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Prof. Anantharaman gives explanation of his Muddenahalli group Arathi; Will he continue to go to Muddenahalli group events in future?

Last updated on 30th May 2016

Mr. V,R. Ganti has put up a Facebook post providing Prof. Anantharaman's views/responses/explanation on his having gone to Muddenahalli group and offered Arathi at a function there. The post is titled, PROF ANANTHARAM - VISIT TO MHALLI - JUSTIFIES - NOT APPEALING THOUGH,, dated May 28th 2016.

I have reproduced below my comment (slightly edited) on the above Facebook post of Mr. V.R. Ganti:

First of all I would like to remind readers about the great service Prof. Anantharaman has given to Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT) in his capacity as Media Co-ordinatinator, SSSCT. Please see my Facebook post, April 2012: My appreciation for Prof. Anantharaman's wonderful Sai service as Media Co-ordinator,

Now coming to the current matter, in Prof. Anantharaman's mail the words he uses with reference to so called Muddenahalli subtle body are, "my basic view about subtle body has not changed". But he has not clarified what his basic view is. I tried Google search for the term:
Anantharaman Muddenahalli subtle body
but did not get any suitable results.

So I will go by what Mr. Ganti wrote in this post, "Anantharaman clarified to me over a telephone call that he continues to maintain his stand that he does not believe at all in SUBTLE BODY & SELF APPOINTED CHOSEN COMMUNICATOR and he calls these as FAKE and FRAUD."

Ravi: I am greatly relieved to know that Prof. Anantharaman has not developed belief in so called Muddenahalli subtle body/light body. It seems that he went there as he was attracted by the activities that Muddenahalli group are doing, and perhaps to meet a powerful political leader of Karnataka who may be a visitor to Muddenahalli group.

I am quite convinced by these explanations/clarifications given by Prof. Anantharaman that he does not believe in so called Muddenahalli subtle body/light body. I repeat that that is a big relief to me.

However, Prof. Anantharaman's published mail to Mr. Ganti shows that Prof. Anantharaman's view is that his action has been consistent (with his lack of belief in so called Muddenahalli subtle body)!!! His stand seems to be that he was offering Arathi to a "picture of Baba"!

Now from a spiritual point of view based on Bhagavan's teachings, Bhagavan is everywhere, in Prasanthi Nilayam and in Muddenahalli group and in our hearts (and above us, below us, inside us, outside us ...). But what the video conveys to those who do not know of these clarifications/explanations by Prof. Anantharaman, is very different!!! A viewer will certainly presume that Prof. Anantharaman has become part of Muddenahalli group and believes in so called Muddenahalli subtle body AND its so called communicator, Madhusudan Rao Naidu!!! THAT IS THE BIG PROBLEM!

The question that crops up now is, will Prof. Anantharaman continue to visit Muddenahalli group as he is impressed with their activities, and will he continue to share the stage with top people of Muddenahalli group like Shri B.N. Narasimhamurthy and Shri Madhusudan Rao Naidu???
--- end my comment on Mr. Ganti's FB post ---


A comment on my Facebook post having the above content,, by --name-snipped-- today, 28th May 2016, around 1:30 PM was (He refers to Prof. Anantharaman), "He was there yesterday too. So it's a little contradictory...". He provided the youtube video link too,

My response comment was:
Thanks. Can you give the timestamp where he can be seen in the video? I don't know about the contradictory part due to his attending the function the next day too. I guess his stand is that he is associating with them as he likes the activities done there even if he does not have belief in so called Muddenahalli subtle body. Now it is up to Prasanthi Nilayam bosses to decide whether he should still be permitted to associate with Prasanthi Nilayam institutions like the Sai university (SSSIHL).

In response to a comment stating that he can be seen at 2:06:02 for a while.. and at 2:08:25 too, but his face is being covered, I (Ravi) responded (slightly edited):
Yes, you are right. It is him all right. Thanks.

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