Friday, July 1, 2016

Fascinating Interactive map of religions worldwide based on 2010 data; Wikipedia world religion map has an interactive map which draws on the data from a 2010 Pew Research demographic study of over 230 "countries and territories", according to the "About This Activity" info. on the webpage.

To see the interactive map you have to click the "LAUNCH" button in the middle of the map pic on the above webpage. That launches a new window with the interactive map.

Here's the url of that interactive map (could use this link if the above does not work for some reason):

Moving the mouse over a country on the interactive map brings up a popup window with percentage data of followers of different religions in that country. Note that there are + and - buttons on the left top of the interactive map to zoom in & out.

The default view is "PREVAILING BELIEFS" view which shades a country in the map based on its largest religious group.

A Menu button on the top right of the interactive map allows one to see individual religious group map which shades countries based on the number of followers of that individual religion (and ignores data of followers of other religions).

Here's one of wikipedia's world religion maps, (May 2014 data), which I have reproduced below (the link says against Permission, "Allowed to copy and distribute")

[To see a magnified version of the above image/map right-click and open the image in a new tab/window.]

The File history states that the current image (copy-pasted above) is dated 14 May 2014. The data sources are mentioned as Britannica, Think Quest, and similar other sources.

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