters. But they were fairly polite. Over time, most of these persons stopped responding to my posts & comments. Mervyn Hughes, however, has been different. His comments have been vicious. Now, if his comments were true (that I was a Lab. assistant in the Sai university and not a teacher, and that I am a liar) then even if his words were vicious/harsh, it would be fine. [I have used harsh words against some Sai university former & current administrators who have done teacher-droham (harm to a teacher) to me. But I am willing to provide evidence & eyewitness accounts about these teacher-droham actions done against me in an Indian court of law. Mervyn Hughes does not provide any such evidence or eyewitness accounts supporting his attack pieces against me.]

Thank you so much for your offer to provide support/clarifications in future. I will bear it in mind. You see, I have never claimed to be perfect and have clearly stated that I do have some human flaws. I have made mistakes in the past and will surely make them in the future too. So unbiased views including criticism from people like you, brother Ivan, help to ensure that I don't go overboard in my posts & comments. It is very valuable criticism of a constructive type, which I appreciate.

Do feel free to criticize or question me, even in my defence (sometimes aggressive defence) against this Internet attack on me by Mervyn Hughes (now stopped according to him), or similar other Internet attacks on me in future as I continue to publicly question Muddenahalli group claims about Madhusudhan Rao Naidu being a so called communicator of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Maybe I have made/ will make some mistake here and there in my defence. If you point it out, I will surely review it and provide suitable clarification, and/or make correction(s). Thanks again. Jai Sairam!

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Sai Das. If by this you mean the Mervyn Hughes thing, yes, I agree it is time to let it go, (as of now, unless it crops up again). I simply felt that I MUST ACKNOWLEDGE the support I got from social media friends.

You see, barring one former student of mine, NOBODY ELSE from my former colleagues in the Sai university, and my former friends in Prasanthi Nilayam, have commented, either in support or against (even though many would have read the Facebook post and many have received my email on the same). This PUBLIC SILENCE by my former colleagues of the Sai university and my former friends in Prasanthi Nilayam has been the TOUGHEST THING for me to handle, throughout this matter from Jul 2011 onwards. Today I am more understanding of their PUBLIC SILENCE. I guess they are AFRAID of speaking up in support of my truth as they may be targeted by the powerful Sai university administrators and their friends/supporters in other Prasanthi Nilayam managed institution administration positions. But I have also realized that I simply cannot fit into such a SILENT TOLERANCE OF INJUSTICE environment. Therefore I live an outside-ashram Puttaparthi life which has many challenges but is far freer, and, in a sense, far more just, than Prasanthi Nilayam ashram system.

Given this background, the supportive comments from these Facebook friends, most of whom I have never met in person (including you, brother Sai Das), is all the more important for me to ACKNOWLEDGE PUBLICLY. Thanks.

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