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Sai university alumnus and former teacher VijaySai MUST PUBLICLY STATE his opinion on Mr. Tigrett's PUBLIC statement that Bhagavan asked him to open a casino

A comment I made on FB post of Terry Reis Kennedy, on April 4th 2016, is given below (slightly modified):

They say that one of the DUTIES of followers of a Guru, especially after the Guru (bodily) passes away, is to safeguard and correctly disseminate the teachings of the Guru. As brother VijaySai B.S. is an alumnus and former faculty of the Sai university, who was given a lot of special attention by Swami (physical form), I think it is his DUTY to Bhagavan to convey his opinion on whether he thinks Bhagavan would approve of Sai devotee leaders talking about Swami asking them to open a gambling casino!! What sort of a message would this give to Sai devotees caught up in Muddenahalli group? Would they not think that they too could go to casinos and even open a casino, and that Swami would approve of these actions of theirs!!

Now, brother Pardha Saradhi Uppala says that VijaySai should ascertain the truth using his heart and intellect, about whether Swami really told Mr. Tigrett to open a casino. A couple of current Sai university faculty who have had quite a few interviews & interactions with physical form Swami, have conveyed to me that Swami would never say it. I think VijaySai should say, based on his own interviews and interactions with physical form Swami, and what other devotees have shared with him about their interviews with physical form Swami, whether he thinks that Swami would ever advise a devotee to open a casino, which essentially is a place for gambling! He should not stop at simply conveying the shocking words of Mr. Tigrett.

Mr. Tigrett was never a faculty in the Sai university, as far as I know. Brother VijaySai was a faculty of the Sai university and so he has to shoulder the burden, IMHO, of giving an opinion on these shocking words conveyed by Mr. Tigrett. Swami expected Sai university alumnus-teachers to be the leaders who will show the way of Sai teachings of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti & Prema, to the world. Therefore brother VijaySai MUST GIVE US HIS VIEW on whether Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi will approve of a Sai devotee leader saying on stage in Muddenahalli, that Bhagavan asked him to open a casino. If he does not do that then (sorry if this offends you, brother VijaySai), I have to say that brother VijaySai would be failing in his duty to Bhagavan as a former Sai university alumnus-teacher. Jai Sairam!
---- end FB post comment of mine ---

The background to the above comment are
a) This comment of brother VijaySai (see

VijaySai B.S. wrote on 31st March 2016:
Myth 7: CASINO BY ISAAC TIGRETT was directed by Swami in Sukshma Shareera:
I met Isaac Tigrett and asked him. “Sir, during your Christmas speech, you mentioned about Casino in Las Vegas. Did you get the instructions in a meditation or through Madhu?”
His reply “Swami had asked me to do this during an interview with the physical form in 2009 in Prashanti Nilayam. He repeated the same now."

b) This comment of brother Paradha Saradha Uppala on

Pardha Saradhi Uppala wrote on April 4th 2016(slightly edited):
 ---Names-snipped--- All, I would like to draw everyone's attention to this conversation. This shows you the typical thought process and thinking of those who follow Subtle Body.

Mr. VijaySai has shared an information that Mr. Isaac Tigrett was asked by Subtle Body for a casino to be opened. Now, the only way anyone can convince the critics about the [genuineness] of Subtle Body is by attributing it to Physical Body. And that’s the answer Mr. VijaySai comes back with after consulting Mr. Tigrett. That physical Swami said these words and He only reiterated these words now.

I asked Mr. VijaySai whether he believes them. His politically correct answer as expected is, “I am only conveying what Mr. Tigrett said.”. On repeated questioning, he did not confirm [whether] he believes it is true or not.

This person, Mr. VijaySai claims to be a student, eloquent speaker, respected mental doctor, (his worldly credentials are of no consequence, it is important he continues to claim he is respected among Sai community). He very casually carries words about physical Swami as being said by Isaac Tigrett but he says he has nothing to do with its truth.

Can any student of institutions, carry [or] publish such words in public about physical Swami as being said by someone else without ascertaining whether it is truth or not? A devotee or student, must speak only things that he believes with all his heart and NOT carry hearsay. You say, "I am only conveying what he said". So, what happened to your intellect? Would you not use it? Just because it is Mr. Tigrett who said it, or the subtle body, would you convey anything? If tomorrow Mr. Tigrett or some other big devotee says Subtle or physical form asked him to sell marijuana would you "convey it" casually and publish to all using Swami's Name? This loose talk without ascertaining truth with heart is [not?] only unbecoming of a student, not only [of] a devotee, but even of a human being.

All, this is an extremely good pointer to the kind of thinking Muddenahalli Madhu has implanted in the minds of people who believe him. They stop thinking, blindly believe anything he says. He made them ZOMBIES.

Please note how weak he [has] turned the once very good devotees of Baba. Mr. VijaySai firstly believes Subtle Body is Swami. Then he believes whatever Muddenahalli Madhu says is what Subtle Body says. Later he believes what Mr. Isaac Tigrett says is what Mr. Madhu or physical body says. And he brings those words and publishes them for all as a proof of the authenticity of his belief.

See how far from their own hearts, Muddenahalli Madhu has taken the devotees. The man publishes what Isaac said about what Madhu said about Physical Body saying that he should start a casino. And the highlight is he does not know whether it is true or not, he does not have an opinion on it, he is only carrying what Isaac said about what Madhu said about Physical Body saying that he should start a casino.

This is a classic example of how a Sai devotee should NOT behave. A Sai devotee must speak only from the authenticity of his experience and should not be concerned about anything that is hearsay. To put the word Swami and a claim like Casino, without having an opinion from heart is a GRAVE SIN.

This is the characteristic of the ‘learned’ devotees of physical Swami who are parading behind the Subtle body now. They have lost touch with their own heart totally. They believe what anyone says about [what] Madhu says about Subtle Body. They forgot what is the voice of their own heart, they start believing anything and publicise [it] as their genuine experience.

This is NOT balanced writing. This is NOT being truthful. This is not being patient, this is not being open minded. This is slavery. Slavery to external source. Slavery to DEVIL.

For me, the way once a humble devotee of Baba, Mr. VijaySai [published] the words of what Mr. Isaac Tigrett said about what Madhu said about what Subtle Body said, and connecting it with physical Swami in 2009, without ascertaining the truth with his own heart and intellect is a SINGLE UNDENIABLE AND TOTAL PROOF that what is operating at Muddenahalli is DEVIL, the SATAN, the ANTI-CHRIST, the ANTI-SAI.

This seals it.

It is the responsibility of every Sai devotee to condemn this falsehood. This sick behavior of loosely publishing anything anyone says claiming Swami said these - we must STOP this epidemic disease! We must!!! Thou shalt not take the Lord's Name in vain! Thou shalt not! It does not matter, whether Mr. Tigrett said, or Mr. Indulal said, or Mr. BNNM said, however big they might be, DO NOT utter a word that you didn't ascertain with your heart. Your heart. Your heart. Your heart. That's the ONLY thing you should trust.

Jai Sairam!
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba be with us.
Asatomaa Sadgamayaa, Thamasomaa Jyothirgamayaa, Mrithyormaa Amrithamgamayaa
--- end comment ---

[I thank brother Pardha Saradhi Uppala and as, if I recall correctly, he had given me a general approval to share his PUBLIC FACEBOOK comments on this Muddenahalli FALSE BELIEF matter, I have presumed that he will not have any objections to me sharing his above PUBLIC FACEBOOK comment on this post which is freely viewable by all, and does not have any financial profit motive whatsoever.]

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