Sunday, August 14, 2016

Indian President's daughter files cyber police complaint against Facebook user who harassed her!

Muddenahalli group Facebook Fake Id people like Mervyn Hughes and Sita Thomas should take note and change their bad ways.
Indian President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee's daughter, Smt. Sharmista Mukherjee, a Congress party functionary, put up a Facebook post related to the incident here:

Here's the text of her short post:

This pervert Partha Mandal is sending me dirty sexual messages. My 1st reaction was to ignore & block him. But then I thought the silence wud encourage him to find other victims. Just blocking & reporting is not enough. I strongly feel such ppl shd be publicly exposed & humiliated. I'm posting screenshots of his profile & messages he sent me. I'm also tagging him. Pls share this post & tag this rat as a msg that these pervert acts will not be taken lightly.

--- end Smt. Sharmista Mukherjee's post contents ---

I (Ravi) commented as follows in this post of hers:
Very happy to see the way you have retaliated against the creep. I entirely agree with your statement, "I strongly feel such ppl shd be publicly exposed & humiliated." All the best, madam!
--- end my comment ---

She also filed a cyber police complaint later as can be seen in her later Facebook post, I added the following comment on her post, " Wonderful! Thanks for taking the lead in combating such online harassment. This will inspire others to combat online harassment."

Freak-show artist and false propaganda man, Facebook fake Id Mervyn Hughes of Muddenahalli group should take particular note. Madhusudan Rao Naidu of Muddenahalli may not be of any help when cyber police come knocking on his (Mervyn Hughes') cyber doors, and then his real doors. Let him give up FALSE BELIEF of Muddenahalli group and follow Sathyam Vada Dharmam Chara (Speak the truth; Follow righteous living) teaching of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi. That will save him from action being taken on him by Indian police.

Here is a mainstream Indian national TV media report on the matter, dated Aug. 13th 2016. It quotes Anyesh Roy, DCP (Cyber Crime) as saying, "We are in the process of registering a case and launching investigation to catch the culprit".

[I thank Smt. Sharmista Mukherjee and and have presumed that they will not have any objections to me sharing the above short extracts (one sentence extract from from their website on this post which is freely viewable by all, and does not have any financial profit motive whatsoever.]

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