Friday, May 27, 2016

Sathya Sai: Brahman outside is not giving any punishment to you; fruits you get correspond to seeds you plant

Given below is an extract from Divine Discourse of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, from Summer Showers in Brindavan, 1974,

This power or strength which we attempt to describe by the word Brahman is not something which is external to and outside you. It is present in you and is in your own self. If you acquire some good or bad, and if you have the misapprehension that Brahman outside is causing good or bad to you, or that He is giving some punishment to you, this is not the right attitude. Do not cultivate the habit of building castles in the air and getting tired by thinking that you will do this and that, you will achieve this and that. The fruits that you get will correspond to whatever seeds you plant. If the seed is one thing and if you have the ambition to get a different fruit, how is it possible? You may be very clever, but all the cleverness is of no avail if you are not giving up your mean qualities. Whatever good or bad you may have done, the aspect of Brahman is not going to break the good and bad into separate parts.

Paramatma is going to give you an unbroken garland of all the good and all the bad that you have accumulated. This is the invisible garland which everyone wears round his neck, and it surely consists of all the good and all the bad that you have done. When you are born from your mother’s womb, you do not physically see this necklace. You do not have a necklace of pearls round your neck; nor do you have a golden necklace when you are born. You neither have a necklace of diamond nor one of emerald round your neck. But, while all these things are absent, whatever good or bad deeds you may have done in your past are being brought along with you when you are born.

By doing a good act, you cannot get an evil result and by doing a bad act, you cannot accumulate good. Whatever kind of work you do, the result will correspond to that kind of work. Therefore, it follows that today you should make up your mind to do only good things and thus you will reap, in your future lives, the benefit of only good things. You should do good things today and thus aspire to get good for yourself. Brahman is present in your own heart and is functioning as a witnessing consciousness all through. To imagine and to deceive ourselves into thinking that there is no one seeing us do a bad thing is not correct. Whether anyone sees it or not, the aspect of Brahman which has been described as one which has thousands of heads and thousands of eyes is always watching you and the good and bad that you do.

This aspect of Brahman is always with you and is constantly present in you. Without recognising and understanding this basic truth that Brahman is always with you, you spend a great deal of time and energy thinking that God is somewhere and that you should find Him elsewhere and outside of your heart.
--- end extract from Sathya Sai discourse ---

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