Saturday, November 28, 2015

Has Muddenahalli group crossed RED LINE where tolerance is not right approach but active resistance is right approach?

I felt it appropriate to make a post of the following two comments (slightly edited) I made on this FB post:

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Aravind Balasubramanya: I think you are pointing out the section where Madhusudhan Rao Naidu is blessing a Napkin/white cloth and, shortly afterwards, some other item by touching them. Yes, now it is clear that Madhusudhan has grown in stature in MDH following and is almost being viewed as Swami Himself! It was not difficult at all to predict that this would happen over time. Don't be surprised to see MDH followers take Padanamaskar of Madhusudhan Naidu in the not-so-distant future. He is now a bigshot spiritual guru using the name of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!

Glad to see your continuing strong condemnation of the MOCKERY of our beloved Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, being done by Sai university alumnus, Madhusudhan Rao Naidu, and FULLY ENDORSED by former warden of Sai university, Narasimhamurthy. I do hope that more Sai university alumni will join you and very few other Sai university alumni (Bro. Satyajit Salian & Sri Vedanarayanan notably) in such PUBLIC strong condemnation of Madhusudhan Naidu and Narsimhamurthy. It will be wonderful if the teachers of the Sai university too do the same (PUBLICLY, I repeat) as they are people on whom Swami had placed so much importance for his mission. That will send a clear message to the Sathya Sai fraternity at large about the stand of the majority of the Sai university faculty, staff and alumni on this matter.

The PUBLIC SILENCE of the many Sai university faculty & alumni has allowed this FALSE & RIDICULOUS BELIEF to grow. My considered view is that such PUBLIC SILENCE by the large majority of Sai university faculty & alumni is a FAILURE of their duty towards our beloved Lord, Kali Yuga Avatar, Shiva-Shakti Swarupa, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


Sairam brother Aravind Balasubramanya: Well, I think Swami's teachings have to be interpreted appropriate to the situation. To be tolerant and not hurt others is a very important teaching of Bhagavan for all. However, it is my considered view and, to some extent, personal experience with Bhagavan, that there are red lines which when crossed need a different reaction aimed at stopping the Adharma. Let me explain with some details about my situation as it may be of some help to readers of the comment in their decision-making in this regard.

It was my destiny to get caught up in this matter right from Jul/Aug. 2011 when I had two one hour meetings with former VC Shashidhar Prasad in the VC's chambers over issues related to students & my involvement with Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini project which was not liked by the HOD. In the second meeting, the VC was very angry and shouted at me at the top of his voice, as soon as I got into his chambers. Now, I come from the international software industry where one sees a lot of cold fury and pink slips (lay-off notices) but not this kind of red hot fury :-). My first reaction was to cool things down. I turned down his offer to call the HOD to his chambers and I said something to the effect that I am learning to deal with sensitive zones. That cooled him down and he asked me, "Do you know how many sensitive zones I am dealing with?" (or words to that effect). I felt sympathy for him as we all knew what trauma and chaos Prasanthi Nilayam ashram system was going through then. I then became a tolerant and quiet mouse :-) and he did hammer me (got lectured on ego :-), if I recall correctly), but in a cooler tone, for the rest of the nearly one hour meeting. He let me know in very clear terms that he did not want another fight between me and the HOD of the dept. I was serving in then.

The VC's statement about the many sensitive zones that he was handling then was my first DIRECT EXPOSURE to serious issues then (July/Aug 2011) at the top of Prasanthi Nilayam ashram system. I guess it was my destiny, given that Bhagavan had placed me in a position where I was financially independent of SSSIHL and Prasanthi Nilayam ashram system, that slowly I started getting out of my Visiting Faculty role and started gathering info. about what's going on in the system with an objective to help in stabilization of the system in the immediate post-Mahasamadhi phase. I was least interested in playing such a role as it is quite unpleasant but felt that I owed it to Bhagavan and the Puttaparthi Sai fraternity to do my bit in this regard.

That exposed me to too much over time leading to a lot of emotional disturbances which also impacted my health. I saw that SSSIHL was slowly and steadily coming under Shashidhara Prasad DICTATORIAL rule with senior faculty either following his orders or quitting/being forced to resign. I had seen enough power struggles in the international software industry that I was involved with in my past career, to clearly understand that there was a massive power grab going on in SSSIHL with SSSCT not having much say. By that time I had heard from faculty who had interacted with Shashidhara Prasad that he was having belief in Narasimshamurthy's dream instructions. That led me to decide to part ways with SSSIHL in Mar. 2012 and kick up some fuss in end May 2012 to let Shashidhara Prasad know that Sathya, Dharma, Shanti & Prema are the key values that Bhagavan expected from his university. I mean, the DICTATOR VC had to be shown that there are people who have the GUTS to oppose him and will fight him if needed (under the law of the land). This Adharma had to be fought and not tolerated.

However, as I was not a regular faculty in SSSIHL I had my limitations in terms of continuing the fight with Shashidhara Prasad after May/June 2012. So I largely switched off from SSSIHL matters after June 2012.

The May 2014 video of so called subtle body visit to Kodaikanal was the next big milestone which forced me to engage in this matter again. I started getting some idea about what was going on here by talking to people in Puttaparthi. The next few months really shook me up. I could not believe how so many people were accepting the so called subtle body stuff and its so called communicator. When I saw that around July 2014, one of the former elder faculty of SSSIHL, PN campus, who I had interacted with quite closely when I was with SSSIHL, put out a new blog with a sort-of declaration of next phase of Sathya Sai mission, I was shocked out of my wits. I even thought that who knows maybe it is true if so many people including this former elder faculty of SSSIHL make such public statements about it.

As I investigated more through my contacts I came to know, from reliable sources, lots of rather unpleasant stuff that was being said by the so called communicator which was painting a black picture of Prasanthi Nilayam people. For example, one allegation from him was that Swami was "tortured" in PN!!! I BECAME FURIOUS. They were crossing the RED LINE for me. I mean, this was low level political style attacks on PN to wean people away from PN to their camp. Poaching became the order of the day for the MDH group. Some people that I knew in PN ashram felt that so called subtle Swami thing has some truth!!! I could not believe my ears. I mean, if one is associated with PN ashram system, earning salary from it and/or enjoying the benefits provided by it, is it not unethical to then support a competitor (in terms of funds & followers) to PN and which had been publicly opposed by PN leaders? Why could some people not see this simple but serious ethical issue? I mean, if they felt so much that Swami was there, why could they not leave PN setup and join MDH setup?

Slowly it became clear to me that PN ashram authorities lack of strict action against such persons was the reason why they were doing it. They wanted to enjoy material benefits of Parthi and go to MDH too. And, of course, MDH then had the blessing of SSSIHL as its VC, Shashidhara Prasad, was its staunch believer!!! What an extraordinarily weird state of affairs!

Years ago, I had heard about how (physical form) Swami would cut off top persons in the Sai orgn. if they started simultaneously attending/participating in functions associated with other gurus/Matas. It became clear to me that what was needed was for some people to start taking a tough stand against MDH exposing their FALSE CLAIMS. It was not going to be pleasant but sometimes fighting for DHARMA is not pleasant. I felt that Bhagavan had placed me in a position where I could write independently on such matters and that it was my duty to Bhagavan and the Sathya Sai fraternity to fight for DHARMA and expose ADHARMA in relation to MDH so called subtle body.

The year 2015 saw immense divisive impact due to MDH FALSE CLAIMS in the Sai fraternity in India and abroad. My blog and later Facebook posts have contributed to spreading the truth about these MDH FALSE CLAIMS among some interested readers on the Internet. I guess I have done my bit in this duty towards Bhagavan and the Sai fraternity in this regard.

The questions readers of this comment should ask themselves are: Do they think Muddenahali group has crossed the red line for them, where tolerance is not the right approach but instead Muddenahalli group ADHARMA using the HOLY NAME of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, has to be actively resisted (within the law of the land)? Would Bhagavan be happy with them if they continued to be passive onlookers to this MOCKERY of Bhagavan that is being done in Muddenahalli, and which is trapping and deluding so many brothers & sisters of the Sai fraternity? Jai Sairam!


  1. Sairam Sir, I read Aravind's post and all the comments too. Things are really becoming too much now.

    I dunno if you have received the write-up by Mrs. Karuna Munshi (of Radio Sai). I received it since I am on her mailing list. That article made me become greatly infuriated about the dismal depths to which the MDH team has stooped to lure people and about the great disrepute they are bringing to Bhagawan's name.

    Once this gets exposed, all those who have been caught in this trap will feel a deep sense of guilt and emotional scarring. Only Swami can save them!

    I sincerely pray that Bhagawan intervenes very very very soon and bursts this bubble and exposes all the people involved in this. What a shame they have brought to His name! Of course His name can never get tarnished with all this but it is indeed very saddening to see that even those who have enjoyed decades of His physical proximity and His grace, blessings, etc. behave in such a horrible manner.

    1. Dear Arathi,
      The fact is that being blessed by God doesn't mean that the person would be good. In olden times also many demons were blessed by Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, then we have heard of numerous such demons being blessed but the fact is that those demons showed their true colors at later stages. So, this is holds true for the case of bad people who have experienced Swami but still are not afraid from straying away from the path.