Friday, March 4, 2016

Deep faith of USA shopkeeper lady makes her brave and leads her to fight off armed robber

In a shop in Burke county, Georgia state, USA, a young robber pointed a gun at a (lady) shopkeeper's face. The lady shopkeeper tries to slap away the robber's palm holding the gun, beats him with a register drawer, and then tries to chase him with a hammer!!! She was lucky that the young robber didn't pull the trigger (or the gun wasn't loaded but even then she had no way of knowing that). I guess her act has to be viewed as a foolhardy act. But what I found particularly interesting was that it was faith in God that made her so brave (or foolishly brave, if one wants to view it that way). Faith in God is truly awesome in its power to make tigers and tigresses of some otherwise ordinary men and women, IMHO.

Here it a short transcript of some remarks of the lady shopkeeper, Bhumika Patel, from the interview part of this video,, 2 min. 26 secs, published on Mar. 4, 2016. The video also shows the incident which was captured by the shop surveillance camera.

Bhumika Patel (shopkeeper): Go ahead. You wanna shoot me. Go ahead.

Voice-over: It's safe to say, you don't want to mess with Bhumika Patel.
Bhumika Patel: He say, give me all money; otherwise I shoot you. ... I was like, you need money, over there, take it. But if you wanna shoot me, go ahead shoot it! ... I (also?) run behind him with hammer.

Voice-over: She said she wasn't scared or nervous and says her devout religious beliefs played a part in her decision to fight

Bhumika Patel: That's my (?spiritual leader?) and that's our God. [Ravi: The photo of the spiritual leader she pointed out, seems to be that of Pramukh Swami Maharaj,, of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha,, but I am not sure.] I always believe strongly in my religion and in my God. If he wanna save me nobody (can) touch me. But if he wanna just like take me back, nobody (can) save me. That's why I am just like No. ... My God (is) everywhere with me and I know.
--- end part transcript ---

Ravi: While I do think she was quite foolishly brave in trying to slap away the gun-holding palm/hand of the robber, her lack of fear and nervousness when a gun was pointed at her face, makes her a heroine to me! And as a person of faith, I can very well relate to her faith in God being the source of her fearlessness when a gun was pointed at her face.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's words to his devotees, "Why Fear When I am Here", seem so appropriate in this context.

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