Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sathya Sai Baba wanted people to be happy and not show/have 'castor oil' (sad/downcast) faces

From Bhagavan Sri sathya Sai Baba divine discourse on May 21st 2000, http://www.sssbpt.info/summershowers/ss2000/ss2000-08.pdf:

Prahlada saw unity in diversity. He clearly perceived Narayana to be the substratum of everything in creation and happily surrendered to Him. He realised that God is Omnipresent. His father Hiranyakasipu was just the opposite. He saw diversity in unity and became deluded by the multiplicity of forms in Creation, each with its own name. These forms are all transient whereas God represents the Eternal Truth.
Everyone wants to be happy. Such a desire is natural and it springs from the fact that man’s true nature is Bliss. Bliss is God but man does not understand that. He does not understand that he originated from God, that life’s undercurrent is God, and that his final destination also is God. Man is born of ananda, the basis of his life is ananda, and his goal also is ananda. Truly speaking, it is not difficult to know what the basis of life is, and what should be the goal of life. Bliss should be the goal, and one must seek it in all earnestness.

--- end divine discourse extracts ----

Ravi:  I think such messages are a very important aspect of the teachings of Bhagavan. It is my personal experience during my years in serving His mission in His divine presence in Puttaparthi that a very important thing for Bhagavan was that He wanted people to be happy. Yes, service activity was important but a balance was necessary. People getting completely caught up in service and other mission activities but losing the balance between work & devotion/love, and so ending up with "castor oil" (sad/downcast) faces, was something that would put Bhagavan off. He is reported to have asked people including students in Kulwant Hall, many times, why they are having "castor oil" faces.

Some relevant "castor oil" quotations from Bhagavan's discourses:
From http://www.sathyasai.org/discour/2008/d081122.pdf:
"People wonder how Swami is so divinely peaceful and is able to interact with so many people day in and day out. In fact, peace is natural to Me. I always smile and put up a serene countenance. I can never put up a castor oil face. I am always happy and smiling. I exhort you also to be so. When you all are happy, I am happy. Your happiness is My happiness."

From http://www.sathyasai.org/discour/2008/d080101.pdf:
"All are brothers and sisters! But, differences arise even amongst the brothers and sisters. Hence, cultivate love for one another. Always maintain a cheerful disposition, with a sweet smile on your face. You should never put up a ‘castor-oil face’. Then only will your life become noble and ideal. You must always be happy and cheerful. What do you lack? you have everything, with Swami’s love and grace."

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