Monday, August 4, 2014

Media article praises Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust for flourishing Sai institutions

I was very pleased to read this article, dated July 23rd 2014, From crisis to credibility: How Sathya Sai’s trust turned around the fate in three years,

Some notes/small extracts and comments:

Widespread speculations about future of Sai institutions three years ago (at Swami's Mahasamadhi time); many thought these institutions would not survive.

[Ravi: I think the above words convey quite truthfully what most of the non Sai-devotee world would have thought at the time of our beloved Lord's Mahasamadhi. Perhaps even some of us in the Sathya Sai devotee fraternity may have harboured doubts about the future of these magnificent institutions focused on service to humanity.]


"The institutions built by Sai are flourishing and the credit goes to Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT)."

[Ravi: Having seen a lot of nonsense that the media indulged in regarding SSSCT immediately after the Mahasamadhi, I am overjoyed to read such praise from the media. I feel that all of us in the Sathya Sai devotee fraternity must be grateful to the SSSCT for steering the institutions founded by Bhagawan which were under their care, through a very traumatic period. I pray that Bhagawan continues to shower His Grace on them and their efforts towards keeping these institutions in good order.]


Embracing transparency, refusing cash donations, internal audit etc. were the measures of SSSCT that gave positive results and earned the continued support of devotees.

[Ravi: Interesting analysis. In today's globalized world, accountability and transparency are the buzz words for any institution to earn respect. As an Indian who has crossed 50 years of age I am amazed at the level of accountability and transparency that is being ushered in/forced upon various sectors/people in India, including top ministers and top bureaucrats. Two or three decades ago, this level of accountability and transparency was unimaginable. To take just one example, the Right to Information Act (RTI) enables any Indian citizen to get unprecedented level of information from even top govt. agencies including the Prime Minister's Office! That was just unthinkable in the 80s and 90s.

I think in today's Internet connected world people expect transparency and accountability from charitable and spiritual institutions too. That SSSCT is being recognized in the media for "embracing transparency" is excellent news.]

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