Tuesday, April 5, 2016

VijaySai B.S. MUST either produce concrete evidence of his allegation against Satyajit Salian or APOLOGIZE PUBLICLY

Given below is a comment I made on Clive Raj Valydon's Facebook post, https://www.facebook.com/sathyanarayana.raju.9/posts/767916120011541 (which has a screenshot of a Facebook chat of Clive with VijaySai B.S. where VijaySai says "Satyajit did not treat Swami well"):

Ravi S. Iyer wrote on 5th April 2016:
VijaySai B.S.​ saying that "Satyajit did not treat Swami well", is a horrific allegation. I have had experiences of physical form Swami's paranormal powers in 2010 in Sai Kulwanth Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam. One experience was in May 2010 and another a few months later. Now Swami was not in a position to walk at that time and he was having difficulty in clearly speaking his words. Prior to these experiences I had thought that perhaps Swami at physical body level had become very dependent on others. After these experiences I had no doubt whatsoever that at least till good part of the second half of the year 2010, Swami's paranormal powers of knowing what's in my mind and what I have done, and reacting to it suitably at physical body level even if his body was quite weak, was very much in action.

Therefore, in my considered view, if Swami was not being treated by Satyajit properly, or even if Satyajit mentally had any wrong intentions towards Swami, I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that Swami would have let top leaders of Prasanthi Nilayam which included Swami's blood relatives, know about it, and asked for Satyajit to be removed. And if the top leaders of Prasanthi Nilayam had not reacted, Swami could easily have mentioned it to top political leaders (very powerful people in India who the top police and investigative agencies report to) who would come to have His darshan ever so often, even in 2010 & 2011, and who could have had Satyajit removed very easily if Swami had complained to them about Satyajit.

In other words, I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that Satyajit was able to serve Swami at very close quarters in the last years of Bhagavan's physical presence ONLY because Swami wanted it to be that way. I have been informed that there were attempts to suggest to Swami that Satyajit be replaced but that Swami would not permit that to happen. Swami was THE BOSS in this matter.

Now I must say that in the second half of 2014 continuing on to 2015 (after Madhusudhan Rao Naidu PUBLICLY started doing his so called communicator act), I have heard about horrendous allegations like what VijaySai has made, being made by Muddenhalli group leaders. They used such very negative allegations to paint a terrible picture of Prasanthi Nilayam and the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, which enabled them to attract many devotees and donors, especially foreign devotees and donors. I was told about such negative allegations being made in meetings with devotees abroad that Muddenahalli group used to organize. I think I should mention this so that people know how bad it had become; please tolerate these VERY BAD WORDS. One such horrific allegation that I was told that Muddenahalli group made was that close servitors of Swami tortured Swami!!! However, all this was hearsay and there was no audio/video/text evidence to prove that Muddenahalli group leaders really did it. I think this screenshot is the first text evidence that I have seen of a Muddenahalli group promoter making a horrific allegation against Satyajit, and by extension, against Prasanthi Nilayam.

As Muddenahalli group consolidated their astonishing growth, over the year 2015, I stopped getting news of such allegations made by Muddenahalli group leaders in their meetings with devotees. Maybe they felt it was time to tone things down a little bit, now that they had achieved their initial spectacular growth.

Now that VijaySai's horrific allegation against brother Satyajit Salian has been made public, either VijaySai MUST PRODUCE CONCRETE EVIDENCE that will HOLD UP IN A COURT OF LAW to support his horrific allegation, OR VijaySai MUST PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE to Satyajit Salian and Prasanthi Nilayam, AND RETRACT his statement.


Initial part of comment of VijaySai B.S. on 5th April 2016:
I have not talked anywhere negatively on Social Media about brother Sathyajit.
An extract from an incomplete personal conversation that I was having with brother Clive has been put up inappropriately on FB.
As I have typed that statement, I own up the responsibility, retract the statement and regret the hurt caused to the Sai Fraternity. My personal apologies to brother Sathyajit. I hold him in high regard as one of the alumnus who is fit to lead Swami’s mission. I admire his leadership in Vidya Vahini.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote on 5th April 2016:
I welcome the apology of brother VijaySai B.S. to brother Satyajit Salian as well as the Sai fraternity, and his retraction of the damaging sentence about Satyajit not treating Swami well. I think we should now forgive and forget this RETRACTED damaging sentence of VijaySai.

If anybody else in Muddenahalli group leadership and social media promoters, including Madhusudhan Rao Naidu (in his individual capacity as well as in the capacity of so called communicator of so called subtle body of Muddenahalli), Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy, brother Sai Keshav etc., have anything to say about medical and other treatment given to (physical form) Swami during the last years of Swami's physical sojourn, I request them to please have the courage and the ethics to PUBLICLY make those statements in their own name(s), and to desist from making private malicious allegations against former close servitors of Bhagavan, and other leaders of Prasanthi Nilayam. Of course, if they do make PUBLIC allegations on this Swami treatment matter, they will be held accountable for those statements by others in the Sai fraternity on social media as well as in real life. After all, we are talking about a very, very serious matter related to physical form of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who was and continues to be adored and loved by perhaps millions of devotees across the globe.

A comment I made in response to another comment:
Ravi S. Iyer wrote on 5th April 2016:
Well, in my humble view, Bhagavan in physical form was both human and divine. From a human perspective, his body had to be provided medical care, and which was provided by Doctors (who had to view his body as human body for their treatment, I am quite sure). The impression that some have sought to convey is that Bhagavan was ill-treated by some close servitors and that due to Bhagavan's physical body weakness, Bhagavan could not do anything about it. I simply wanted to convey my view, based on my direct experience in Sai Kulwant Hall, that even at physical body level, Bhagavan, for most part of 2010, for sure, was IN CHARGE and could have easily got rid of any close servitors who were ill-treating him.

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