Monday, May 2, 2016

Sathya Sai on duplicates, 25th May 1979 discourse

"Sometimes, an element of weakness enters these organisations as the leaders themselves get drawn towards other men, other God men or other great men and therefore, there are bumps and jumps in this spiritual progress. "... "Similarly you are unable to recognise the wastage of time and the hurt, despair, disgust and disappointment caused by running after this Baba and that Baba. At some places, some people claim that they are possessed by Baba and perform several acts which are wonderful and members, the leaders themselves are mislead by such acts and give propagation and publicity to such stunts. When you have Swami himself, the genuine Swami right in front of you, why do you care for the duplicates? Some organisations are in a state of utter confusion in some places because of this kind of behaviour."

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