Friday, November 27, 2015

Pics of Risen moon over Enumulapalli (near Puttaparthi) pond

Last updated on 27th Nov. 2015

The pics below of the risen moon over Enumulapalli (near Puttaparthi) pond were taken a few days ago on 25th Nov. 2015.

Note that right-click on the pics above and choosing 'Open link in new tab' allows you to see the pic in original (larger) size.

I had first put them up on Facebook here: I have given below edited comments of mine on that post:

Yes, that (Yenumulapalli) is the official spelling. I am used to the old/informal spelling. Let me see if both spellings are in vogue now. If required, I will correct the spelling to Yenumulapalli
I was also struck by the bar of yellow light being reflected in the pond. I presume it is some optical effect from the (reflected) light of the moon. [By (reflected) light I mean that light from the sun reflects off the moon to earth.] The other photo does not show the bar of yellow light - the moon was lower on the horizon then.
I would like to add that it was not a phone-camera introduced effect. I saw the bar of yellow light with my own eyes too.
--- end Facebook comments ---

I would also like to mention that between the first and second pics I had walked down further on the road adjacent to the Enumulapalli pond.


  1. Good pictures...Pictures of rising moon and sun are always for prosperity, growth, health and calmness. I remember once someone gifted a picture of setting sun to my aunt and she got sick, so sick...but then someone asked her to throw away that picture and after that...she bounced back to normal. Feng Shui also considers gifting someone or using pictures of setting sun or moon as bad omen-something which brings bad luck...Rising sun and moon always brings prosperity in your home and good health...Sai Ram