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David Wolff call to action to Sai students/alumni on MDH FRAUD; My comment: Sai university senior faculty should give video message on it

Last updated on 7th Nov. 2015

Here's is an interesting Facebook post on Sai Bliss, "FRAUD AND SUPPORTING FRAUDSTERS: by David Wolff, USA",

I have given below an extract from it addressed to Sai university students/alumni.


Finally, My humble appeal to all the Sai University students to come out of hibernation and speak out! THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION! If your son or daughter were in a big medical emergency would you just sit idle at home and say “Swami will take care of this or will you rush your child to the hospital?” Speak up, rise up, and be against what is being done wrong with the MDH campus; do not allow this FRAUD to propagate unnecessarily. Don't remain as mere 'entertainers' by speaking about the humorous interactions you had with Swami. This is the time when you all should step up and save the Sai devotees falling prey to these FRAUDS, and help our organization thrive. The reason that I am appealing to you, the Sai Alumni, is because your own contemporary college mate Mr. Madhu-Sudan is acting out the most fraudulent karma which needs to be out rightly condemned.

--- end extract from Sai Bliss post ---

The following is the comment I made on the above SaiBliss Facebook post. I also shared that facebook post with the same comment on my Facebook pages here:

Excellent message from Sai brother David Wolff of USA. He also makes an appeal to Sai university alumni to speak up. I found that part to be of particular interest.

Actually I think there should be a video message from senior faculty of Sathya Sai University (SSSIHL), (getting good sixth pay commission salaries after Mahasamadhi, from Bhaktula sommu, Devotee contributions), where they CONDEMN the MOCKERY that so called communicator and alumnus of Sai university, Madhusudhan Naidu, of Muddenahalli is making of our beloved Lord, Kali Yuga Avatar, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, which is endorsed by former warden of Sai university, Shri Narasimhamurthy. Their (Madhusudhan Naidu and Narasimhamurthy) latest blunder is the declaration of end of Kali Yuga on 23rd Oct. 2015!!!!

The senior faculty of Sai university should never forget that their university founder chancellor was Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and that IT IS THEIR DUTY to CRITICIZE their former students who MISUSE Bhagavan's HOLY NAME. As Muddenahalli DRAMA has become a very big one now and is now MISGUIDING many innocent Sai devotees, Sai university senior faculty should OPENLY STATE THEIR STAND on their former student claiming to be a so called communicator of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. They should not try to ESCAPE stating that they now only do academics - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biosciences, Economics, Mangaement, Commerce, Arts etc. They should remember the vision and philosophy Bhagavan has DECLARED for the Sathya Sai university which is a DIVINE university (and not just a deemed UGC university) and EXAMINE whether their SILENCE is CORRECT or NOT. Is SILENCE what Bhagavan would expect of them now? Will that SILENCE not be misunderstood by Sai devotees as possible belief in so called communicator Madhusudhan Naidu's claims? Will such SILENCE make Bhagavan happy?

I am sure that if senior faculty of Sai university give a video message condemning their former student, Madhusudhan Naidu's MAD claims, it will have a good effect in terms of lesser number of Sai devotees getting caught up in these FALSE CLAIMS.
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Given below is a comment on the above FB share post:

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Terry Reis Kennedy: I entirely agree with these words in your comment:
1) It appears that the majority of Sai Alumni are frightened to come forward.
2) Or, perhaps, they will get some courage and come forward. Narasimha Murty was like a god to them. It is like having to admit that your own mother is a thief. If their love for Swami is strong, they too may break through the barrier of fear and tell the truth. What a glorious 90th Birthday Confession that would be.

Thanks for your frank, but much needed words, Terry.

A correspondent (USA based), who is associated with another spiritual orgn. not connected with Sai orgn., wrote the following response over email:

Dear Ravi - I think David's appeal is likely to have strong positive effect in clearing up the cloud. Especially, since he is a westerner from USA and appears to be a staunch devotee of Swami from his posted photo with Swami!

This whole saga/drama of MDH, further proves that when it comes to really understanding/following religion and spirituality, people don't want to use their head, they prefer to go by their heart. Not to undermine heart/feelings/emotions, but one must exercise head's power of discrimination and use vivek on such matters! One thing I have grown to learn from the spiritual organization I am associated with is, "दिमाग से उठाओ, और दिल से करो"! Meaning, use your head before deciding on what to do, but when you decide to do it, do it with your full heart!

I can only wish all the best to the original and authentic Sai Orgn. and its activities!

Ravi S. Iyer response to the above: Thanks for your valuable message reflecting your experience in another spiritual orgn., and for your best wishes for the "original and authentic Sai Orgn. and its activities".

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