Monday, November 2, 2015

Very limited PUBLIC response from Sai university alumni to Bro Ranganatha Raju's OPEN LETTER to Bro Madhusudhan Naidu

Given below are the contents and comments from a recent Facebook post of mine here:

I looked at the comments on Facebook posts where bro. Ranganatha Raju's OPEN LETTER was shared (SaiBliss, Vr Ganti, My Post, Terry Kennedy and a couple more). SaiBliss has the maximum number of comment responses, many of which have thanked and supported bro. Ranganatha Raju. Some of these comments seem to be from Sai university alumni.

But, overall, I do not see much support from Sai university alumni for this OPEN LETTER of bro Ranganatha Raju. In my Facebook post about this OPEN LETTER ( I had written, "Come brothers, join the very, very few Sai university alumni who are now publicly speaking up and warning devotees NOT to get MISGUIDED by Madhusudhan Naidu's FALSE and OUTRAGEOUS claims of being a so called communicator of our beloved Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Let the Sai devotees worldwide know that you too, as a Sai university alumnus, join in your Sai university alumnus brother Ranganatha Raju's earnest request to Sai devotees worldwide to NOT believe Madhusudhan Naidu."

It seems to me that that call of mine to Sai university alumni to PUBLICLY support Ranganatha Raju's OPEN LETTER has not been of much use :-(. Such is life :-).

I wonder why there is such limited support to bro. Ranganatha Raju's OPEN LETTER from Sai university alumni. Now one must also note that the letter seems to have actually been put up by bro. Ranganatha Raju in a private alumni whatsapp group, which found its way to the Internet. Bro. Raju has NOT put it up PUBLICLY on his Facebook page as far as I know. It would have been better if he had done that as that would have lent it more authenticity. Alumni could have then commented on his Facebook page to lend support to his OPEN LETTER.

One thing is becoming quite clear in my mind now. Madhusudhan Rao Naidu is a Sai university alumnus. So the FALSE CLAIM of so called communicator of so called subtle body of Bhagavan based in Muddenahalli is by a Sai university alumnus who is backed by a former Warden of Sai university and some senior alumni of Sai university. It seems to me that Sai devotees at large will get convinced about this claim being FALSE only if other Sai university alumni expose it as FALSE PUBLICLY.

I congratulate bro. Satyajit Salian for having unambiguously said on video that he not only does not believe in Madhusudhan Naidu's claims but that he is very angry with it.

I think it will need OTHER Sai university alumni, including Sai university faculty who are alumni, to do something similar to what Satyajit did PUBLICLY, on VIDEO, for Sai devotees to get convinced that the claim is FALSE. If they continue to keep silent (barring few alumni who have openly said it is FALSE), especially if the senior alumni and senior faculty of Sai university who are alumni, stay silent, then many Sai devotees may think that many alumni and faculty of Sai university believe in Madhusudhan Naidu being this so called communicator. One should not forget that the former vice-chancellor of Sai university from around June 2010 to Nov. 2014, attends Muddenahalli functions which gets viewed by observers as support of Madhusudhan Naidu's claims of being so called communicator of Bhagavan.

I think I have done enough as a former FREE SERVICE teacher of the Sai university, from Jan. 2003 to March 2012, in terms to my duty to Bhagavan in this regard. So I plan to go easy on (try to avoid) these kind of posts in future. I mean, it was clear to everybody that Swami wanted His students to run the Prasanthi Nilayam mission especially his university, and that seems to be how things are panning out now. So let Swami's students (alumni) handle their former colleague Madhusudhan Rao Naidu problem in whatever way they deem fit. I wish them all the best. Jai Sairam!

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Some comment exchanges from the above post are given below:

Terry Reis Kennedy wrote:
Dear Ravi S. Iyer. Don't stop now! It's no indication by the amount of likes whether people are reading or not reading. I have dozens of people following daily who are not even my FB friends and only quite by accident to I discover that they are reading every word! Silence precedes a Huge Outcry.....Let the readers absorb this, contact others, and we'll see some action soon. Sai RAm.

Taruni Tarun wrote:
@Brother Ravi..Kindly do not go by the number of likes or reply comments..Devotees already know that due to some reason rsai alumni are not coming forward and not rising in union to oppose this false claim of communicator by Madhu sudhan.Hence devotees have more or less stopped expecting sai alumni to speak up..But devotees are doing it..As you know there was a play* Eternal sai* staged at Sai Kulwant hall which clealry sent swamis message that He is one to one heart to heart with No communicator..So many devotees are getting the message.And One of the important medium is your writing regarding this..So it would be very useful if you continue to write your views as per your convenience and availability...It would definitley bring more and more awareness in some way or other ..If not today tomorrow many would realise it..Not at all trying to pressurise you think it over and ultimately it is your choice.Jai sai ram:)

[Name-snipped] wrote:
sairam in that drama alumnis participated.whole songs were sung by alumni.tyagaraja role was played by an alumni

Taruni Tarun responded to above comment:
Thanx for the information.Sai ram:).So does that mean the alumni would not come forward on their own... not do anything on their own in the open primarily.. leading the rest??? ...
Does that mean Sai alumni wont show their solidarity and support when their own brother alumni Mr Ranganath Raju and earlier very very few fellow alumni had strongly condemned *communicator* .but would participate and show their esteemd support if there are programs with such messages.performed by state organisations
I personally feel it should be the other way..Participation under the banner SSSO ...which to my personal knowledge is not the prestigious sai alumni wing but comprises of whole lot of devotees ..
Alumni lent their support by enacting few roles and sang songs.. Is this what the sai alumni are capable..?
.Were they not blessed by swami by being close to him in physical presence and being called as *his property * ..
....They should have come first forward on their own and stood in unity opposing *communicator* from day number one..and led the rest of the devotees .
personally feel they are a huge disappointment for the most of devotees for reasons only they know best ..
...Sorry no personal offence meant..not to hurt or criticise anyone.
..Anyways wish them all the best ..Jai sai ram:)

Ravi S. Iyer wrote:
Terry Reis Kennedy, Taruni Tarun: Well, my already expressed views will continue to be available on my blog (posts exposing MDH FALSE CLAIM continue to be visited every day (typically hundred or more such views).

But I think it is very clear to me now that for further action, it is Prasanthi Nilayam paid staff, especially Sai university staff, who need to step in. God knows why they are keeping silent. If I was in SSSIHL (Sai university) now I would have made a 'blood boiling' statement like bro. Satyajit Salian did. But perhaps that's why I am no longer in SSSIHL. It seems to be a very different culture now.

Essentially I think most people are playing safe (or to be frank, running scared). I suspect that they don't want to antagonize Muddenahalli group people by criticizing them publicly.

The Sathya Sai organization is different and I think it has done a great job in India by not entertaining this Muddenahalli drama fellows in any way. Even the Sai Kulwant Hall drama which talked about not entertaining mediums was done by Sathya Sai organization people! I congratulate the Sathya Sai orgn. leaders for showing the way forward for the Sathya Sai mission.

The Muddenahalli BETRAYAL did not come primarily from Sathya Sai organization. It came from Sathya Sai university. That is the VERY UNPLEASANT BUT INESCAPABLE TRUTH. Therefore it is Sathya Sai alumni community including well paid alumni staff of Prasanthi Nilayam ashram system that has to do its duty to reverse this BETRAYAL. And the Sathya Sai university (SSSIHL) should be at the forefront of the reversal of this BETRAYAL. But barring a few Radio Sai staff, I don't see anybody else PUBLICLY opposing Muddenahalli now on the Internet. As far as I know, not a single faculty member of SSSIHL has PUBLICLY condemned Narasimhamurthy or Madhusudhan Naidu!!! What a very weird state of affairs! It seems to me that they are just not interested in such matters!!!

Now, I am just one individual unconnected to Sai organization. I have written extensively on the matter. But just a few individuals alone cannot achieve much if the top organizations heads in Prasanthi Nilayam prefer to simply ignore Muddenahalli (besides its civil lawsuit). The Prasanthi Nilayam system is such that if the orgn. heads do not give encouragement, not only paid staff but even honorary staff, will not say anything publicly.

So I have lost the motivation to continue to spend my time on Muddenahalli related posts. Sorry if it disappoints you. But once I lose motivation for an activity I find it very difficult to continue it.

However, that applies to me. You may continue to be motivated to help Sai devotees from getting caught up in all these outrageous and false claims of Muddenhalli. Wonderful! I wish you all the best. Jai Sairam!

Chiran Basnet wrote:
'The MDH betrayal came from SSU' n u sign off. Hanging my head in shame as alumni today coz that is the Truth.

Ravi S. Iyer wrote (slightly edited):
Chiran Basnet: Thanks for your acceptance of the truth. I too hang my head in shame, brother, as I was part of that university staff (visiting faculty). I have read about the problem of psychological denial, where people prefer to live in denial not accepting the truth of what happened as the truth is too difficult to digest. Perhaps SSSIHL as an institution and all its staff are now in a state of psychological denial of this great betrayal by Muddenahalli group including its former VC (till Nov. 2014). In my considered view, unless and until, SSSIHL accepts that such a BETRAYAL did happen and faces the very unpleasant reality, SSSIHL will find it very difficult to re-acquire the spiritual thrust given to it by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. You cannot sweep such things under the carpet and assume that they will disappear if you don't look at it. No. You have to confront the reality, reverse the betrayal, and then forge ahead. Jai Sairam!

Chiran Basnet wrote:
As I have been saying ' One must be a Yogi or a Coward ' to maintain silence n be unaffected today. U n I are neither. We remain human with all its emotions and affiliations. Let the world maintain its Yogic or Cowardly Silence.
Thanks u for your love for Swamy n concern for co-devotees as seen in your efforts.
To our fraternity all I say is RIP.

[I thank Terry Reis Kennedy, Taruni Tarun & Chiran Basnet and have presumed that they will not have any objections to me sharing their above comments from my public Facebook post on this post which is freely viewable by all, and does not have any financial profit motive whatsoever.]


  1. I am not a Sai University alumnus nor a Bal Vikas alumnus but I love Swami deeply and by His limitless grace and unconditional love He has pulled me really close to Him over the past 8.5 years. I am deeply indebted to Him. I am with you Sir and with bro. Ranaganatha Raju in this crusade against the ppl at MDH who are enacting the subtle body drama. It really does make my blood boil when I see Adharma happening. How can people who were so close to Bhagawan for decades do such betrayal? It pains me on one side and enrages me on the other. I sincerely pray that Bhagawan puts an end to all this nonsense very soon.

    1. Thanks sister Aarthi for your support, and prayers to Bhagavan.

  2. Sir, since I did not know where else to post this I am posting this here. I have a query that I request you to reply based on your experience with Swami.

    We all know that Swami always said that whatever happens is for our own good and once we surrender to Him, we must rest assured that even if something that appears terrible happens to us, we must accept it because Swami has allowed it to happen to us. Swami clearly says that He allows something 'bad' to happen to us because in the ultimate analysis, it is good and in fact the best thing to happen to us.

    I understand that point but when something terrible happens to us where we become the unfortunate victim due to someone's error of judgement or someone on purpose does something that makes us take a drastic decision and maybe leave the Sai organization or something like that, how do we still accept that this is good for us? I boil with rage when I have to suffer because of an unforgivable mistake on the part of someone else and for no fault of mine. This has happened just recently and therefore I am left wondering what to do.

    1. Here is my view on what you wrote but please note that my views could be mistaken.

      About surrender and accepting whatever (bad) happens as something for one's own good: See that is the ultimate attitude to develop. But it does not come easy and one has to strive for it (I am not there yet). So one should understand one's current nature/spiritual evolution level and then react. Sometimes it is necessary to react in a particular way to prevent recurrence of bad problems and sometimes just to let the other person(s) know that it was not liked. An attitude of revenge though is bad; better to leave that to the Lord & the other person's Karma. But ... sometimes one simply cannot resist the urge to give back. So I too sometimes cannot control the urge to give back and do so.

      But one should temper one's reaction so that it does not hurt oneself. At the time one is under the deep emotional impact of the deep hurt one received, one's reaction can be vicious which might end up hurting oneself. Taking advise from elders who one knows well and with whom one can confide the details of the matter will help. This has to be somebody who is part of the situation (say, a Sai samithi elder who has exposure to orgn. issues especially conflict situations between persons). That can be very, very helpful.

      All the best. And do pray to Bhagavan for help and guidance. That may work wonders.

  3. I totally agree with "Sometimes it is necessary to react in a particular way to prevent recurrence of bad problems and sometimes just to let the other person(s) know that it was not liked. An attitude of revenge though is bad; better to leave that to the Lord & the other person's Karma." I do voice my angst and anger but I do not take revenge. I leave it to Swami to take care of that.

    And yes, sincere prayers to Bhagawan do work wonders, especially when we have been wronged for no fault of ours and the other person thinks he/she can get away with whatever he/she does. I have experienced this. When we genuinely pray and express our anguish to Swami, He does take care and make things happen to soothe our pained hearts. Thank you for your comments, Sir.