Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sita Thomas (Canada) seems to be another Muddenahalli group fake Facebook Id (who is maligning me)

Given below are the contents of my recent Facebook post,

I was passed along a screenshot of a post by Sita Thomas who claims to be a trained psychotherapist writing about me (without referring to my name). Sita Thomas had provided her unsolicited advice on a Facebook post of mine though a comment. She is not my Facebook friend (I had unfriended her after some unpleasant comment exchanges with her) and chose to insert herself into my Facebook pages and shove her nasty comment onto it. She had not got the message by my unfriending her that I don't want to interact with her, and so I decided to ban/block her to not have her unwanted comments on my Facebook pages.

So, in response, she has put up a post on her Facebook page, broadcasting her psychotherapist advice to me (unnamed) to all her Facebook friends and followers!!! She has done that in the context of my whistleblowing work. Whistleblowing is always a tough job and does cause significant mental stress which may impact one's health, as the people in power who are exposed by that whistleblowing will try to retaliate. I am handling my mental stress reasonably now that I have done most of my exposure work related to what I had to suffer in the Sai university some years back. I sure don't want any advice from Sita Thomas and would like to stay away from people like her. That is why I have blocked her.

This is the level that debate has sunk to in our Facebook conversations. So I now have no option but to retaliate (counter-punch). By believing in the weird claims, and even supporting on social media these wierd claims, of Madhusudan Rao Naidu being able to see and interact with an invisible to others so called subtle body of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and providing darshan, discourses and interviews of that so called subtle body, I am quite sure that Sita Thomas's fitness to practice in the field of psychology/psychiatry will be viewed with suspicion by authorities of that field in Canada.

As she claims to be a medical professional, I find it extraordinary that she chose to butt in to my Facebook pages after I have unfriended her, and comment against me in a nasty way. Is that suitable ethical behaviour for a medical professional of Canada??? BTW she also made some gratuitous comment about mental health issues in India as if she is some great authority on mental health of Indians ON MY FACEBOOK PAGES when she is NOT my friend. She should be advised to hold forth on her views of mental health of Indians on her Facebook pages and Facebook pages of her friends and not try to impose her UNWANTED views on Facebook pages of others who are NOT her friend.

This woman sure seems to suffer from some mental health problems of her own! I would warn people to stay away from any psychological/mental health help she offers.

I would be glad to delete this Facebook post provided Sita Thomas deletes her post referring to me (without using my name).

I should also add that if Sita Thomas does not delete her post I may have to seriously consider making a complaint to suitable medical board authorities in Canada about this matter. Friends of Sita Thomas may please convey this to her.
--- end post content ---

Some of my comments on the post are given below:

This is the Facebook post of Sita Thomas about me (without naming me) link: It has world access. I am referred to as "Sai brother who is well known for constantly posting his bad experiences while working in the Sai University few years back". What she does not mention very conveniently is that the Sai university has still not atoned for its wrongdoings against me and issued me an apology for humiliating me by listing me as a Teaching Assistant (Illegally) nor have they even given me a plain service record statement listing my FREE services to Sai university over around 9 years and thanking me for it. That would be a bare minimum for any ethical university to do, IMHO. Many times, justice in such matters can be got only by persistently raising the issue which may force the authorities to do the correct thing. Mind you, I could have gone to (Indian) court to ensure justice. But I don't want to do that as Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's name is involved.

Her Facebook profile states that she is based in Canada. Note that she is a Muddenahalli group supporter. Her (verbal) attack against me by saying that I suffer from some mental health issue (she had said in her comment on my FB page which I deleted, that I should see a shrink!!!), may be a counter-attack on me because I dared to share Shri Ramesh Hathiramani, Sathya Sai International Orgn., Africa Zone chair's signed statement about detention/interrogation of Madhusudan Rao Naidu and other Muddenahalli group leaders in Nigeria recently. Muddenahalli group has its trolls on Facebook ready to attack people who share such information.

I tried Google search for Sita Thomas psychotherapist Canada, but did not get any suitable results. Changing Canada to Montreal and then Toronto also did not give suitable results (her profile mentions these two cities). Her profile does not list any medical teaching institution associated with her. No educational background actually!

So I have my doubts about Sita Thomas being a real person and a real psychotherapist in Canada. I was told by a couple of people that hers is a fake Facebook id. Perhaps they are right. ... Another fake id used by Muddenahalli group perhaps like the freak-show Mervyn Hughes.

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