Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Eve Gardener's article about how beneficial Sathya Sai samadhi worship can be to spiritual aspirants and people with worldly desires as well

Here's a recent article by Eve Gardener, The Meaning Of MahaSamadhi Or Shrine – Sathya Sai Baba,

Given below is a comment I made on her blog post above.

Wonderful article, Eve, which shows how beneficial worship at the samadhi of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, can be to spiritual aspirants as well as those who have a mix of worldly desires and spiritual desires.

With reference to the sentence, "The shakti energy remains forever in the Shine of a powerful teacher ..", did you use the word, 'Shine' (and not 'Shrine'), deliberately? The word is used multiple times later on as well in the post. [Update: Eve meant Shrine and has corrected it.]

"Often it takes someone with a powerful shakti to drive us inward to where the source of our being is waiting to be discovered." - Very well said.

One of things that I learned/interpreted from Sathya Sai is that the source of our being, the UNCHANGING, DEATHLESS & ETERNAL awareness, is always in play in our lives, whether we recognize/realize it or not. However, the typical delusion (bhrama) is that we (human beings) identify ourselves with our mind-body complex with the various desires and memories and thoughts that flood our mind. But this mind-body complex is transient and, as taught by Sathya Sai and Hindu Vedanta revelations/teachings, this mind-body complex is an illusion that is projected by the one and only reality of existence which is the UNCHANGING, DEATHLESS & ETERNAL awareness/consciousness that is within each of us, and which is referred to in Hindu Vedanta as Atma (Self).

The Guru, IMHO, teaches us how to disentangle the false/illusory mind-body complex from the UNCHANGING, DEATHLESS & ETERNAL awareness that is at the core of our being, the Atma, and then to stay established in that UNCHANGING, DEATHLESS & ETERNAL awareness/Atma viewing, as well as participating in, the illusory material (mind-body) world as the play of the Divine Lord who is (part of) the same UNCHANGING, DEATHLESS & ETERNAL awareness that is at the core of our being, the Atma.

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