Thursday, March 31, 2016

This is not about revenge; (they should) tell the truth; there has to be justice - Holocaust survivor about ongoing trial of accused Nazis in Germany

[Schwarzbaum is a 95 year old Auschwitz Holocaust survivor who lost 35 family members in the Holocaust. He now lives in Germany and is a state witness for the ongoing trial.]
The Reuters article linked below quotes Schwarzbaum as follows:
"I just hope they all talk eventually. I want to hear it out of their mouths, what they did and why. I want them to tell the truth"
"I don't care about the punishment and this is not about revenge," .."But there has to be justice.", 30th March 2016, (from) Berlin.

Ravi: I think the quest for justice and the quest for knowing the truth about what happened in tragedies, is such a human feeling/need. People want to know what really happened, why did the perpetrators do what they did, and want justice to be meted out to the perpetrators. That brings a sense of closure to the matter, even if the sadness persists. In some rough societies there may be desire for revenge - an eye for an eye type of revenge. But in more refined societies it stops at some sort of punishment decided by the judge & the laws, but not revenge.

[I thank and have presumed that they will not have any objections to me sharing the above short extracts from their website on this post which is freely viewable by all, and does not have any financial profit motive whatsoever.]

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