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Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on PRETENDERS in 1973 discourse delivered in Brindavan

Here's an extract from divine discourse of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, dated 14th January 1973 and titled, Pretenders,

In the Bhaagavatham, there is mention of a certain Poundraka, who sought to become a passable 'imitation', of Kaishna [Ravi: should be Krishna]. He added unto his name the name of Krishna, viz., Vaasudheva. He announced himself as Poundraka Vaasudheva. He got made an imitation Conch and an imitation Wheel (out of wood) and carried them about, in his two artificial extra hands. He discovered the style which Krishna adopted while wearing his yellow silken robe and he scrupulously followed the same. He skilfully imitated the gait and gestures of Krishna. Some fools gathered round him, mistaking him to be the Lord they were seeking. His insanity finally brought about his downfall and humiliation.

Nature is the best preacher
In this Kali Yuga also such imitations are cropping up just as Poundraka shaped himself into a Vaasudheva. We have today even Sathya Sai Babas. They get the same type of robe stitched, they strain themselves to cultivate the crown of hair, they study photographs and hold their hands up very nearly like I do and make themselves ridiculous by frantic attempts to imitate Me. They forget that "imitation is only human; but, Creation is Divine." Those who attempt to become Sathya Sai Babas by this ludicrous process of imitation only destroy whatever faith some people have placed in the Divine. They are poisonous pests which injure the peace and harmony of society. They collect around themselves insects of like nature. For only birds of the same feather can flock together. These 'pretenders' fall into ruin themselves and bring ruin on the society where they operate, as the proverbial horde of monkeys that ruin themselves and bring ruin on the forest which they inhabit.

Let Me tell you this. There is no need for you to follow this person or that person in the search for a Guru. The heart full of compassion is the altar of God. Nature is the best preacher. Life is the best teacher. Fill yourselves with awe and reverence at the handiwork of God, the manifestation of His Power and Glory that is called the World. This is enough Instruction and enough Inspiration for you.

Brindhaavan, 14-1-1973
---- end extract -----

Ravi: I think Bhagavan's words in 1973 itself, referencing Poundraka, the Dwapara Yuga PRETENDER of Krishna,, is enough for discerning readers to NOT GET FOOLED BY communicators, mediums and pretenders of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, irrespective of the siddhis they might demonstrate related to mind & memory reading or materialization of vibhuthi, rings etc.

Note that the Prema Sai Avatar that Bhagavan has foretold/prophesied about will, in all probability, show knowledge of interactions that devotees had with Sathya Sai Avatar. But Prema Sai Avatar will be a different body with a different name, like Sathya Sai Avatar was a different body with a different name from Shirdi Sai Avatar. That is not being a PRETENDER.

It is when people (other than physical form Sathya Sai) start making claims about giving discourses and interviews in the name of Sri Sathya Sai Baba that we have PRETENDERS, and the above extract of Bhagavan's discourse tells us what he publicly said about such PRETENDERS.

[Thanks to Facebook users Mohan MK Kumar and Madhu Sainath for providing pointers to above Swami discourse containing references to Poundraka.]

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