Friday, August 12, 2016

Lagaa chunri me daag - Oldie Hindi film song of Manna Dey with a spiritual undercurrent

Lagaa chunri me daag is an oldie Hindi film song classical music style (evergreen hit song of Manna Dey) with a spiritual undercurrent.

I could not find a good English translation of the lyrics. The first video listed below (with the film picturisation) has English captions but I am not so satisfied with the English translation. I don't have the time to do a full English translation of the song. But I thought of providing the English translation of the two lines of the song which provide a sort-of spiritual key with which to spiritually interpret the earlier words of the song.

The lines in Hindi are:
Kori chunariya aatma mori, mail hai maya jaal
Woh duniya mera babul ka ghar, ye duniya sasural

My English translation of it:
The clean garment (dupatta/cloth covering the top of a woman's dress which can also be used as a veil and is symbolic of her honour) is my Aatma (soul), the dirt is the web of Maya (Lord's illusion)
That world (Lord's world/heaven) is my father's home, this world (material world) is my in-laws home.

[Note that a newly wed couple living with the parents of the groom was the norm in India, and is still common in India.]

The song starts with the line, Lagaa chunri me daag, which means a blot has stained my garment (dupatta/cloth ....).

Here are three youtube videos of the song:

1) The film clip:, around 7 mins

2) Superb and clear audio alone of the song (still pic of singer, Manna Dey),, 6 min. 37 secs.

3) Song sung live by an elderly Manna Dey (perhaps at the turn of the millennium) with the Taj Mahal as the backdrop, and some famous stars in the audience,, 5 min. 20 secs. The film having the song seems to have been released in 1963. So in the video, presuming it was sung at the turn of the millennium, Manna Dey is singing it nearly four decades later!!!

Ravi: These kind of songs show how many oldie Hindi film songs (equivalent to Western pop songs in terms of the place they occupy in the hearts & minds of Hindi speaking people of India) had a spiritual undercurrent to them. I used to love to listen to them in my young adult days and enjoy listening to them even today. India is a mental paradise for the spiritually inclined. I am so so thankful to God to have been born and bred in India, getting soaked in its spirituality, and then be able to enjoy the physical presence of the Avatar of the age for nearly a decade in Puttaparthi. My cup of joy runneth over today. Listening to this song yet again but after a break of many months, has made my evening!!!

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