Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another request to continue the (verbal) fight against Muddenahalli group FALSE BELIEF but ...

A Facebook friend (FF2) wrote over FB chat today:
Sai Ram dear Ravi, I just saw your post about Mervyn Hughes threatening legal action regarding your posts on Muddenahalli. Ravi, don't worry, he has no grounds whatsoever. If anything you are the voice of reason in online social media discussions about Muddenahalli and impartially provide both sides of the argument. Your reasoned, calm and balanced approach is very much needed! It is sad to see the depths to which Mervyn is sinking in his bid to bolster the Muddenahalli sham. There is more information on the horizon which Mervyn will not be happy about. Please don't withdraw from this fight - your opinion is not only wanted, it is needed!

I (Ravi) wrote back (edited):

Well, my elder sister with whom I have very strong bonds of love and respect, got very upset and worried. I tried to convince her that it (the police and legal action threat) is a bluff and that I have some support from people in Puttaparthi and from some Facebook friends. But I also told her the reality that there are Muddenahalli supporters in Puttaparthi as well. She lives in Mumbai and has read about/heard of a lot of such stuff (threats) in Mumbai and the rest of India (like I and my elder brother who also have read about/heard of a lot of such stuff in Mumbai and the rest of India). She was more worried about other attacks on me than the legal and police complaint thing. I think the same would have been the case with my old friends from the software industry. To be honest, they are right. In India, for such stuff, people can be not only beaten up but also killed by paid hitmen. This is India's reality.

I was willing to take the risk considering that I was conveyed words of support by some people in Puttaparthi. But I had to listen to my sister's emotional plea to me. She said that as it is my elder brother is going through health issues. She said that she cannot handle me getting into such issues especially as I live alone in Puttaparthi. [I already face some health issues of my own.] I had to respond to her in the way I did (by agreeing to tone down my criticism of Muddenahalli group).

May I share your words ANONYMOUSLY on social media?

FF2 wrote:
I am more than happy for you to share my words anonymously. You have given a tremendous amount of effort to trying to bring out the truth about Muddenahalli and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated.

I (Ravi) wrote back (slightly edited):
Thanks --name-snipped--. I will do so (share anonymously).

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