Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sathya Sai advent is a worldly blessing to Puttaparthi low wage village workers too

A few days back I walked down a path off the road to Karnatakangapalli from Puttaparthi. It is a path leading to "sewage plantation" project dated 2004. I had walked down this path quite a few times in the years past, especially before Mahasamadhi, as it had a lot of greenery.

A cluster of houses has come up on the right side of the path leading to the sewage works. I checked with one person whether these houses had come up in the past few years and he confirmed that the houses started coming up in this area around 3 years ago.

Some years back, before Bhagavan's Mahasamadhi (April 2011) I had been to a house warming kind of ceremony of a house further up this area, of my maidservant. At that time the houses I was seeing now were just not there.

The gentleman told me that electricity and water (Swami water, he said) is available here and that makes this place convenient for them. This is private land that people have bought and constructed homes in. Perhaps most of the house owners may be those who do some work in Puttaparthi town. I was happy to see that at least some lower income workers of Puttaparthi town (like my previous maidservant) were able to save money and be able to have small homes of their own!!!

Sathya Sai's advent in Puttaparthi has been a worldly level blessing too for villagers in and close to Puttaparthi town, including low wage workers like manual labourers and maidservants and self-taught skilled workers like plumbers and electricians. That some of these persons have been able to build small houses for themselves through money earned from the services they have rendered to Puttaparthi town folks, makes me very happy.

I have attached some pics that I took during that walk, and also from a later walk down a parallel path some distance away. Full set of pics can be seen on my Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/ravi.s.iyer.7/posts/1774525126097390.

Open pics below in new window to see it in full resolution.

Pics below have Puttaparthi town in the distance with rice perhaps fields in front.

Pic below is the entrance to the sewage treatment plant (if I recall correctly).

Pic below has trees at the side of the sewage treatment plant (perhaps planted at the time the sewage plant (& plantation) was being done in and around 2004).

Pic below: Water tank of Karnatakanagapalli town in the distance. Left side of pic shows boundary wall of sewage treatment plant.

Below pic: Mud path leading away from sewage treatment plant to Karnatakanagapalli road

Below pics: The relatively new houses that have come up

Below pic: SSSUDA (Sri Sathya Sai Urban Development Authority) Sewage Plantation board. Now SSSUDA seems to be renamed as PUDA - Puttaparthi Urban Development Authority

Below pic: The mud path from the main Puttaparthi Karnatakanagapalli road to the sewage plantation area is now a concrete path (for some distance; then it is a mud path as earlier).

Below pics: A more distant view of the cluster of relatively new houses and the water tank in Karnatakanagapalli

Below pics: Rice (perhaps) fields with the backdrop of the hills adjoining Karnatakanagapalli

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