Sunday, November 29, 2015

Good exposure given to essence of Sathya Sai life & teachings on DD Bharati (Indian national TV channel) in Global Sai Symphony program

This program, GLOBAL SAI SYMPHONY - JAWAHARLAL NEHRU STADIUM, DELHI - 28 NOV 2015,, 2 hr. 39 min, broadcast on DD Bharati (one of India's govt. owned national TV channels which carries programs related to Indian culture) gave good exposure of essence of Swami's life & teachings and Sai orgn. activities by the speakers (& voice-over) as well as a short interview by a DD mediaperson of Delhi Sai orgn. head. That is really wonderful to note. Of course, the Global Sai symphony is also a great musical treat. It is largely instrumental but has some vocal songs too. In this post my focus is on the Swami message part and not the musical treat part.

At 9:23 you can see union ministers Shri Nitin Gadkari and Dr. Najma Heptulla along with Sai orgn. leaders & SSSCT trustees standing respectfully as the national anthem is being sung.

At 16:42 you can see the annual report of the Sai orgn. held up by the dignitaries.

The chief guests to the function are the two union ministers Shri Gadkari and Dr. Heptulla. I congratulate the Sai orgn. leaders in bringing Bhagavan's 90th birthday celebrations into the national spotlight in a sense via this function. I think this event will be a significant milestone in the post-Mahasamadhi phase of the Sathya Sai mission. I was so happy to hear the voice-over at the beginning say (in Hindi), "Param Pujaneeya Sri Sathya Sai ka divya alok pure vishwa ko roshan kar raha hain.", which translates in English to (my rough translation effort; so may not be perfect), "The holy light of the very revered Sri Sathya Sai is lighting up the whole world." Mind you, the voice over, in all probability, is that of an employee of the govt. owned DD Bharati channel. It is so nice to see & hear such acknowledgement of Swami's work from a govt. owned national TV channel. That voice-over sentence from the DD Bharati mediaperson (I presume), made my day, to be honest :-).

Congratulations to the Sai orgn. leaders for having organized this function and having DD Bharati cover it. It seems that Sri V. Srinivasan, trustee, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT), and former All India President of Indian Sai orgn. was a key figure in organizing the event. He also spoke at the event. In my individual capacity of a Sai devotee I would like to congratulate Sri V. Srinivasan for playing a leadership role in organizing this event which brought the essence of Swami's life & teachings into the spotlight of a national DD TV channel. Of course, all the other Sai orgn. leaders and volunteers/workers involved in this effort too deserve appreciation. In my individual capacity again, I also thank the Hon'ble union ministers Shri Gadkari and Dr. Heptulla for extending their support & encouragement to the Sathya Sai mission.

In his speech, Shri Gadkari spoke about Indian spiritual & service culture, his own efforts in that regard and also about Sri Sathya Sai Baba's great contributions in this area. Dr. Heptulla is an old devotee of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, which was quite a surprise to me. In her talk she shared her experiences with Bhagavan. Dr. Heptulla stayed through the event and also thanked the performers after they finished their musical presentation.

Please note that some part of the video has some audio disturbance (part of Sri Gadkari's speech), and there seems to be some audio-video sync problem as well in most of the video.

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